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A princess belongs with the prince

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I was heartbroken at the time I met Leon. He fixed my broken heart and healed my wounds. I grew fond of him and we fall in love. Everything was perfectly fine until I started doubting the future of our relationship. Fear won and I was forced to let him go. After a year of so much pain God made ways for us to be together again. I'll forever believe in our love and never let anything separate us no matter we go through.

Romance / Drama
Amunyela N Emma
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A princess belongs with the prince

I was 19 years old , on my final year of high school. I had just suffered from a heart break by someone I liked. I really thought he would never leave me, cause everything seemed so good. So when this guy left I promised myself not to love again. I remember crying myself to bed that night and in my heart I kept saying " I'll never love again ". The guy hurted me so much that I wished I could delete his existence. I had bad days at school and sometimes I could barely sleep at night. But you know what they say, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. I cried silently until I got over my pain.
In October I was introduced to a friend of Moses. He has this cute smile that everytime he smiles my heart skipped a beat. He had this sexy voice that made me wanna speak to him all the time. Leon is the kind of guy that every girl would dream of. Sometimes I would go to his friend's room and if I don't find Leon there I'll be sad. I was drowned to him more to him each day that passed and I knew I was falling in love but I didn't wanna believe it. At that I believed that all men were the same and will leave some day. So back then everything was too good to be true. Time passed and I also noticed the way he looked me. I saw the love in his eyes everytime he looked at me. He was like a prince that run off from the palace to look for the girl of his dreams. Sure he had no crown nor did he wear expensive clothes but he was kind and loving. He is well mannered and showed respect to all. Though he liked me and also knew I felt something for him, it took him time to express his feelings for me. Then one Saturday night he confessed his feelings to me. I wanted to shout and say " what took you so long?" but I didn't. I was so happy, but also afraid the same thing would happen again. We began our relationship. They said first love is sweet, indeed it is. We met most of the time we were free and we made memories. I realized that I never knew what love was. I felt something different for Leon, the kind of love I never felt for anyone else. Even after he gave all the reasons to trust his love for me, I had this fear in my heart. Until it eventually won. In my heart I had questions, I asked myself what would happen if I failed. I mean he's a university student and he would probably want nothing to do with a girl who couldn't even pass her matriculation. I gave it all up cause I didn't want to be disappointed. I didn't want to hear the same thing I heard from Jack so I left him instead.
I was hurting inside but I had to be strong. It hurted me more because when I saw him he still looked at me with the same love and affection. I was dying inside but I had to stay strong cause I believed it was the best thing to do.
As if I didn't learn anything from my past experiences when I met Sammy I still let him in. I liked him but I loved Leon, he was the one I always loved. I started dating this new guy with the hope I will forget Leon and I'll be happy with Sammy. But that was just a lie I told myself. Leon was in my heart, in my mind. Leon was everywhere and there was just no way I could escape from him. I saw him in my dreams and honestly it was really stressing for me cause the last thing I needed was for him to appear in my dreams. So I kept praying and asking God to show me what it means. With all that going on in life, my heart and mind were at war with each other. I wanted Leon back but my mind says something else. So many times I tried telling that I couldn't forget him but he was in love with someone else and I didn't wanna be a problem since he seemed so happy.
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