With Hell We Raise

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For the next few weeks, the couple followed the same routine. Each morning they would wake up, get dressed, have breakfast then go to Vincent’s office to learn about what it meant to be leaders of a pack. For the last few weeks, Vincent had allowed the two to tail him on his days so they could get a feel for what it was like to attend to things both around the pack, and in the office.

In the last few days, Vincent had spoken more and more about choosing a Beta and a Gamma- Seth presumed that he would be going over that a lot more. It was somewhat refreshing to go over all the things he knew; he didn’t mind at all that Vincent was going into extra detail for Orion’s sake. It actually helped him to recall things that he didn’t even realise he remembered.

The topic of Betas and Gammas would be rather interesting. Seth had already considered what might happen, and he was still unsure whether his pack would accept him enough for him to choose important figures as such. He also found it somewhat strange; considering he had met Vincent’s Beta. Whilst he couldn’t deny that the man was good at his job, Seth also wondered what Vincent had been thinking when choosing the mischievous fellow as his right hand man.

Seth and Orion walked hand in hand down the hall towards Vincents office. They had been a lot more tactile with one another as of late, Seth had been afraid that she had heard his confession that night but she hadn’t once brought it up. He knew Orion, if she had something on her mind, she didn’t hold back.

Orion was none the wiser about Seth’s confession, and she had noticed his sudden openness with her. It was nice, and she was enjoying it; she knew that they were approaching new territory in their relationship together. She was also slowly beginning to recognise in herself, how much she craved him- they had gone from nothing but a few heated glances, to now practically having their hands on each other all the time. She wondered what would happen when touches wasn’t enough; could she want more? Did she? She wasn’t entirely sure but she knew that at some point in the future she would- and so would he.

A shiver of anticipation danced down her spine at the thought. She was excited to see where there relationship would go, though for now she was more excited to learn more from Vincent. All of it was new to her, but she found it all interesting and actually found that she had a knack for a lot of the things they were required to do.

When the couple entered the office, they found that Vincent wasn’t alone. With him were a host of other people, all of whom had been around when they first arrived to the pack. Orion recognized Fletcher, and Vincents father who she recalled was called Sean, but there was a new face too that she hadn’t remembered being there.

He was tall, and incredibly buff- the man was almost as big as Seth was in both height and build- the girl knew that was customary of all wolves. This man was pale, with dark hair and dark distinctive eyes; it was not that he looked different, because in reality nobody in the room looked entirely the same. Orion was utterly amazed at how every person she met was could have the same basic parts but all look completely different; every time she had thought she had met all the people in the world, she met someone knew that broadened her world even more.

“Seth, Orion,” Vincent welcomed them into the room, gesturing towards the new stranger. “I’d like you both to meet Jaxon, my Gamma.”

The man came forward giving the couple a small nod; a flicker of surprise transformed his features as Orion offered a her hand for him to shake. Jaxon took her hand, somewhat impressed at her firm grip as he shook her hand before opening his palm to Seth too. Seth, extended the same courtesy as his mate had. He couldn’t help but be proud of his mate, she was obviously very good at, and enjoying, interacting with new people.

“Today we’re going to talk a bit about what makes a good Beta and Gamma, hence the little entourage that’s with me today. When you take up the Alpha and Luna positions, you will need to find people to fill these roles and they are crucial to making sure your pack functions properly.” Vincent explained, inviting everyone to sit down around the office. He nodded over to Fletcher as if instructing him to speak.

The man in question perched himself on the edge of Vincents desk, a grin planted firmly on his features. There was something about him that radiated a kind of positive, contagious energy.

“Vincent selected me as Beta because of my charm, naturally.” He comically flip an imaginary strand of hair away from the side of his face. Vincent rose an eyebrow in incredulity and perhaps also warning, whichever of the two, it was enough to make the Beta sober up. “Though I jest, personality is important. Just like your mate fits who you are, your beta also needs to do the same. Vince and I have known each other a long time, so we have a mutual bond of trust- which as a Beta is paramount. Your Beta is your right hand man- where your Luna covers your front, you Beta protects your back.”

Orion couldn’t help but notice how, though charismatic as he had self proclaimed, Fletcher took on an air of responsibility whenever he stepped up to his role as Beta. He knew exactly when and where to behave, there was no question about whether he took his role seriously. It was a curious sight for her, he was really the first male that she had met that seemed both carefree but absolutely dedicated.

