Sgt Maddox

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Chapter 5

Archer sat down on the sofa in Cara’s living room, the position faced a floor to ceiling window that had the perfect view of the river that ran by the apartment building. Diesel sat on the floor between his legs, allowing Archer to pet him fondly.

It had been fifteen minutes before Cara emerged from the shower, her damp blonde hair cascaded in waves over her shoulders complimenting her tanned skin. She had a white towel wrapped around her torso and white fluffy slippers that made Archer chuckle at the cute look.

“Feel better?” He asked her.

“Much,” she smiled, wincing at the lump on her face. She combed her hair out with her fingers, Archer gazed at her beauty as it enveloped her.

“Fancy going for a walk?” He asked her, he enjoyed the outdoors and he was pretty sure that Cara could use the fresh air.

“I’ll go get dressed.” She said beaming at him.

She returned a little while later in a white summer dress that hugged her torso and floated above her knees. She wore white converse and had fashioned her wavy locks into a high ponytail.

“Ready.” She announced, stepping into the room. Archer watched as Diesel wormed his way around her legs, begging for adoration. She leant down to pet her companion before he looked up and licked her face in delight. Cara reached over for the dog lead and headed towards the door with Diesel in tow.

The sun kissed Cara’s skin, Archer stared in adoration as she closed her eyes embracing the warmth. A light breeze lapped at her dress, and the rays bounced off her body creating a halo around her. Her fingertips weaved in between the strands of barley as they walked through the field. Her hair shimmered imitating the fields below her feet. Archer couldn’t take his eyes off her, he felt the appreciation she had for nature radiate from her. She cherished the simple things, the sun on her face, the breeze in her hair, the way the grass danced under her touch. Archer reached out to one of her hands, hooking his fingers in hers. She opened her eyes, glancing up at him from the sudden intimacy. Welcoming his touch, intertwining her fingers in his and blushing at the entanglement. Archer felt his heart ache for her, the need to revisit the events of the previous night rumbled in his chest. Something about her had captured him, there was no doubt he had been with many women before her but she was different. She hadn’t thrown herself at him like most women did, probably due to the fact she had a boyfriend at the time but that guy was a waste of space and she deserved better. He had no hesitation in protecting her, his instinct to keep her safe overwhelmed him and he hated to think of letting her out of his sight.

Archer knew it was inevitable, his line of work meant he would be away for weeks at a time, being the leader of an elite tactical team meant retrieving various assets across the globe. He would be returning to work Monday and he wasn’t sure when he would be back. His assignments were regularly last minute, leaving next to little notice to kit up and move out.

He heaved a sigh, running his free hand through his sandy coloured hair. Making a mental note to enjoy the moment while it lasted with Cara. Even if it is just for the weekend, he made sure that the next two days would be memorable.

“Tell me something.” Archer turned to Cara. “Anything.”

Cara shrugged back, there were so many things she could say.

“Something no one else knows.” She edged closer to him, their faces almost touching.

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” She giggled. Archer’s face turned up in a smile.

“A secret?” She bit her lip. He nodded back, noticing her hesitation.

“Ok, I’ll go first.” He squeezed her hand, infatuation laced their touch like ivy tendrils. “I cried at the notebook.”

Cara paused for a moment, unsure whether he was being serious. When his expression didn’t change, she laughed.

“You’ve watched the notebook?”

“Who hasn’t!?” He laughed. "Okay, your turn."

"I'm not so sure you could handle my secret." She teased.

"Oh really," He raised an eyebrow at Cara, holding out for her to divulge him.

"I've never watched the notebook!" She almost whispered, a smile appeared on her face, Archer couldn't believe it! He used the information to his advantage, mocking her and quoting the film as she watched his emphatically.

They continued their walk along the woven fields in silence, the dog blending in to the collage of wheat. Cara glanced over at Archer, she watched how his face crinkled up as he focused on his thoughts.

“What are you thinking about?” She smiled at him, noticing something was bothering him. He glanced back at her, committing her beautiful smile to memory, her white teeth sparkled as her lips parted. He pulled her into him, circling his arms around her.

“I..” he kissed her forehead, “am thinking...” he then kissed her nose, “about kissing you.” He took her lips in his, she parted her mouth allowing his tongue entry. He teased her mouth with his, nibbling her bottom lip causing a soft moan to escape her lips. He pulled away, tracing a finger down the side of her face, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Her eyes were still closed, urging the kiss to continue. She had never felt these emotions before, the way Archer made her feel from a simple touch or look left goosebumps on her arms and sent a welcome shiver up her neck. Archer nuzzled into the crook of her neck, trailing soft kisses from her ear lobe down to her shoulder. Cara leaned into his lips, the sound of pleasure left her body.

“I could listen to those noises all day,” He purred in her ear, he pulled away, a large grin plastered on her face in response. “Come on.” He enthused. Pulling her by the hand and racing back to her apartment with Diesel chasing after them.

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