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Adam had always been mine. He just didn't know it. But he had always loved me. He just won't admit it because he's consumed with duty. He thinks being a prince means he can only marry a princess. Not the village girl that's been his best friend and lover for so many years. And when he rejects me to pursue that duty, I undertake a course, with a darkened heart, that leads to an irrevocable ending. I never meant for the whole castle to change. I never meant for him to change. I just wanted him to see me as his love again. I wanted him to admit that there's so much more than princely duty involved in true love. But even as I get closer to having what I want, I know time is running out for me to admit what I've done before Adam is trapped as he is forever. As I've cursed him to be.

Romance / Fantasy
Manda May
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His Rage

"Dammit!" Adam raged. Swinging his arm over the banquet table and scattering food all over the floor. "I can't do this anymore."

"Why, My Lord?" A ghostly figure swept up near him. Collecting the plates as he grumbled from his massive chair.

"The loneliness..."

"We're here, My Liege..." The hazy woman whispered.

"But you're not." His voice softened. "You're all here yet I'm still alone."

"Perhaps we can't touch you, but we can hear you." Ms. Potts whispered to the young man she'd raised for so many years.

"I know...I'm just so dreadfully lonely. And bored."

"What can we do, My Liege?"

"Don't do that." He shook his head. Massaging his forehead.

"What?" She paused collecting trays to look at him.

"Call me that. You only do that when you're disappointed in me."

She sighed. "What would make you feel better?"

His hand fell and he stared at the wall. "Seeing someone again. Being touched...Belle..."

"Belle the village girl?" Ms. Potts asked in shock.

He turned glowing silver eyes on her. "Yes..."

It was the dead of night. I was tossing restlessly on my bed. Still filled with the nightmares of what I'd done. My dreams haunted by the witch's face.

I should've never gone to her.

The hut my father and I lived in was small and on Wintery Nights like this it got unreasonably cold. I was shivering on my small cot when I heard the first whispering voice.

"Belle..." It was almost childlike in the way it tinkled. Like a fairy ring I'd come across in the summer time, years ago. "Belle."

I stirred and looked around the dark. Seeing no one there I slumped back to my bed.

"Come with us." The haunting voice said quickly. So close to my ear that I sat bolt upright.

"Who is it? Who's here."

"We're all here..." This voice seemed a bit more masculine. "Come to the Castle."

Everyone knew what Castle was only referred to as such now.

Because of me.

Adam's Castle.

"I can't go there." I shook my head adamantly. "I'll never go back!"

I could see his enraged face. Hear the awful things he'd said to me when he'd driven me away.

I didn't care how he looked.

I never had. I'd just wanted to be with him. And he'd chased me away.

"Come with us..."

"No." I said adamantly.

"Then your father will." One of the male voices said.

I shot a sharp look that direction. "No. You can't have him either."

But there was nothing there. Only hollow emptiness. A dark corner of the room as empty as I'd become after Adam had banished me from the castle.

Before I could tell him it was all my fault. That I was to blame for everything...

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