MIGRATION : She Is Coming

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Part one of The Migration Trip Ready for a journey through a tunnel full of love and dark secrets? ------------ Rooh Mehta had been migrated to Canada for her college years to live with her cousin who is hell bent on bringing her remains out of her past. However, when she starts discovering the joy in the new friendships, she also gets to experience the frustration of someone nagging her all the time. But what happens when that frustration suddenly turns to the track of feelings with several intangible barriers in the way.

Romance / Thriller
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Hello Readers!

So first of all I'm really proud of myself that I had already started posting my story on Wattpad and here comes my story on Inkitt too. *pumps fist*

Also, I would be updating more on Wattpad but soon the same chapter would be out here too. A few chapters here are to be under major editing and I would do them as soon as possible.

I just want to thank all of you for giving my story a part of your time. Do let me know your thoughts about the story plotting by contacting me on my insta: garoohxx__

Love to all my readers.

Happy Reading!
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