With Hell We Raise

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“The other main thing that we really need to focus on, is how we’re going to stage this coup.” Vincent spoke, relaxing once he sensed the determination, strength and raw power emanating off Seth.

Whilst he was still worried, he knew that since Seth had so many people watching his back, ready to hold him accountable that Seth would manage. Besides he could not worry too much, Seth was their best, if only, chance to resolve this situation without a huge confrontation.

“Why can’t I just walk in and challenge him?” Seth furrowed his brows, he didn’t see the point of nor did he like the idea of doing things all cloak and dagger. He had always been the kind of man that was straight to the point, or in this instance, straight for the kill.

“In part you will.” Jaxon spoke up for the first time since Orion and Spiraea had left the room. It was a wonder, Seth had almost though that he had turned to stone; at the very least Fletcher was fidgety or couldn’t help making faces and Sean well, he was always ready. “But if we know anything about Damien, is that he won’t hesitate to try and kill you before you can reach him. Especially if he knows who you are.”

Seth’s hands clenched into fists; he knew what his uncle was like 17 years ago, it would seem that time had only made him worse. Once again he weighed the notion of giving him everything he deserved and more, because he had so much to pay for. Seth knew without a doubt that he would find a way to make him pay- death was too much of a kindness, and one he didn’t deserve.

“From what Spiraea and Marianne has revealed, as well as some of our own intel that we’ve collected- over the last 17 and a half years that your uncle has been Alpha, he’s only been challenged once.” Vincent spoke, the true weight of this man’s power hanging about them heavily.

“And we’re fairly certain its not because he’s a good Alpha.” Fletcher mused with a small snort as he leaned against the bookshelf in the office, his fingers dancing over some of the ornaments on the shelf absentmindedly.

Seth watched Fletcher as he absorbed his words; his uncle wasn’t a good Alpha, his uncle wasn’t a good man. Part of him wondered whether he could do better- it had been expressed several times that he could end up just as bad as Damien. Would their children be seated here 17 years down the line planning something like this?

“That’s not all.” Sean stopped Seth from his trail of thoughts. “The one challenge he did have, wasn’t much of a challenge. He will use any means to make sure that he keeps his position.”

Only a twisted, power hungry kind of man clung to corrupt power like that. For a moment Seth almost felt something like pity for his Uncle. He probably had nothing left besides his title. Soon he would have nothing at all.

The force and cruelty of the thought shook him for a moment; it lasted only a moment but the morose delectation left him stifled and practically gasping for breath. There he was, worrying mere seconds ago, that he could turn out like his uncle and now he sat thinking delightfully about his demise.

Orion’s face appeared in his minds eye. It had become a habit of his to calm himself down, he thought about the life they could have when this trouble was done. They might live in a nicer hut, maybe one day they would even have a family. He liked the thought of that.

They had never talked about having children, at times, she was as child-like as it came. Perhaps in a few years, he couldn’t wait for that conversation. The thought alone was enough to sent the corner of his lip tugging upwards, not that it actually moved. He was not his uncle.

Orion’s face melted away, replaced by a different woman. She was older, brown hair streaked with grey, pale skin and light coloured eyes that rivalled the blue of his sky. His mother had always been a beautiful woman, even in her older years; she had always told him that he grew far more in the likeness of his father than he ever had hers. He wan not like his uncle, not in any way.

“Well, that’s why we’re here now. So that when that time comes, you have the best chance.” Vincent answered his fathers worries. “My hope is that if he sees that you are united with the other packs here in the UK, then it will force his hand.”

“You want to bring all the Alphas together? Even I know that will leave all your packs vulnerable.”

He was not even Alpha yet, but he knew the kind of risk, the kind of anxiety it meant to be away from your rightful pack. Especially as an Alpha. That they were willing to do that, to just make that offer astounded him. Humility rushed through Seth’s blood like water in a river. To him this was an ultimate show of support- of how far they were willing to go to get rid of Damien. No, to get him home. It spoke levels and he was beyond grateful.

“We will sort out the details later.” Vincent waved him off, not at all worried. “Lets hash out a rough plan, then talk physical training.”

When Spiraea went back to find Orion at their meeting spot, she found the girl sat around with some of the other men that she had been working with.

Orion was bruised and tired from working so hard, but none of it mattered to her. She felt good after having done something to help the kind people that had helped her and her mate when they needed it. Besides, she had met plenty of friends that were as intrigued by her as she was by them.

“Well the bear wasn’t happy, it came right for me!” Orion laughed, showing off the raised scar on her shoulder.

Spiraea watched for a moment, utterly enraptured by this woman. The way she so easily took pride in, and saw the strength in her scars. It was something that she was still learning to do, and with Vincents help she was slowly getting better at seeing her value. However, now that she had seen the kind of acceptance and whole hearted joy that Orion carried for being a survivor, Spiraea felt that maybe, just maybe, she might be able to embrace hers too. Even as she taught others, she was still learning herself; what a truly marvellous thing it was.

