With Hell We Raise

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His lips moved against hers gently, the sweet taste of her filling him. She was all around him, her scent, the feel of her, her soft moans as their lips danced in their waltz of desire. He began to pull back, but Orion followed, brushing her lips against his once again.

Her hands slid around his neck, and into his hair tugging gently at his wavy tresses. They kissed until they were both breathless, until neither could feel anything more than the other, until they were so enraptured in each other, and the heat grew so strong that it was like a wildfire had consumed them both.

Orion’s entire body was alight with tingles and sparks, and Seth had barely touched her. Her lips tingled, and it wasn’t the only part of her. A heat pooled between her legs, the scent of her arousal filling the room; she had never really felt that way before but Seth always had a way of making her feel new things.

Seth could smell it- could smell her; it was a sweet pungent scent, like honey it clung to him enticing him. All he could think about was Orion writhing below him, his beast once more resurfacing only this time urging him to take her, claim her, devour her. His cock hardened at the mere thought; he wanted to know what she felt like, what she tasted like. Like a man possessed, it was all he could think about.

He knew that if he didn’t stop now wouldn’t be able to later so, he pulled back to rest his forehead against hers. He didn’t know if she was ready for that kind of jump in their relationship, hell he hadn’t even properly explained to her about mating. There was no way that he could do anything with her until he was certain that she understood and could say that was definitely what she wanted.

“Before we do something that both of us regret-”

“Spiraea already told me everything about mating.” Orion cut him off as a heat rose to her cheeks. He didn’t know whether to be more surprised that she knew exactly what he was thinking, or that Spiraea had given his mate the birds and the bees talk.

Her lips reached for his again. She took them softly with hers, doing to him exactly what he always did to her when they kissed, sucking and nibbling gently against his bottom lip. He groaned gently. Orion pulled away a hairs breadth, their lips still barely brushing as she whispered the words that were his undoing.

“I love you.”

It was as if a switch had flipped, Seth moved so quickly Orion barely registered as he moved. He picked her up, her legs wrapping themselves around his waist as he took her mouth with a new fervour.

She was drowning in him, in the taste of him, in his touch. She felt as the mattress pressed against her back, Seth not once breaking the kiss. He was on top of her, his mouth on hers, his knee between her parted legs to steady himself. His lips moved down, kissing down her jaw to her neck, then to the spot where he had bitten her, marked her, all those years ago.

His mouth pressed a sweet open mouth kiss there, sucking and nibbling. The spot lit up like electricity; Orion’s back arched as the white hot pleasure sent shards of pressure through her, building in the pit of her stomach. Orion panted, a desperate need taking over her as Seth followed the curve of his body with his nose.

Seth was somewhat surprised at his slow, calculated movements; there was a part of him that wanted to come out, take control and just fucking rail her. However, the other, larger, part knew that since he hadn’t ever allowed himself to consider that this could be a reality between them, now that he was tasting that forbidden pleasure he wanted to take his time.

His hands trailed up her sides, taking her shirt with it, until she was bare to him. He pressed kisses to her skin, down the valley of her breasts, the skin under her breast, then on her dark pebbled nipple before he took it into his mouth. Seth moaned at the feel of her in his mouth, his tongue playfully and skilfully teasing her flesh.

Orion’s mouth parted in a silent scream, the pressure building slowly but it wasn’t enough. She wanted more- needed more. Her hips rocked against Seth’s thigh, her wetness seeping through her underwear and pyjama shorts to leave a wet spot on his flannel pants. A whiny moan filled the room; Orion heard it and knew in the back of her mind it was her, though she didn’t care, far too caught up in her desire.

His big hand came to rest on her hipbone, pushing her down with a gentle pressure effectively stopping her bucking. She let out another whine, and Seth chuckled at the pathetic sound. It was amazing to him how she could go from confident and brazen, to a pitiful mewling mess in a few short moments.

