Bro's den time

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Uh oh stinky

Romance / Horror
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Chapter 1

A person with cum filled heels walked around the dark woods at midnight looking for her sex toy she yells out for it, she yells out for it again because she's a damn retard that doesn't know objects aren't alive and can't speak. She then stumbles upon a cabin as a light filled the inside, and glimpsed through the glass upon to her, She looks at the glass than she turns to the door, it was wooden door with gold doorknob and a welcome which was white and said, "Welcome!" with a dark logo with that wording, She then knocks hard on the door but the door was unlocked and she creaks the door a bit. She opens the door and then she hears moaning and grunting from a room in a far left, she walks up to the door and then opens it.... she then see minisunn getting fucked by a Muppet with a face mask, and a boy with a Arizona Green Tea Logo on his cheek. They then finish their sexy time with minisunn and let her lay on the bed passed out from their big pp's, They then throw the girl off the bed and then turned to claire, the Muppet then walks up to the girl with heels and asks her a question, "What is your name bitch?" The girl then gulps and says, "Claire" The Muppet chuckles and then smashed her head to the wall and then opens her jaw and put his big pp in her mouth going down her throat choking her, the boy with the lego on his face laughed at her gagging as she choked on the Muppet's pp. Then he digs it deeper and starts to move his hip back and forward as his cock drove in deeper in her throat, as claire cried in pain feeling his cock thrusting into her throat repeatly, "I'M CUMMING DOGGGGGGG" Then white goo goes down her throat, she grunts loudly as he takes his pp out slowly. Claire breathes heavily in pain then the lego boy stand up, taking out a larger pp than the muppet's, "Aye whore ready to your ass fucked?" He says smirking, he then grabs claire's hips and picked her up turning her around, "READY FOR SOME ANAL FUCKING!?" He says loudly, Claire shakes her head, "NO NO NO PLEASE, I BEG YOU!" The boy then put his pp in her ass, her anal was destroyed with his large cock, "AHH THAT'S SO TIGHT BABY!" he then starts to move as claire's ass bleeds greatly, "OH YEAH THAT FEELS SO GOOD WHORE, MAKE THIS CAN CUM FOR ME KITTEN!" Claire cries as she gets fucked to her very bone, he thens shoots out stinky white stuff into her ass, it then mixed in with the blood in her. The boy drops her ass cum and blood mixed together comes out of her ass. He breathes heavily as a man named rix has a fire poker with fire on it comes in, "Aye guys, I got to fuck this girl real quick she my kitten and all." Then the bro's let them have her as they had their meals, He then sticks the fire poker in claire's pussy as the fire burns her inside with the poker, claire screams in pain while the fire poker spins around her, He then takes it out, putting it in her ass next, She screams more because of the fucking she took earlier, "HAHAH this is good..." Then he leaves it in her ass leaving it to burn, claire takes it out when he leaves the room crying very intensely. Then Kyle comes in punching slamming her jaw with his famous move "IP SLAMMER" her jaw broke in a instant, as she tried to scream but then the muppet kicks her windpipe, Kyle then grabs claire's hair and lifts her up putting his massive cock in her mouth, giving him a blowie, "YO NIGGA TRY TO SUCK ON THAT FUCKING WHORE BITCH!" then the lego boy starts slamming his fist into claire's head, breaking her skull, Then he starts going harder with his cock, and starts moving breaking her nose in a intense wind, AHHHHH kyle says as he cums in her throat, "that was good" then he leaves, then a man comes calleds rink not naked says, "ugga booga going abuse cracker" then he just stomps on her head and leaves.
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