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Xavier sterling was known to be one of the richest and youngest bachelor in Uganda. He was arrogant And the best enterpreneur. He hated love he hated being in arelitionship. Haydie waS an prphan who grew up alone n was now working at sterling enterprises as sterlins assistant. Will he be able to not fall in love with her??? Will she love him?????

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Mum let mi sleep atleast for five more minutes ..Moooooommmmmm.I felt my self wet allover sudden and sat up immediately.Amandaaaaaaaa i shouted looking at her holding aglass in her hand.

Gal i got u haahaaa she kept on laughing.I moved out of bed and immediately entered the bathroom and slummered the door.

"beb hurry up for breakfast you have thirty minutes to go for the interview"

i heard her yell leaving my bedroom.
Right then my body came back to realizing how late i was.

I had the quickest shower ever.I used five minutes and i stommed out of the bathroom.

Luckily i had prepared my clothes i used my cream then put on my trouser suit that made me feel confident.

I grabbed my bag n my wage shoes and went downstairs.

Goodmorning Amz...I peeked her running out.What about breakfast???? i heard her yell buh she knew i was late and couldnt risk.

In afew miNutes i was at sterlin enterprises.The building was all glass with about seventy floors.My jaw dropped mesmerized bY the beauty.

I put myslf together and headed inside the security guard gave mi aquick good morning and in afew i was at the reception.

The lady behind the desk was typing on her laptop and when she saw mi she threw me amillion dollar smile.

Good morning miss.....

Haydie.Haydie hunter..I phrased

Yes miss Haydie goodmorning am Bella

Good morning Bella.Well i have ameeting wirh Mr.Sterlin about the interview.
Oh...She pointed at the elecators and told me to go upto the seventy second flow where i would meet with his black tinted office.

I hurried to the elevator still smiling at Bellas hospitality wondering if it was her or the company procedure.


I got out of the elevator.I head to the tinred office feeling other employees gaze on me buh i never minded knowing i was meant to be here.

I knocked thrice on the door when i heard afaint come in.

I went inside and was amused by the setting.The room was full of beautiful artworks.Apart had ushaped leather seats and atable with lotus flowers.His desk was glass da leather swing chair he sat in den the seats of the visitors were all black which made me know his colour preference.

Not removing his gaze from his computer he ordered me to haveaseat.Ingnoring his not being kind i placed my file on his table having aseat and crossing my legs.

So why are you here????he asked making me roll my eyes.

Good morning Mr.Sterling.Am Haydie Hunter.I am here for the job interview and not sounding rude buh i prefer talking about it with your atmost attention please.I smiled earning adeath glare from him.

I felt holes right through my skin buh i tried hard to keep composed.His attention got from his computer to my file and to me.

So Ms.Hunter.Why did u leave your first job????
I smiled and confidently,i told him it was because i think i found agreater opportunity than my previous job.

You know your lying right???My
Subconcious started to bother.

So Ms.Hunter why do you want to work here???

As i said Earlier its because its agreater opportunity for me to work in acompetent place.And my experience might grow abit more maybe.

Ms Hunter you think this is aplace place where you come to grow your experience.Oh den your wrong this is aworkplace and i want my personal assistant not an intern.He stood Up banging the desk and looking flustrated.

Haydie stay confident and composed hid just arrogant.

I had not taken the time to admire him and wow guy lookez hot in his three piece suit.Baby blue yes black hair the american height darkskinned and before i completed my awee i felt his gazed

Oh Mr Sterlin i never talked about coming to aschool or sumthing buh experience never end u might end up learning something from me you know.I smiled and winked.

Hayde wat are you doing flirting with your boss to be.

Asmile cracked his lips n sat down asking me acouple of here and there questions.After we talked about my salary and working time.I was glad i was earning alot for eight hours.

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