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"Hey Felix, how's your afternoon going?" Colt asked the lion shifter bar tender.

He was twenty-eight with piercing golden eyes and shaggy blonde hair atop of his ebony head. He was definitely strikingly handsome with his strong jawline and even stronger muscles. Colt would likely still be enjoying their extra curricular activities very satisfactorily if it weren't for the fact that Felix got a bit too attached and she was decidedly not the settle down type. But being a cat type himself he understood that and even respected her for it. Though he does still try it on with her because frankly with her alabaster skin, midnight coloured hair and eyes such a rich hazel colour he lost track of just how many colours were entwined together in there. Plus that's not to mention what he thought of her figure, she was tall at five foot ten, with legs he was sure went on forever a neat waist, but an ass that just wouldn't quit. To be honest if he didn't try and at least get her back in bed he was pretty sure his man card would be revoked, and his beast would never fully settle around her.

"Hey there Kitten, it's going fine lunch was busy but it seems to have settled before the pre evening rush. How was your class? You want me to help you stretch out later?" he asked winking with all the subtlety of a sledge hammer.

"Felix behave yourself, I am not in the mood right now. And yes, class was good thanks." she answered walking behind the bar to make her drink and put her food order through the till to the kitchen.

"Oh, come on you know I can help relieve that stress " he said waggling his eye brows.

"Felix, quit while you're ahead. Before I say something you'll regret." Colt warned, without even flicking her eyes from the till in his direction as she put her order through.

Before she knew it, Felix had slid up behind her leaving not even an inch between their bodies, he wrapped his arm about her waist and stooped slightly to place his chin on her shoulder, nuzzling into her neck.
It's when Colt felt the scratch of his stubble against her soft skin that she struck, elbowing him in the gut, then turning around to send an uppercut to his jaw. He staggered back, his facial stubble retracting giving him back his clean shaven look again.

"You did not just try to scent mark me you asshole!" Colt shouted at him.

"Oh come on Colt you know I excite you" he purred, evidently turned on by her refusal.

"Felix a lazer pen on the carpet fucking gets you excited. Pack it in, or I will be looking for a new bar tender. Do you understand?" Colt bit back at him.

Red in the face Felix paused, getting a public dressing down from his boss had somewhat cooled his jets. "Sorry, I cant help it, my beast just.... I'm sorry I should have more control." he apologized.

Colt sighed, "Look, I know, and I do understand it's why we ended things, but you have to stop. I told you I would not mate with you, so please for the love of my sanity dont make me whack you again. I dont like it. Plus it looks really bad when the boss can't stick to her own rules, even if you were being inappropriate to begin with." she patted him on the shoulder.

"Yeah, I know." he sighed. "Sorry Colt."

"Yeah whatever, can you send my food through when it's ready please. I will be back in about an hour to help with the dinner shift okay?" she asked.

"Will do boss lady, thanks." he replied and headed off to the stock room with a salute for more mixers.


It was two hours later and Colt was behind the bar with Felix as the waitresses delivered the bar meals for those who didn't fancy a full on restaurant set up for dinner. Everything from earlier had been forgotten and they were back to their usual friendly selves working in a super efficient manner to make sure everyone had their drinks.
In a lull that both were grateful for, Colt passed Felix a can of soda while she downed a pint of water quickly.
Once finished she turned to him and said, "I might need that new bar tender afterall. I'm so not built to do the relief shifts when required."

"Nah, you're a rockstar boss plus I dont think the tip jar has ever filled so fast" Felix laughed nodding his head to the jar beside the till.

"Oh please thats more to with your flirting and the double bachelorette parties that were in." joked Colt as Felix flexed his guns and waggled his eyebrows.

"It also helps they weren't blind" he says.

"Oh shut up, you and your ego are going to flirt yourself into trouble one day, you know that right?" Colt laughs throwing a towel at his face.

"Well its lucky for me that my kick ass boss and friend will come save me isn't it?" he laughs grabbing Colt into a bear hug and simultaneously squeezing her while tickling.

When he finally stopped Colt glares at him and said "After that Felix I think I might just leave you to your own devices."

"Well, I for one think that is a great idea." came a loud, growling voice from across the bar.

Colt looked over to see a tall, broad shouldered man, with eyes so blue they felt like they were piercing her soul. But before she could appraise him any further he authoritatively bellowed the words she had always dreaded hearing.

"Step away from the cat little mate. You belong to me."
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