Sgt Maddox

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“Have you ordered your yearbook yet?”

“Me? No chance, I want to forget about this place as soon as that bell rings!”

It was almost the end of term and the sixth formers would be celebrating their freedom in less than 2 hours.

“What about prom?” Jessica asked.

Cara looked at Jessica, raising her eyebrows.

“In case you forgot I have no date, Jessica!” Cara hated being reminded of the fact that Jessica could click her fingers and get any guy in school. Cara had very little luck as well as interest in that department.

Jessica was tall and slender with long blonde hair that waved naturally down her back. She had an olive complexion which complimented her deep hazel eyes and long feathery eyelashes. Being five foot ten without heels meant she was one of the tallest in her year. Her friend Cara had always been small, at five foot two and never known to have a growth spurt, thus giving Cara the nickname Shorty. Cara was tiny in frame and voice. With her mousy blonde hair that curled and frizzed all over the place. Taking Cara at least two hours in a morning before school to make herself decent. She had bright blue eyes that magnified her bronzed skin giving her a constant glow.

“That’s the easy part Cara, it’s finding the right dress.” Jessica winked as she picked up her school bag. “Come on or we’ll be late for Spanish.” Rolling her eyes, Cara closed her locker and followed Jessica into the corridor.

The school was going through its final phases of scraping the corridor walls clean of all ‘Conquests of the Sixth Form’ boards. A last-minute attempt at redeeming pupils for their past mistakes by ensuring everyone was recognised for at least one good deed. Cara and Jessica were favourites to be successful. Jessica had already been scouted by a modelling agency, after a lot of begging on Jessica’s part her parents agreed. Cara on the other hand had three universities all with unconditional offers, which meant whatever her grades were she would have a place. One of the universities was Oxford. It had the best programme for Biochemistry in the country and Cara couldn’t wait to get out in the world and put her intelligence to good use. The school itself was outstanding which went along with the investments that past alumni had deposited. The pupils were far too posh for Cara, who had come from a humble home. Her dad working away a lot in the military and her mum who stayed home to keep the peace between Cara’s younger brother and sister. A lot of the pupils at Peckton Private School came from well off families from farming and investment background. The money coming in from the parents high paid jobs.

The school itself would put Hogwarts to shame. The corridors were adorned with plaques of famous writers and politicians. None of which she admitted to having heard of before.

Throughout her six years at Peckton, Jessica was the only girl who made Cara feel welcome, being the new girl was difficult but it was a lot easier when you had friends like Jessica. The real struggle was the bullying. Cara would find herself hiding at every opportunity to avoid them. Jessica accompanied Cara where she could, but when you weren’t in the same classes, it was inevitable that the bullies would catch up.

It wasn’t all bad, her older brother Matthew was around up until two years ago. He kept the enemies at bay, being popular meant he had some authority over them. The attacks were mainly outside of school, consisting mostly of balls being kicked and thrown at her unsuspectingly. Or pushing her into a corner and throwing a punch and a kick before running off. The past two years had been the worst though, with her brother at university there was only so much Cara could do to avoid them. The main leader was Zach. He was tall, well built and adulthood had graced him with good lucks and good abs. He was handsome, but there was no doubt he knew it. His popularity caused his arrogance to float around him like a bad smell, you could sense his presence before he was even in the same room as you.

Cara had no idea what she had done to offend him, but he had always called her Shorty and insisted that everyone else do the same. Not that it was a hurtful name, but it was more the physical efforts that upset her.

“Come on, we’re going to be late for Spanish!” Jessica called to Cara, cupping her elbow and dragging her through the corridor of bodies. The bell shrilled on the wall announcing to students to get to their next class swiftly.

“Heads!” came a voice down the hall and out of a nowhere Cara was knocked to the floor with a large thud. A sharp pain seared through her head as Cara fought back the tears that threatened to come to the surface. Clutching her head, Jessica pulled her back up to her feet. Cara attempted to compose herself but as soon as she turned she bounced into a body.

“Watch it Shorty,” Cara glanced up to see Zach towering over her, reaching for the ball he had just thrown her way and laughing. His sandy blonde hair swept across his face, his chocolate brown eyes bore into her. Zach rolled his eyes at her, “You’re not my type sweet cheeks.” He said sarcastically, shoving her out the way. The gaggle of girls that followed behind him were laughing at his joke whilst the guys cheered him on.

Cara exhaled loudly, two more hours she said to herself. Two more hours.

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