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"How does it feel to lose your family in an instant?" asked Hak-Kun. I looked at him blankly and looked out of the window thinking of how to describe that awful feeling. My heart clenched and twisted at the very thought of it. "The world will never be the same again. All those horrible thoughts you had about them will turn into your biggest enemy. Your guilt will grip your thoughts and try to bury you ten feet under the ground. You will question why you were the only one who survived. A whole universe that your parents created for you shattered into pieces along with your will to live." I smiled at him grimly and stood up to leave. "But what's the worst part?" he blurted out. His brother slapped his hand on his mouth to shut him up. I froze at the door at his words. "That you have to live with the same thoughts every single day for the rest of your life," I whispered gravely.

Romance / Thriller
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Drip. Drip. Drip. I could hear the sound of the water splashing to the ground. I could even hear the faint sound of animals faintly shuffling in the background. The smell of rotten flesh engulfed the entire room. But I got used to it. The room was dark and eerie; wallpapers on the walls were decaying so fast that it left a moldy look. Four walls and a door surrounded the place. There was a tiny window, but it was as if somebody barricaded the bars so no one could escape. Not even a child like me.

This room used to be filled with the sound of my mother’s lullaby to help us get through this nightmarish hell. However, I will never hear her voice again, for I was all alone now. I slowly turned my head towards my mother’s body, lying just a few feet next to me. I wanted to cry, but it seemed my eyes were out of tears. It was as if the Devil has won against me. There was nothing but emptiness. My mouth was parched as it hasn’t had a drink of water in days. I could feel the life and the fight in me draining as I tried to keep my promise to my mother.

“I will live. I will survive.” I croaked as I struggled to breathe. I repeated the same words over and over again as I fought with myself to endure my struggles. While murmuring the promise, I blacked out.

When I came to, I heard movements in the background. “Please don’t let be that Devil.” It was the only thought that ran through my mind frequently. I prayed continuously to the heavens. Although I kept my eyes closed, I could faintly hear people talking. Even if I tried to open my eyes, it wouldn’t budge. They felt so heavy, and I was so exhausted that I wanted to go to sleep forever.

“How can a man be so cruel.” I heard someone whisper in horror. “Captain, there is another child here. Estimated age seems to be around 2-3 years.” I heard another voice call out. Someone took a sharp intake of breath, probably in shock.

“Oh, Liam.” The thought of him made me want to burst into tears. My little tiger fought hard against that Devil. “He called this room his Master Art. Now we know why.” The man said gravely.

My throat tightened at that thought. With all my strength, I let out a tiny scream while tears slowly fell down my cheeks. My small movement scared the people in the room.

“Get an ambulance; we have a survivor.” I heard a man yell out. However, I couldn’t stop screaming even though I was beyond exhausted. That Devil thought that we were a piece of his art. That bought me even more sorrow than any of the beating I have received or the words of abuse that came out of that vile man’s mouth. Every member of my family lost their lives in vain because of this masterpiece that he wanted to create. I couldn’t stop sobbing as I let out all the grief that I refused to show him.

I felt a warm hand caress my greasy hair and whisper, “You did it, you are safe, you survived. Thank You for being alive; thank you for fighting hard. It’s all over now. We will protect you.” The soft hands kept stroking me while repeating those words.

“You are here. You are alive. And you will escape this horror.”

Those were the last words I heard from that person. And then the pitch of darkness reeled me in.

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