IceSkating with Stefan

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Stefan and Amber go ice skating with the gang and then Kai kidnaps Elena and Amber to try to get Katherine and Rebekah and Hayley but the guys kill him and get the girls back but then one of Stefan's doppelgangers Silas come back and kills Amber's little sister Sam and her parents to because he wants to be with her but she is will Stefan

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first time on ice

Stefans P.O.V.
¨Damon we are just going ice skating, you are making it seem like we are going to have sex after.¨I say smirking. ¨Well Stefan knowing how you are with women that might happen and if Alaric finds out about it he will kill us both but he knows it will be you because they way you leave the women after you are done because you end up killing them and then you leave there bodies to rot and then you are still a ripper after it happens so be careful.¨ Damon and I hear a knock on the door and opens it and sees Amber at the door, ¨Hello Damon where is your brother Stefan at I want to leave as soon as possible so come on Stefan lets go now please.¨
Ambers P.O.V.
¨Hey Stefan come on please lets go my brother is waiting on us so come on slow kid.¨ I yell loud because Stefan snuck up behind me and lifted me up in the air and kissed me. ¨Babe lets go you know on how much Mack hates waiting and if he waits to long he looses it so lets go now bye Damon." Stefan drives my truck and when we get there we see Elijah and Klaus and the rets oof the gang and so I warm up on the ice for abit and then I put Hope on the ice and show her a few tricks.¨ ¨C´mon everyone its fun come on mom and dad.¨ Hope says. Klaus and Hayley and the rest of the gang snd Stefan all come onto the ice for practice and Damon falls face first onto the ice and we all crack up laughing and then Kai sees everyone having fun and then he sees Elena going to the stand to get skates and that is when he snatches her up and then leaves me a note saying: If any of you guys want to ever see Elena again you will send me Katherine and she will stay with me but if you guys fail Elena will die. Damon and Stefan and the gang go and try to hunt down Kia but we're ever he is it sure as hell hard to find him but we Katherine with us and she wants to go with him for that reason to and she wants get away from Klaus because he wants to kill her some reason we don't know so she leaves with me and Stefan and we get Elena but we also keep Katherine because she has more than one doppelganger and then Stefan has three dopplegangers.

I'm sorry its short but two and three are supposed to be really long
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