Blood of His Throne

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Micah was behind the rest of her friends. Not coming into the full strength of her wolf until she turned twenty. Her world turned upside down from that instant as she realized that her mate would be her Alpha brother's most trusted friend. Swept away in an instant she's met with her mate's reluctance to solidify their bond and impending tragedy she doesn't know what the right move may be in the end.

Romance / Erotica
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Sunlight slowly began to pour into the bedroom followed by the faint chirping of birds. Silence would have filled the room if not for that as the faintest sigh fell from her lips. Another birthday meant another glance from her eldest brother that she had yet to bond with one man or another and solidify their bloodline. Slowly dragging herself out of bed Micah rubbed her face and groaned as her bones ached. Her spine felt as if was tingling and the sounds of the world were finally filtering into her ears. The old woman her brother paid to keep their house clean while he worked long hours at the packhouse complaining about a show... to the show. It was pointless, but it kept her happy she could only assume.

Micah dragged herself out of bed stumbling over to the mirror to take a look at the damage her late-night had done. Her features reminded her of a much younger version of her mother. Lithe and delicately featured, but strong beneath all of the gentle curves of her frame. Her lips parted as she stared at herself, amber-colored eyes looking herself over for a long moment before she blinked awake. Turning her face this way and that she examined herself closely. There wasn't technically anything different to her appearance. Something had changed though. Well, plenty might have changed since she had just turned twenty.

Her brother was amused that she was a late bloomer compared to some of the wolves that came into their own much sooner. Her friend Wren had finished coming into her natural wolf abilities by the time she was sixteen and already had a mate and a kid on the way by their age. Making a frustrated grumble she shook her head and stomped off to take a shower and get changed into a pair of jeans and whatever she could pick up off the ground that smelled clean. It was a tee-shirt that had been ripped into a tank top which was fine by her right now.

Jerking on her well-worn boots she threw her hair up into a half-assed bun and made her way downstairs stealing a piece of toast off of the table and skirting out the door before Gena their, and she hated the title, maid caught her. The air smelled clean here, fresh unlike in the city that was about a hundred miles away. The pack had slowly acquired the land to the north of the city until it owned at least a hundred miles worth of land. Maybe more. Her brother was always trying to make deals with people to acquire a little bit more for the pack to grow and thanks to that they had their own little economy. Livestock, plants, a small hospital, and a school system. It was like a paradise.

She stretched as she finished with her piece of toast and paused. The world was brighter today. There were more smells. More sounds. It was like she was part of the entire ecosystem around her. Pausing to take a deep breath she felt a calm wash over her. At least until it finally dawned on her that she was coming into her own now. Finally, a full-fledged wolf that didn't need anyone to protect her. A wolf that hadn't fully matured was no better than a child in a fight and now she was just like the rest of the adults in her pack.

Joy filled her suddenly as she took off towards the packhouse at a run. She had to tell her brother. Micah would burst into his office interrupting a conversation between her brother and his Beta. Her brother wasn't the best Alpha around, but he did fine on his own and kept them all safe. They both stared at her wide grinning face in annoyance. "I'm ready for my first hunt!"

Her brother was a nice guy. Nice enough to just laugh at her outburst and stand up to come to give her a tight hug. He had thick black hair as she did and he was tall. So very tall. His frame made her feel like a child when he pulled her in as tightly as he did making her melt into the smell that was just like home. Pine, earth, and something she could only call crisp winter air. He smelled like winter all year for some strange reason. Finn just gave her the biggest smile as he looked down at her. "Good. Finally, you can start hanging out with the grown-ups and stop spending all day watching Netflix or whatever it is you do up in your room all day."

"Uh... Rude. First off I'm taking college courses for business so I can help you run the pack." Micah crossed her arms as he let her go. Her senses suddenly faltered and all she could smell was an earthy musk mixed with sandalwood? No, sage. It smelled dark and clean and everything in her wanted to focus on it as she stilled. As suddenly as it had come to her it was gone. Shaking her head she smiled at her brother and stuck her tongue at his Beta when Finn wasn't looking. The stubborn asshole that he was Wyatt was good at what he did. He kept the pack strong and stood at Finn's back without hesitation. Just like a Beta should. Although he was looking at her kind of weird. He was a weird guy though. He moped too much.

Finn looked at Wyatt and just nodded to him. "I apologize for the interruption. Not every day your little sister finally matures into wolfhood. Where were we?" He mumbled as he sat down at his desk looking over the papers. He glanced up noticing that Micah had followed to get a peek and leaned back letting her look them over. It was just normal pack information so there was nothing to hide. "I'm thinking we should make a new well for the expanding area. It'll probably help them out since there's nothing better than freshwater come spring after the thaw. That and with us needing to outsource to the humans to get some plumbing done in that area I think it would be for the best as of now."

"I can have Derrik and his boys make one as soon as they finish fixing the smokehouse," Wyatt suggested. He was a nice looking guy when he didn't open his mouth. Tan skin from working in the sun for long hours, muscles in all the right places, handsome face with the most serious dark green eyes Micah had ever seen. Wyatt turned to catch her staring eyes and tensed as he focused on her.

Micah could only stare at him wide-eyed as her senses were filled with everything about him as if her world had become entrapped in those eyes. His scent filling her lungs once more as something clicked and her stomach dropped. A shiver worked down her spine in an instant as he bared his fangs at her and her knees gave out smacking her head on the wall beside her brother's desk with a yelp startling him out of staring at paperwork.

"Micah!" There wasn't really a chance for Finn to grab her, but he was at her side as quick as a terrified rabbit might be.

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