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Her Sins

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You said we should be partners and nothing else and I agree to your terms but I don't know how long In can keep my hands to myself , u keep tempting me with that sexy body of yours... "I wish I could keep this secret away from you........"

Romance / Erotica
Janice Cole
Age Rating:

The Contract

"Take of your clothes and lie on the bed" Killian commanded the lady dressed in a blue garment.
She obeyed Killian like a dog obeying its owner.
Killian went around the queen size bed and started cupping her breast .His one hand on her nipple and the other hand squeezing the other nipple. She let out a soft moan of pleasure.
Killian kissed her lips passionately , while touching every part of her body which led to a loud moan at any touch. His fingers found her pink pussy coated with her own wettness.Killian's three fingers slipped inside her tight hole causing her to see stars.
"Fuck"! She let out a loud moan.
" Thought you never asked" Killian said.
He left the bed to take a condom and undress himself.
" Play with yourself" Killian said with his hoarse voice at the other side of the room.
She started playing with herself as she was told making her to see stars.
Killian phone rang

" what is it Desmond " Killian asked rudely.
" Am on my way "He said coldly while leaving the naked woman on the bed.

"Stella, my decision is final , I want 60%of the shares and profit and my offer stands till three days. And remember one thing am here to make money not friends" Killian said with authority.

"Yes Sir , I'll tell the Russian and Italian Investors" Stella said .

" And I don't have all day ". Killian said making Stella to be aware of who she is dealing with.
" Killian Kingston, the world's handsome single billionaire Ceo of Kingston cooperations who made a ton of money in just two years as he took over the Company after his father" Desmond said while reading the newspaper headline sitting on the sofa across the room.

"Put the newspaper back , I don't have all day to snoop around like a lost puppy" Killian said while heading out of the room.

" You know what they forgot to add on the script as arrogant self centered and a player". Desmond said while following Killian out of the room.

Knock ! Knock ! I heard the sound of my door.
"Come in" Janice said while doing a bit of makeup on her face.
"Good morning sweetheart" Janice heard the sound of her dad's voice while putting the make up kits away.
"Good morning Dad" Janice answered while heading towards her window to puck up her laptop.
" Hope you slept well, Akim is here to pick you up". He said.
"No need I can drive on my own , he can leave" Janice said with no emotions.

" Its not a big deal , what harm can a ride to the office do"? My Dad asked while I broke out of my trans.
" Fine " Janice said letting out a sign while heading out to the living room where Akim was waiting.
I headed down the living room seeing Akim sitting down at the sofa. he soon rose up from his seat when he saw me.
"Good morning Janice" Akim said with a smile.
"Good morning Akim" Janice said nicely.
There was a bit of silence until Akim cleared his throat.
"Hmm.Shall We"? Akim asked
" Yes , lets go" Janice said.
We entered a new edition of range rover sport the ride was a bit long but we stopped when we reached the entrance of Romero Industry , letting out a big sign which I was holding.

" Mr .Kingston , the Romero's send a representative for the contract to decide when to meet ". Stella said while Killian is entering his office.

" Call then and tell them that we meet tomorrow ".Killian said coldly.
" Yes Sir" Stella said while heading back to her seat.

" O my God , girl can u believe that Kingston co operation just accepted the Contract" Bella said in a joyful voice as I entered my office.
" Congrats Mrs.Romero " Jack said to me in a provocative way.

" Don't call me that , just because am engaged to Akim doesn't mean you can call me that" Janice said with an annoying voice.

" Anyway girl , the contract has been accepted, you and Akim have a meeting with Kingston tomorrow at 11 am" Bella said while pouring a glass of water .

" Knock, Knock! " a sound so loud coming form my office door.

"Come in" Janice said while sitting down on the chair behind her desk.
" Good Morning Ms.Chadwick, Mr Romero wants you in his office now" Emma who Akim's said.

" Ok Am on my way" Janice said to Emma while standing up.

" Desmond , send the files to the Italian and Russian" Killian said while bending his neck on his computer as Demsond entered his office.

" So they accepted your terms" Desmond said in surprise.

" Why are you so shocked, I get what I want" Killian said develishly.

" Am not surprised , you get what you want" Desmond muttered under his breath.
Killian looked at him with a questioning eyes.
" Anyways Akim called and he said they will at your office 11 am." Desmond said .

" Tell them not to be late, I hate when people are not on time " Killian said while accepting a call.

" Knock Knock"!
" Come in" Akim said while sitting across his desk.
" You called for me"? Janice asked.
" Yes the contract has been approved and tomorrow the both of us are expected at the meeting" Akim said while looking over a contract.
"No problem " Janice sajd softly.

" You can go now" Akim dismissed her out of his office.
I heard a clap behind , I turn to face a blonde woman and to my surprise. LINDA

" Congrats I heard your contract has been approved by Kingston Cooperative , and you also managed to be engaged to Akim Who happened to be the Ceo of this company. Wow you are sure to be a gold digger".Linda said while stopping her steps to stand infront of me. I clench my fists.
" Oh Linda you do never learn, Unlike You I work very hard for this contract and not because am engaged to Akim" .Janice said while leaning close to her hears.
" Am not a gold digger , but you are, its called hard work , you should try it sometime". Janice whispered in Linda's ears.
Janice set off and left Linda standing like a statue.
The rest of the day went smoothly.

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