“Seth!” She yelped, trying to sound commanding and intimidating, though failing badly.

He looked up at her, a devilishly playful smirk transforming his features as he released her nipple. He kissed the center of her chest, right where her heart lay beating, his eyes never once leaving hers. Orion let put another breathy moan, the sight making her want him even more.

“I’m going to take my time on you. I’m going to draw this out so long, torturing you for all the years I spent torturing myself over you.”

Seth continued his downward trail, every so often his tongue would dart out to taste her skin as he sucked and bit her skin. He knew he had said that he would take his time, but with his hands and lips exploring her, his self control was hanging by a thread. He wasn’t sure he would be able to hold on long enough to torture her.

His hands over her hips dipped into the waistline of both her leggings and underwear trying to pull them down in one go. He grunted in frustration a as the clumsy material malfunctioned, instead with a savage impatience and strength he ripped it clean off her body.

“Seth!” Orion chastised, though the wetness between her legs grew.

Seth growled, his beast rippling just under the surface. The scent of her arousal thickened around them both, the sight of her messy, dripping pussy was enough for Seth’s control to snap.

His mouth descended on her lower lips, sucking at the wetness there. Orion let out a yelp of of surprise, though it quickly turned to groans of pleasure.

Seth moaned at the taste of her, she tasted just as sweet as she smelled. He wanted more; his tongue flicked against her slit, circling her clit before he sucked the bundle of nerves.

Orion’s hands flew to Seth’s curly mane, burying her hands there as she bucked against his mouth. She had never felt anything like this before; her eyes squeezed themselves shut, her chest banged so fast in her chest and the pressure in her stomach grew almost unbearable.

He paused, briefly, so that he could look up at her— he loved what her saw. She was a bare, sweaty messy, needy for him.

She opened her eyes, looking down to find him staring up at her with the most primal desire, and drunken love in his eyes. She smiled, a beautiful smile before guiding his head back between her legs to her weeping pussy.

He chuckled, if his little star wanted to see some galaxies, he would not stop her. His tongue found her entrance, his thumb playing with her clit as his tongue slipped inside her.

Her loud moans filled the room, Seth being spurred on by the sound. Fuck, he could wait till he was buried balls deep in her and she was screaming his name for the whole of Vincents pack to hear.

Her body sparked with convulsions, her toes curling as he edged her. She could feel herself so close to the edge. Another lick up her slit, and his teeth grazing over her sensitive clit and Orion couldn’t hold it in any longer.

She screamed her release, her hoarse voice giving out as she continued to silently scream. She tried to catch her breath, but to no avail because Seth was over her, covering her mouth with his own. She could taste herself on him, moaning gently.

Admittedly she was tired, but she was more curious than she was tired. She couldn’t help wondering, if Seth could make her feel that good with his mouth, how good could she make him feel with hers?

She pressed her weight into him, flipping them both over. She realised then that he was still fully clothed, whilst she wasn’t. She had always reminded him that they were equals; she had no qualms about equalising right now.

Orion pulled at his shirt, the material bunching and sticking under his arms before Seth chuckled and pulled the rest of his material over his head. She didn’t hold back, or take her time like Seth had, she pounced straight to his pants, pulling the material right down his legs. It was only then did she stop to look at him.

Orion had only seen Seth’s body a couple of times, the first being that day that Vincent had found them in the woods. So now that she had the time to look at him, to really look, she found herself mesmerised. His chest was broad, upper arms and stomach well toned, and tarnished with scars; considering the lifestyle they had lived that was hardly a surprise.

Orion had no idea that he had so many, she felt him freeze as her fingers brushed one of the more prominent ones. Its shape and size eerily similar to that of a bear; he had gotten this one saving her life. They had healed over in raised keloid scars, a little paler than his tanned, olive skin but it didn’t make him any less beautiful.

