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"Kitten, I'm going to need you to close your mouth, unless you want me to take it as an invitation to fill it up." Elijah kept going, he meant very little of what he was saying but couldn't help himself seeing how flustered his mate was becoming at his teasing. "And I'm going to need you to wash your mouth out with soap," Colt replied finally finding her voice through her shock. "I mean do you kiss your mother with mouth?!" "I'd much rather kiss you with it, but I will let you use your imagination as to where I would like to kiss you." he smirked, taking a calm swig of his beer and throwing in another wink at her. Suppressing her shiver of what she could only apprehend as anticipation, Colt asked "If I let you sit down will you stop? Please." Hoping this would put an end to this line of conversation. "I might." he laughed. -------------- He was determined to have her. She was determined not to be had. Colt Merrier was an anomaly, she was a shifter without an animal. Born to a wolf father and a wildcat mother she was their only child born this way and due to her condition their unconventional relationship was brought under harsh scrutiny from her father's pack. But mates are mates and thus, Kalvin Merrier left his position as Beta and his pack to care for his family. All grown up, successful and independent, what will happen when Colt's mate turns up?

Romance / Fantasy
Bethany River
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She stood in the shower, the water scalding her skin as the heat penetrated deep into her bones. All around her was a thick layer of steam, her vision was much more heightened than a human, and in this respect she took after her mother, with her wildcat genetics allowing her a very strong sense of sight, but even that wasn't strong enough to see clearly in this haze anymore. It was probably time to get out of the shower now, as much as she hated to admit it.
Quickly turning the taps off, she stepped out and grabbed the resort's white fluffy towel to wrap around herself. She then stepped into the communal female changing room to grab her things from her locker and go get changed.

Colt had just finished teaching her self defense class, aimed at teaching people specialised defense moves against specific shifter types who may be threatening them. After being permanently fighting off bully attempts through school by her shifter class mates for not being "normal" she wanted to give something back to the litte guy. As well as make a safe space for shifters and humans a like, since bullies do come in all shapes and species.

That's where the idea for the resort was born. A luxury hide away for anyone to go to with the promise of nature, relaxation, fun and most importantly safety. The resort was comprised of a hotel block with ajoined offices, restaurants and a bar. Then outside there was the tennis courts, running tracks both cross country throughout the forests - with designated running areas for humanoid forms and animal ones - and a circular track around the tennis court for those who preferred to run or jog on a hard track.
There were the spa buildings, including saunas and the pool areas, with gym areas like the one Colt teaches her classes in.
But Colt's favourite spot is their newest build and a total guilty pleasure on her part; the stables and riding arena she has lately installed and at which she can often be found in her free time. She conveniently built them next to her small cottage home for easier access.

There was a strict no nasty policy. Okay, she gave it a better title on every members contract. But the idea was simple, so much as one cruel taunt and you were out. No second chances, do not pass go, do not collect your $200 - you are out. And violence was a definite no with an added $1000 fine.

As such the resort was a huge success. So much so that at twenty-four years of age Colt was mortgage and business loan free with more than enough money to live comfortably should she quit tomorrow.
Not that she could or would, genetically she was an an anomaly with a feline mother and a wolf father but her herself presenting for the most part as human since she couldn't shift. So, feeling part of both worlds yet part of none at the same time meant giving everyone a safe place was high on her priorities. Which is why as she was drying her long black hair, the dark skinned beauty who barged into her couldn't just be let go.

"I think you will find the words excuse me work quite sufficiently if you wanted past me" Colt said after switching off the hair dryer.

The woman snorted and responded "Know your place half breed, I would hate to have to break a nail demonstrating it to you"

"Oh you're going to regret that. I suggest you pack your things and leave, the resort doesn't take lightly those mongrels who break the rules" Colt sneered back at the she wolf, who clearly presumed she was half human.

"What did you just call me?" The woman asked in disbelief "You are asking for me paint you black and blue freak do you get that?" she laughed.

As much as I would love to see you try, I have a better idea" Colt smirked. " Davis, Mick" she shouted "Escort this over inflated bitch and her ego, out please. I am sure her friends can gather her things for her."

"Wait, what?" said the woman clearly confused by the two large bear shifters entering the changing facilities and grab her by the arms.

"Yes, boss." they replied in unison.

"Boss? As in Colt Merrier? But your a woman." she said.

"Wait what?" replied Colt grabbing both her breasts, "Holy shit, you're right, when did that happen?!" she sarcastically replied. "Bye now." she waved as the woman was removed. " Turning to her friends she stated, "You are all fine to stay so long as you follow the rules, she will not be returning however."

They nodded dumbfounded as the raven haired woman left the changing room and headed towards the bar at the base of the main hotel building, next to the reception.

She only planned to grab a quick snack and a glass of orange juice before heading to her office. Unfortunately for her she didn't quite realise just how deluded that assumption was.
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