“But you said you fit, kind of like a mate?” The woman asked somewhat confused. Even amidst the sea of testosterone she did not shrink back, or stutter with her words.

“Yes, my analogy was just meant to show you that you need someone who compliments your skill set in order to make you better leaders. For example, I’ve got what’s commonly known as an eagle eye, I can objectively view situations from lots of different perspectives which is most helpful when you have a hothead for an Alpha.”

Vincent let out a disgruntled huff at being called a ‘hothead’, muttering under his breath that he had gotten a lot better at controlling his rash anger since finding his mate. His protest was only half-hearted, considering that Fletcher was quite right.

“Considering the situation you’re going into, it may take a while to find yourselves a Beta and Gamma you can really rely on. It might even be worth having members sign up, or take part in a series of tests so that you can assess their strength and qualities.” Sean spoke up from his place in the corner of the room.

Seth would never say it out loud, but he greatly valued the dowager Alpha’s advice. Perhaps it was his relationship with Vincent, or just the energy he exuded but he reminded the man of his father. He nodded his acknowledgement of the man’s advice, before turning to face Jaxon, whom he presumed would speak next. Once Vincent turned to said man, the Gamma nodded before giving his own advice.

“Gamma’s are less about personal advice and more about pack structure. You need someone who is experienced, tactical, disciplined, and can be a physical demonstration to the pack of what a well trained member of the pack looks like.” He stated- he was straight to the point, and wasted no time. Seth liked that.

“Wait, I’m still learning about how all this works...” Orion interrupted the man, her brows furrowed together as she tried to put together the pieces. “What exactly does the Gamma do?”

Jaxon didn’t seem too bothered by the interruption, but then again he was just as stoic as most of the other men in the room and didn’t seem to give much away. Orion didn’t seemed to be too bothered by his reaction anyway, she was more focused in making sure she knew how things worked. It was starting to weigh on her how much she still had to learn, especially since she was going to be in some kind of position of responsibility.

“Gamma’s are in charge of security, and for that reason must be well based in how the pack works and the politics and relationships surrounding the pack. In fact how this coup plays out will depend very much on the decisions I make.”

“It’s important that you both take your time, and that you agree on the wolves you choose to fill these roles. The people you chose will have a great influence on how your pack turns out. Seth you’re quite lucky to have Orion as counsel when making this choice.” Vincent advised them carefully, his tone somewhat fatherly which Seth found highly amusing considering he was much older than the Alpha before him. “Ah, she’s here.”

Just as he spoke, the large oak doors of his office opened, and Spiraea poked her head in with a smile. Vincent gestured her over, pecking her sweetly on the lips in a display of comfortable intimacy.

Orion wondered what it had taken for them to get to that level of their relationship. Her own relationship with Seth was, for lack of a better word, odd. Behind closed doors, or when nobody was around, Seth would touch and kiss her with unrestrained fervour. Many a night had gone by where he would leave her breathless, her lips swollen and her body tingling. However it all changed whenever they were together in public, he would hardly touch her at all- not that she wanted him all over her, but she just wanted... something. She wanted to be at a point in their relationship, like Spiraea and Vincent, that being around each other was effortless.

“I hope you don’t mind, but Spiraea and I had a chat last night and we thought it might be a good idea for Orion to go on a little field trip around the pack.”

Orion looked over to Seth, whether wanting his permission or just to see his reaction she wasn’t entirely sure. It made her more comfortable to leave, knowing he was okay with her leaving; it was a instinct that had been long ingrained in her from their time together in the wild.

He gave her an imperceptible look to let her know it was okay, so she stood with a smile, letting the shorter woman cart her away from the office.

“Alrighty, lets go!” Spiraea smiled, leading the way forwards.

Orion had no idea where they were going, or what they were going to do but she was excited. She had grown to enjoy being around the bustle of the pack, there was something about seeing everything in motion that relaxed her.


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I know I don't usually post Authors notes, but its just to let you know that I've changed a detail in the epilogue of With Hands to Hold just to avoid confusion later on....

Before in the epilogue, I said Fletcher was still mate-less but I’ve changed it so that he found his mate!

I’ve never had to balance timelines like this before, its like trying to hold a shit ton of spinning plates.. and a lot of it isn’t planned I’m going with the flow so there may be moments where there are changes like this happening throughout the series as I try to navigate things!

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