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Years later and the once peaceful kingdom was being threatened again. The King and Queen who ruled over the country was worried--this one was somebody powerful, somebody that they could never even imagine that existed and so, they called onto her. The legend that nobody ever wanted to meet. And she answered. Lisa came back to be their salvation. She was used to working alone but the King and Queen insisted that she worked with people that could aid her into solving the threat. Four enforcers with the leading warrior whose name was known everywhere. After all, Aeneas was more wolf than his hybrid blood.

Romance / Fantasy
Bella O’Brien
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I | of silver eyes

Humans have always been funny little beings. They deconstruct things and construct them into another form, they are boisterous, loud, unsuspecting, prideful, and annoying. Though not many are like that, many of them were just from her observation, living with them for many years. Living in the human realm was like the woods to her—a breath of fresh air of which she didn’t know she needed.

It was always a rule in the realm of supernatural that humans were not to know of their existence. She could easily remember the bloodshed that the humans had caused, wanting to break the kingdoms into pieces, to kill those that they simply never understood.

Yet, here she was now, in a world that they were considered a myth, a legend to scare the kids. They made movies of them, depicting several inaccurate and accurate things that she had found to be hilarious. It was also the reason why she, along with other supernatural creatures, were able to coexist with humans. They were so clueless of the things that lurked in the dark that they would rather believe science than legends that once ruled over them thousands and thousands of years ago.

“Order up for booth 3!” Peeling herself up from the table she was wiping down, she went over to the food window, smiling up at Bear. “What is it this time, Lisa?”

“Free will,” She answered, sending a bright smile over to her boss. “If people believe that their God has plans for them, is free will even a reality in which you can do whatever you want?”

“Hmm,” Bear, a tall and slightly overweight man that has those dark brown eyes with an apron that said ‘with a touch of tough love’, shook his head at her, never answering all the philosophical questions that she always gave him at the moment. He always answered it the next day and then the following day after that, there was another question for him. It was their own thing and she always looked forward to it every day.

With a wink, she took the tray two plates of steak, mashed potatoes, and rice with chocolate and strawberry milkshake to the booth by the window where the two human siblings sat across from one another. They were obviously twins based on the same blonde color of their hair, same shape of their noses, and their bright blue eyes. The only difference was their lips, jaws, and cheeks.

The two of them were nice to smile and say their thanks to her as she served them. “Anything else you’ll need just call my name and I’ll come.”

“Alright,” the woman spoke. “Thanks, Lisa.”

“No problem, guys.”

Lunch has always been the busiest time of the day. The diner, known for its tasty gravy and savory meat, has everybody always coming back for more. Some were new but most of the people were return customers, already used to the waiters and waitresses that served each table.

Before she could go to another table to check in if they needed anything, Moose, Bear’s son, held her elbow and lightly pulled her back to whisper to her. His brown eyes were wide, blinking rapidly at her in plead. Countless amounts of interaction with humans, she learned soon that this is what they called as puppy dog eyes. In which humans always used whenever they needed a favor.

“No,” whispered she, shaking her head. “Third time this week. It’s like you know that I can never resist you. Well, I’m resisting you.”

Pouting, the tall male in front of her clasped his hands and shook them lightly. “Come on. I really like this guy and he’s the one that asked me out this time which meant that he’s showing interest. Not the other way around that I usually do. Plus, he is gor—” pausing, he sighed dreamily “—geous. You should’ve those arms of his. He probably has enough strength to carry me while we’re fuck—”

In order to stop him, she pressed her hand atop his lips. “Okay! Okay! If you refrain from ever mentioning those things again.” She could feel the smile under her palm while she shuddered in disgust. “Seriously, hearing the person that I view as a brother talk about sex is disgusting.”

Before Moose could even disgust her even more, thankfully, she was saved by a customer that called out her name, requesting another glass of iced tea and she practically sprinted (in human speed) away from him.

The rush orders of lunch finally died down just before two in the afternoon struck. Everybody was wiping down tables, cleaning the counter, organizing the utensils, etcetera. Soon after the afternoon passed, Moose had already gone on his date, other waitresses left as soon as the afternoon to night shift waitresses came in, and the night had already blanketed the sky and her encounters with people that went in the diner soon ceased.

“You want me to stay?”

Like the overprotective father she never had, Bear always asked the question, willing to stay and clean up with her whenever she needed it but, as always, Lisa shook her head and gave him a bright smile. “Go home. I’m sure Mina misses you already.”

Both of whom almost in their mid-fifties, the love they had for one another always amazed her. Sure, there were always human couples that she mostly observed but over the years, she noticed that Bear’s and Mina’s relationship was closest to a relationship that supernatural creatures do when they find their soulmates. That’s what they exactly were.


Mina was like Bear—strong, tall, and absolutely overprotective. It was a miracle that her parents that birthed didn’t also name her Bear. Because that’s what they were—they would become Mama Bear and Papa Bear towards not only Moose, but also to her. They treated her as a daughter they never had.

And she treated them as parents that she had always longed for.

It almost seemed like idiotic even. A woman that was older and stronger than them was looking to them to treat her as if she was their own blood, to protect her, to teach her on what she had missed on the years that she was gone from the human realm.

Bear opened his arms and without hesitation, she walked right into them, returning the warm hug that he always gave her. With a pat on her head, he released her and pointed at her. “You come by tomorrow, alright? You don’t want Mina to come knocking down on your door, yes?”

She nodded, chuckling. “I know. She’s already called three times yesterday to make sure.”

“Yeah, that sounds like her.”

They laughed before Bear asked her if she needed the extra key to the place to which she replied with a no and showed her own key that she was given permanently four years ago. Soon as he left, she started cleaning up the place—dusting, wiping, replacing the caps, placing the chairs atop the tables, vacuuming. It wasn’t a normal thing for a waitress to do it, sure, but it was one of the things that she could do for Bear, considering that he cared for her ever since the day that he met her.

Afterwards, she closed the doors and locked them, making sure to double check the back exit that it was locked too. Walking straight to the building of her apartment, she was greeted by the catcalls of men that were drinking openly on the street. If she was at the supernatural realm, there would absolutely be no problem for her set them straight.

But she was in the human world. And so, she ignored them, fast walking inside the building and shutting the door behind her. By the time she reached her door, she chucked her sneakers off of her feet, walked to her bathroom and stared at herself once again.

Her uniform was a mess. It had a stain at the skirt from an unruly child that was playing with the condiments, spilling the mustard all over her what was once pristine white and red stripped attire. There were small specs of dirt on her skin, no doubt coming from unconsciously touching her face after scrubbing the floors or the dusting.

Pulling her ribbon tie off of her hair, she let her white hair down freely. No one ever really questioned her white hair. Humans always thought that it was dye more than real and she was glad that she didn’t have to wear an uncomfortable wig that would make her scalp itch. Next, she picked up the container for her contacts and took them off. What was once rich chocolate brown color of her eyes revealed the real ones.

Silver eyes.

Blinking rapidly, she stared at them once more.

Then, it flashed again.

It was what was once she had looked like—strawberry blonde, naturally royal vampire skin, and dark eyes that had red glowing around the rim of them.

Another flash.

She was staring back at the present again of whom she became.

A thing that she does not even know how to describe anymore.

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