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" Cindy you have to stay away from Brian" my mum warned. We are maids and that's how it's supposed to be I can't afford to lose my job and everything that I work for." Cindy and her mum Miss Mariam work as maids in the Smith's mansion the second richest family in the country.. What happens when the oldest son falls in love with Cindy? Is their love going to withstand every obstacle, or are they going to go their separate ways?

Romance / Other
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Chapter One

Cindy's POV

I boarded the bus that was going to take me back home from my graduation which I had just attended all by myself.
I know I should feel sad but I'm surprisingly not, because I know my mum would have loved to be there but she unfortunately couldn't make it since she had been busy preparing the house for the arrival of the Smith's which was fast approaching, I heard they were coming back in two day's time.

Anyways I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Cindy Mensah, I'm eighteen and I live with my mum… if you could even call it that. What I meant is, my mum and I live together in the servant quarters of the Smith family.

And if you are guessing, then yes, my mum and I work as maids in the Smith mansion. Two years ago that wasn't the story. My dad was a flight lieutenant in the Air Force, a very prestigious one, with a lot of decorations.

He went for peacekeeping and never returned. He was then pronounced dead after a year of searching and that was when everything went downhill.
My mum was a stay-at-home mum then, but she had to take drastic measures when we couldn't pay for bills any longer and were evicted. Luckily for us, my mum was offered a job in the Smith mansion with free accommodation which she quickly accepted for my sake.
We had no choice back then, and it was like a silver lining which we gladly latched onto. Although the situation isn’t that great, we live together and that alone was enough to make me happy. I collected my thoughts when I heard the mate call out my stop.

I alighted and quickly walked home.

The house was full of life when I got home. Servants were everywhere making sure that everything was in order. I hurriedly went to the quarters and changed my outfit into one of the maid uniforms that I own and proceeded to go help out.

I found my mum in the kitchen preparing supper for everyone. "Mum I'm home." I called out when I saw her.
“Hey Cinderella!" My mum said excitedly, engulfing me in a hug. "Congratulations, I'm so proud of you and I know your dad is too." Mum said with teary eyes. I couldn’t say anything… so I just smiled at her through my tears.

We were still smiling at each other when Janet entered the kitchen. Janet is also a maid and the only one around here who is almost the same age as me.

She was also my best friend.
"See who is back from her graduation" she said smiling. "Congratulations, Sis." she added giving me a hug as well. "That isn't really the reason why I’m here though.
Mr. Smith just called… their flight has being changed so they will be here by 12 noon tomorrow." Janet said. Mum and I looked at each other in surprise when we heard the news and she quickly assigned me to go clean two rooms for the Smith's children. I knew they had two kids but I didn't actually know if they were old or not. The Smiths were very private people so it wasn’t really surprising that even we the workers didn’t know much about them.

Two hours later...
I just finished cleaning both rooms and scrubbing the bathroom and I'm tired as hell. I hope they appreciate it though. I walked down the stairs and went directly to the kitchen because I was starving after all that work. All the house helps were already gathered over there having their meal with my mum. She pointed to my food which she had already served and I joined them and immediately started to eat.
"I hope everything has been taken care of"? Mr. Jones the chief steward asked. Everyone nodded and got back to eating.
We all finished up, cleared the kitchen and headed to our respective rooms.
I redid my tiny bed, (I really like my stuff to be perfect) and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

When I returned, my mum was already in her bed reading her bible. I bid her goodnight and climbed into bed .

Hope you liked it🤗
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