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Chapter 3

The sun blazed through the curtains casting rays across Cara’s face. Heat enveloped her body and she felt the heavy shift of something across her stomach. Her eyelids fluttered open as she took in her surroundings, she laid in a bed, black sheets covered their bodies. The stranger’s legs tangled up and exposed to the heat coming through the windows. A bronzed arm draped across her torso and she traced her fingers across the smooth skin, following the shapes and patterns of the black marks. Her fingers edged gently over the stranger’s shoulder, noticing several scars that adorned the back of this beautiful god-like figure.

Cara fidgeted, the images of last night danced around her head. She recalled the feeling of the stranger’s fingers as they caressed every inch of her body, no area was left untouched. She could still remember the feeling of cold air replacing the heat where his lips had kissed, leaving a tingling sensation in its wake. The stranger had left her feeling wanted, precious and needed, feelings she hadn’t felt in such a long time. He was gentle, taking his time exploring her body, revelling at her reaction under his touch. There was only one thing bothering her, she didn’t recall exchanging names.

Cara smiled inwardly but was soon cut short when her phone buzzed. She crashed down to reality reading the text.

Where are you?

What had she done? She wasn’t a cheater, but could you really call it cheating when you had no interaction other than abuse from someone you lived with?

She gently peeled the arm from her torso, hating the space that it had created between the two bodies. She pulled back the covers, sliding her legs off the bed. Cara gathered her clothes from the floor, tiptoeing out the door.

“Leaving without saying goodbye?” The seductive voice asked gruffly, Cara froze in the doorway, attempting to cover her body quickly. A hand reached out grabbing her wrist and pulling her back to the bed, she giggled as he snaked his arm around her and proceeded to tickle her.

“Ow!” She screamed, grabbing her ribs. The stranger immediately stopped, shifting his gaze from her eyes to where her hand lay. He flitted her hand away, eyes focused on the mark in front of him. Anger flared on his face, eyes widening in shock.

“Shit! Did I...last night?” He stuttered. Cara stood up from the bed, shaking her head.

“No, it wasn’t you” she almost whispered.

“Who did this to you?” He grabbed her wrists, begging for her to explain. He stared at her, watching her gaze drop to the ground. A single tear fell down her cheek and he reached up to catch it with his thumb.

“No one!” She shunted back, “I fell!”

“I’ve seen injuries like this before, this is not from a fall!” He called her out, instantly regretting his tone.

“I have to go.” She said, grabbing her clothes in a bundle attempting to put them on.

“I’ll take you home.” The stranger removed himself from the bed and Cara gawked as his muscles rippled on every move.

“It’s okay, I can call a taxi,” but before she had finished her sentence, the stranger was at the door fully dressed. His sandy hair swept across his face, not a single hair gave away the fact he had just got up. She looked up at the stranger, he had a charming smirk on his face that sent a flutter to her stomach.

“Come on.” He smiled, grabbing his keys from the side and guiding her out the door.

The drive home was silent, it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence but it was a silence the stranger had no choice but to accept. Apart from the directions she had spoken, the girl hadn’t made any conversation.

They pulled up to the apartment complex, the car park was small with designated spaces and the girl gestured for him to park in one labelled 2B.

“Thanks for the lift,” She smiled at him. He smiled back at her as she got out of the car.

“My pleasure,” he purred, exiting the vehicle. He leaned against his car, arms crossed, watching the girl intently. He reached over, placing a chaste kiss on her cheek, she felt his hot breath brush her ear and she felt herself melting all over again. A weak smile left her lips before she turned on her heel and headed towards the door of the apartment building.

The stranger watched as the girl left abruptly, if it wasn’t for the bruise on her ribs, the stranger would have felt only disappointment at her walking away from him. But the sight had his blood boiling and left him with an urge to protect her. Who could do that to someone so delicate? He watched as she opened the door, swiftly picking up his feet and manoeuvring to the door efficiently. He kept at a safe distance as he stalked the girl up the staircase. Ensuring his movements were minimal so as not to alert or scare her. The girl reached the top of the stairs, fishing for her keys in her handbag before turning it in the lock.

Carefully sliding her key into the lock, she delicately turned it until she heard the habitual click. Pushing the pristinely painted door open, she was greeted by fluff. Reaching down to pet Diesel her vision was instantly obscured by fluff and saliva. Smiling, she nuzzled into her golden labrador, her only comfort in the apartment.

“Where the fuck have you been?” the voice bellowed from across the room.

Cara stood back up as the owner of the voice stormed towards her. Backing her into the wall, Rich hovered over her, caging her against the wall in a malicious fashion.

“I asked you a question!” He boomed aggressively at her, his patience wearing thin already.

“I didn’t want to wake you,” She stuttered, “It was late so I..” She tried to reply but his hand flew to her face, swiping across in one movement. He grabbed her hair with his other hand, poised to make another hit. Cara shielded herself, her arms covering as much of her face as possible. She closed her eyes as dark spot piroetted across her vision, anticipating the next blow that didn’t come. She felt the sudden release of her hair and heard a loud crack before the crashing thump of a body landed on the floor. She opened her eyes, wide with shock. She peeled her arms away from her face, the stranger was stood in front of her, saying something to her. Cara couldn’t focus, a jumble of words invaded her ears as her eyes flicked from the stranger to the body now laying on the floor.

The man pulled her into his chest, closing his arms around her. Tears fell from her face as she sobbed uncontrollably into his shirt. Her focus gradually returned and she could hear the man holding her, mumbling into her hair.

“’s okay.”

She peeled herself away, unable to look at the stranger or the body on the floor. She took herself away to her bedroom and sat on the bed, releasing a breath she didn’t realise she had been holding. Her head fell into her hands as she let out more sobs of relief.

A few minutes had passed, muttering could be heard from the next room. A loud bang followed by footsteps appearing at the door. The stranger appeared in the doorway, a sigh left his lips before he crouched in front of the girl.

“Hey!” He reached out for her hands, forcing her to remove them from clutching her head too tight. She shook her head at him, unable to find words. She was a horrible person, she thought to herself. A cheater, a slut, alone. The stranger tugged at her chin, lifting a smile to his face. She looked up at his absorbent eyes, they entranced her and she knew there was no way to avoid his magnetic gaze.

“So was that your boyfriend?” He asked, feigning the disappointment on his face. Cara shook her head, then nodded before allowing a frown to surface. She fell into sobs again, the stranger sat up on the side of the bed placing his arm around her. She leant into his embrace, releasing the sobs she had held onto for so long. The throbbing on her face was beginning to surface bringing along a headache with it.

“You should have said something,” The stranger stated. Cara shook her head, the throbbing slowly taking over. He sighed at her, “I could have helped you know.”

But it wasn’t that simple, the statement annoyed Cara. If it was that simple, it would have stopped long before today.

“I didn’t ask for your help though did I?” She blurted out, removing herself from the stranger’s arms. “I don’t even know you!” She fought back her tears, “Last night shouldn’t have even happened!”

She closed her eyes, regretting her sudden outburst.

The stranger stood up with his hands on his hips, exhaling loudly, “I believe these things happen for a reason.”

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