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Poetic distance- You, Me, And The Distance Between Us

You and Me were meant to be.

But the distance between us prevented us from being.

Our bond was supposed to hold but it did not.

Our love was said to be stronger than the Distance itself but it wasn’t.

We made a promise that did not keep.

A promise that was supposed to keep us together… but did not.

We thought we could make it but we couldn’t.

We were fooling ourselves.

They say that true love can survive anything put between two soulmates.

Were we not destined to be together?

My heart and soul hurt at that thought.

You and Me were meant to be.

But the Distance between us prevented us from being.

My love for you did not die even though we did not survive.

Our bond might have broken but it will always be there between us.

Our broken promise will be reinforced. I promise you that.

We thought we could make it but we couldn’t at the time.

But our love for each other is still.

We are two halves of a whole.

Wait for Me.

My heart and soul reaches for you even now.

Can you feel Me?

Can you hear Me?

Our love knows no bound.

It will be whole once more.

Because You and Me are meant to be.

Even with the Distance between us.

Let’s not stop now.

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