Spiraea came over to the small group, listening as she finished off her story. It truly sounded like it came from some sort of fantastical romance novel, how Seth had brought her back from the brink of death by marking her.

“So what happened next?” Leo asked as everyone dispersed. He looked at her with bright eyes, expecting some kind of romantic profession of love or grand gesture or something.

“Nothing happened next,” Orion shrugged. She laughed at his horrified shock, even Spiraea who looked somewhat surprised at that.

“He didn’t profess his undying love you? He didn’t tell you that you were his soul mate?” Leo urged her on.

“Nope. I didn’t find out about the soul mate thing until a few months ago.” Orion answered truthfully, her eyes settling on the line of trees on the other side of the clearing. “As for professing his undying love... he didn’t have to. He tells me loves me all the time.”

“But you said he never said-”

“But he does. He said it when he mended our hut, when he went hunting. He said it whenever he told me to be safe, when he watched over me and protected me. He never had to say it with his words, because he said it with his actions.”

“Somehow that is so much more romantic,” Leo sighed. His name was called across the clearing, his father waved as if signalling for him to come home. He turned back to her, a small blush coating his cheeks as he spoke. “You should still tell him, with words I mean. It’s nice to hear... or so I would think.”

The two women watched him as he went. He walked with purpose towards his home, stopping for the briefest of moments to tip his head in a silent greeting at the bakers daughter who was closing the bakery after a long days work.

“You know,” Spiraea mused, “he might just know what he’s talking about.”

The two women looked at each other, as fits of giggles took them over. They began to walk back to the pack house walking slowly; since they were humans, at their pace, it would probably take them a half an hour. Neither minded so much, the afternoon air wasn’t too bad. Orion enjoyed being in the outdoors, it made her feel free.

“How are things with Seth, now that you’ve both come to terms with the soulmate thing?” Spiraea asked gently. She wasn’t entirely sure whether Seth had spoke to her about mating and frankly she didn’t know if was her place, but she wanted to be there for Orion as a friend.

“We’re good I guess,” Orion replied easily. Though she didn’t really understand where things were going, but she didn’t mind too much. She had spoken to Spiraea before about things with Seth, it was always something that comforted her.

“Has he spoked to you about mating yet?”

“I think he’s mentioned it, but I don’t remember him explaining anything.” Orion scratched her forehead in thought.

Spiraea sucked in a deep breath, readying herself for the storm that was the conversation that was about to take place. She had no doubt that Orion, the curious girl that she was, would have plenty of questions. She figured that it would be a beneficial experience for them both, this way when Max was a little bit older, she’d kind of have practice.

“Alright, I’m going to give you a crash course on mating, in less than 20 minutes.”

The men had constructed a basic plan. It was simple, but simple seemed best considering most of the plan relied heavily on Seth’s ability to challenge and win the title from Damien. For now, they would have a small team protecting Seth as he moved through his territory with larger teams on standby outside of the territory. It would mean there would be a delay if anything went wrong, but Damien would know if the other Alphas, or large groups of members from their pack suddenly appeared on his land.

Seth and Vincent, once they were happy with the plans thanked Jaxon and Fletcher for their help. Both of whom had been pivotal in creating such a plan in the first place; Seth knew of the importance of leaders that you could trust, but to see them in action emphasised how important it was for him to choose the right people for the job.

They also planned a meeting with the other Alphas to ask if they were willing to assist; considering they wanted task forces completely surrounding the territory, it was important to have as many of them involved as possible. They were not going to let Damien get away.

Having heard of the transgressions Damien had with all the other Alphas, both Seth and Vincent were fairly certain that each Alpha would want to be a part of his take down. Nonetheless, everyone needed to in on, and okay with the plan, hence the meeting.

Once that was concluded, Vincent told Seth that his physical training would begin the next day and that he would be training with Jaxon. The man in question promised the Alpha to be that once they were finished, Seth would be able to take on four wolves twice his size and win.

Seth didn’t particularly care for the ability to take down four wolves simultaneously, as long as he could take down his uncle. However, he couldn’t deny that part of him was shivering in anticipation- it had been far too long since he had felt the exhilaration of a fight. Especially in his wolf form.

The meeting swiftly concluded thereafter. Seth found Spiraea and Orion walking up outside, in a comfortable silence. Spiraea nodded to Seth, though embarrassment took over for a split second as she looked at him; she hid it well, walking over to Vincent and cuddling into his chest.

Seth could see it in Orion, that she had a productive day and that she was exhausted. He couldn’t wait for her to tell him all about it, and his in return too. He was eager to tell her about the progress that they had made with their planning.

“Physical training bright and early tomorrow!” Vincent reminded Seth as he turned to walk off, Orion by his side.

Seth waved without looking back, the only thing he wanted was to relax and spend time with his mate.

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