Meant to be?

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Falling in love is the easiest part but trying to be ignorant about it and pushing it all away? What good would that do anyway? Meet Lucy Wilson, a 26 year old surgeon. Her work brings her back to New York, the place where she grew up with her childhood friend. A confident, young, beautiful woman who is well aware of the amount of attention she receives from the opposite sex but all these years she has been career focused and never allowed herself to get distracted by serious relationships. Meet Theodore Phillips, a 27 year old guy who is currently residing at New York. A full time Chef by profession and a pretty normal guy who lives a normal peaceful life. Just the way he likes it until he meets his childhood friend after almost 7 years. What happens when they try to reconnect ? Will they be able to let go of their silly fights from the past and move on as friends? Most importantly, will they be able to stay as friends as they claim to be or something more than that? Dive into their story filled with joy, fun, laughter and oh yeah, crazy drama of course.

Romance / Erotica
Chaotic Soul
4.8 40 reviews
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"Always and forever?" I asked, gazing into his crystal blue eyes and he held my hand, giving it a slight squeeze.

"Always and forever, Lu." Theo gave me on...
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