She kissed each one that she could reach, tenderly, softly, lovingly. Seth could feel it, as if she were saying the words as clear as day: ‘Thank you, I love you.’ His breath caught in his throat, a lump forming there and he forced himself not to cry; his hand buried into her curls, pulling her up to him so he could take her lips with his. He hoped she could feel the meaning behind it as he had with hers: ‘Every one of these scars are worth it, you are worth it. I love you.’

Orion pulled back, nothing but love in her eyes as she took in the rest of him. It was peculiar; she wondered if all men were so large and hard like he was. Everything about him- or perhaps men in general were so curious.

Orion couldn’t hold herself back from reaching out to touch him, her hand sliding up and down his shaft. Seth sucked in a sharp breath, grunting as his hips instinctively bucked to feel more. Orion watched enthralled at his reaction to her, she had barely done anything and already he had responded so strongly. Her hand slid back down, this time cupping his balls causing Seth to flinch in surprise.

She watched his face, her eyes not once leaving his, as she slid herself down his body. Flesh pressed against flesh until her lips hovered above his proud cock. She looked down at him, then back to his eyes which sparked with a silent permission. Then her mouth was on him, sucking and licking, her teeth grazing his length ever so slightly. She like the feel of him, in her mouth like that, she wanted more; her head bobbed as she tried to fit more of him into her mouth, pulling back when he hit the back of her throat.

“Fuck!” Seth half growled, half moaned. Her mouth was fucking fabulous; he could feel it in his loins, this girl would be the death of him.

He could hardly take it, he could feel his balls tightening with the pleasure. She was going too slow, he needed more. His hands grabbed hold of her hair, guiding her as he thrusted into her mouth, a new curse, a new moan left him every time he hit the back of her throat.

She moaned, her arousal rekindled, she could feel herself wet and sticky between he thighs again. Seth’s growls and moans filling her ears as he sped up. A little bit of drool trickled down her chin but she didn’t care, she just wanted more of him and he was giving it to her. He hands held onto his thighs, nails digging into his skin as he fucked her mouth.

Seth’s breath caught in his throat, his pleasure reaching its climax. He barely had time to pull out of Orion’s mouth before he came all over her neck and tits. The sight was glorious. He panted catching his breath, all the while he couldn’t help thinking about all the things he wanted to do to her. He wanted more of her, he wanted to have all of her, and judging from the look in her eyes, Orion felt the same.

But Seth was pulled back to reality when his eyes glanced over at the clock that read 00:42. If he could have his way, he would have fun with Orion until the sun came up he had physical training in the morning and needed to rest.

He picked the girl up, her legs wrapping around his waist as he went over to the bathroom. Orion tried to buck against him, wanting to take things further but he held her still. He placed her down on the counter beside the sink, the cold marble against her heated flesh sending goosebumps up her back.

“I know you want more tonight, but we both need to rest.” Seth told her, trying to ignore the scent of her arousal. He took one of the small wash cloths, wet it by the sink and then proceeded to clean them both from the mess he had made.

She pouted, whimpered and whined the whole time, the heat between her thighs getting stronger not weaker. Eventually Seth sighed.

“Fine, but after this you go to bed.” He told her sternly, and without waiting for her to respond he pulled her forward, kneeled between her legs and devoured her with his mouth. Orion gasped, her hand flying to his curls; she caught sight of them in the mirror opposite, the sight of her drunk on Seth’s touch had her moaning all the louder.

She supposed this new level of intimacy meant they had truly become comfortable, and trusting of each other. She liked that. When Spiraea had explained to her what the mating process was like, she expected to feel good in her body and she did- Seth took her to brand new heights, and she loved it. But she also felt good in her heart, in her mind.

The had been plenty of times in the past, where she had been unsure. Unsure that Seth would come back to her alive, unsure that he wanted her, unsure about what she felt for him, unsure about there future. But now, all of that was gone. Perhaps she still didn’t know what their future held, but she knew what she needed, what she wanted; she knew that with Seth, she was safe.

She let herself fall.

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