Annabel's Fate Fate Of Her Path Series: Volume 1

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Jana has always had issue's with men especially the way they treated her like she was meat until she met Angel one evening and chemistry went through the chart. They had met in Michigan when Jana went on a date with some guy name Gunther well he didn't like her fun adventure's ways and that was when Angel came to her rescue. Angel's mother had abandoned her as soon as she kissed her long time girlfriend Scarlett Thomas unfortunately several years down the road her grandmother had passed away not to long after so she had to start life in Michigan that was when she met the most beautiful woman named Jana after her horrible date with some guy treating her like she was just a doctor. Jana is still a straight woman with struggling with the fact that she could never make love to her girlfriend Angel it had been a challenge as far as they have gotten is kissing and holding hands. Angel has helped her come a long way since they hooked up randomly but with the conflicts of men from her past popping in and out of her life has made it challenging for sure. (More on Wattpad)

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Angel opened her blue eyes, refreshed and ready to go as soon as she heard everyone in the kitchen talking. She had long blond curls, was five feet five inches tall, and one hundred five pounds. She got dressed and headed downstairs to see that sure enough Jana with her long straight brunette hair, barely touching her middle back, she is five feet ten inches tall and one hundred eighty pounds. She was speaking to her parent’s Gabriel and Mary Johnson. Her parent’s nodded at her to turn around as soon as she did Jana ran up to Angel giving her a hug and kiss on the lips,

“You look beautiful as always, good morning baby.”

Angel nodded as she poured herself a cup of coffee than taking a few sips before Jana rushed her for them to head home, so she placed her cup in the sink as she saw Jana ready to go by the door,

“Come on babe, let’s go home.”

Angel laughed,

“Yes, my dear, let’s go home.”

They walked out of the Johnson’s home hand in hand down the street to their home seeing that it is nice to have Jana’s parent’s so wasn’t a bad thing since Angel lost her grandma several years ago and she needed a support system rebuilt.

Angel guided Jana into the house closing the door behind them as she carried Jana to the upstairs bedroom watching as she changed into pajamas and getting comfortable.

Jana said,

“My sweet love, can I have some warm tea with milk? Mom always made that for me to relax my mind from excitement or whatever went on that day.”

Angel kissed Jana’s forehead,

“Of course, I will be right back.”

As Angel went downstairs she made her way to the kitchen it was a soft baby pink with blue sidings by the window it stood out amazingly and so she brewed some tea up from the coffee pot then as soon as it was done she splashed a bit of milk into it then went back upstairs to their bedroom placing the warm tea by Jana as she saw that Jana had fallen fast asleep and she watched for a little while then headed downstairs to watch a movie on their television in peace until she fell asleep herself.

Angel called up Jana’s parents so she can go get ready for her day which involved getting a fence,flowers, and maybe a few pet’s to have around like a Australian Shepherd or Golden Retriever they only needed one pet for now.

Angel set off to get dressed in their bedroom as she found some tight blue jeans and a black tank top to go with. Angel loved wearing her dresses but today she needed to be casual and professional at the same time, so she got her socks and shoes on then roamed around the house seeing that they did have a attic right above their room,beautiful bathroom with light blue walls,bathtubs that were just right and sinks that stood out.

Downstairs has a basement so it was empty at the moment but very roomy, the spare bedroom/library was gorgeous with a beautiful lavender color to it with some flowers around the wall, then the backyard was empty right now but needs grass cut and everything to be made into a beautiful backyard. The house was enormous inside but outside look like a normal home with very little detail.

Angel could see that Jana’s mom Mary had arrived and started making breakfast as she spoke,

“Are you hungry sweetie? I was going to make some pancakes and such for you both.”

Angel shook her head replying,

“No, I’m not hungry, I will get something while I’m out which is going to be quite a walk since I’m sure Gabriel already left.”

Mary smiled responding,

“Actually he is still here and he knew you would need driving around until you both got a vehicle or actually I believe we have a extra vehicle, let me go ask Gabriel, keep an eye on the eggs and Jana is fine she is just reading.”

Angel nodded seeing Mary leave to the living room and spoke with Gabriel as she hurried back with a reply,

“In our driveway we have a dark blue Chevy truck it is brand new to be exact Gabriel bought it for you both, not sure why but he did. Here is the key’s and don’t worry about Jana she is in good hands.”

Angel took the keys as she hugged Mary then went to the living room to see Jana and her father Gabriel chatting it up as she watched in the doorway she wished she knew who her father was and why her mother has never returned since that one kiss with Scarlett. Anyways, she gave Jana a kiss on the lips gently then released saying,

“I will be back in a few hours, stay off that ankle today.”

Jana grinned responding,

“I will babe, go do what you need too, oh don’t forget we have to meet with the adoption agency here in a week or two so we can adopt our own child.”

Angel raised a eyebrow replying,

“Where is this adoption agency Jana? and when were you going to tell me?”

Jana frowned forgetting to tell Angel as she responded,

“I am so sorry that I forgot to tell you and it is in downtown Kansas City it’ll be quite a drive but we can do it I’m sure, you have wanted a child in your life and so have I.”

Angel sighed then replied,

“Jana, I am not sure how we are going to squeeze everything in that means we are going to have to move all our library stuff down into the basement that isn’t even set up properly with no walls or anything.”

Jana squeezed Angel’s hand responding,

“Babe, relax, we can do this okay it’ll take a little time but we’ll make it.”

Angel released her hand then thanked Gabriel and went to her girlfriend’s parent’s house as she got in the truck feeling the frustration built up from everything already on her. Now she has to rethink of animals but at least get the front yard and backyard ready especially for fencing and flowers.

Angel put the key in the ignition then placed it in gear and drove off to do errands that had to be done. A day here and she was already feeling the stress.

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