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Poetic being- Her Spot

She sat on the boulder overlooking the ocean. This was her home. She knew it deep inside but it didn’t feel like it.

She was restless. She didn’t know what was wrong. She had everything she could possibly want.

But it was never enough.

Sometimes she needed to disappear for long periods of time. Alone. She didn’t know why.

Coming home was everything to her but then the next day she needed to get away again.

Was this what her life was about?

She watched the waves crash into the rock she sat on.

She listened to the noise the waves made as they came closer to where she was.

It quieted something in her. It soothed the ache deep inside of her.

She let the wind blow through her long blonde hair. She let the wind welcome her as it always did when she came to this spot.

She was always cold but here... she was warm.

Looking out in the horizon, at all the water separating her from the world she knew was on the other side, she could smile once more.

She didn’t know what it was about this place but it had always called to her.

It was where all her thoughts disappeared, where all her worries were taken away by the wind to leave her feeling free.

This was her magical spot. A spot she always came back too wherever she was in the world.

It was her secret spot. Nobody knew about it.

She loved being here. It was what had always brought her back from the darkness that always seem to follow her wherever she went.

It was the only spot that cleaned her soul of that darkness to regain her happiness once again.

Addy knew she couldn’t leave.

She knew what would happen if she did.

She could live here. She knew she could.

She couldn’t leave her spot for a stranger to use, to disrespect.

It wasn’t so bad here if she thought about it.

She could always travel when she needed too. Her home will always be here for her to come back too.

The wind gently caressed her cheek. The waves crashed on the rock as if they too agreed with her decision.

She had it all.

She could do it.

And she will

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