Sgt Maddox

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Chapter 6

Archer pushed through the door to Cara’s apartment, scooping her up in his arms. Cara wrapped her legs around his waist as he pulled her to him urgently. His hand supported the base of her neck, drawing her into a passionate kiss. His hand tugged at her hair, pulling her head to the side to expose the sensitive spot on her neck. He traced his lips up and down her soft skin, inhaling her sweet vanilla scent. He listened attentively as both of their breathing increased hastily. Sparks lapped against their connection and you could almost smell the desire. Archer walked them to her bedroom effortlessly like a feather in his arms. He laid her gently down on the soft cotton sheets before pulling away, to take in her beauty. Cara’s breathing hitched as he took in the sight below him. His hot breath swept across her face, Cara absorbed the heat, allowing it to bring a hot flush to her cheeks. He trailed febrile kisses along her neck and down her collar bone, whilst his hand dragged feverishly up her thigh, lifting her dress and resting his hand on her hip. Cara let out a soft moan, the sound felt like music to his ears, a siren calling for him. Archer felt his body react to her, the heat from her core seeping through his jeans and reacting with his. He pulled back to his knees, his pulse increasing profusely. He reached down to Cara’s shoes, flinging them across the room impatiently. A giggle left Cara’s lips as she watched his trepidation take over him.

Archer resumed his position on top of her, she pulled at his shirt, begging to reveal his solid frame and taut muscles. Like a child opening Christmas presents, Archer complied, tugging his shirt over his head in one swift motion. His chest displayed tattoos and healed scars, Cara traced her fingers across them, reading them like a story as she soaked up the pleasurable sight. She licked her lips as he removed his jeans.

“Archer.” She moaned breathily as he removed her dress expertly, revealing her sun kissed torso. Her white underwear balanced her complexion perfectly, the contrast was stunning. His fingers trailed her abdomen, watching her squirm under his touch. He could almost see the fireworks explode between their bodies.

Archer trailed his lips across her chest, kneading one of her breasts in his hands. He pushed his other arm underneath her, holding her closer to him. He lowered himself to her thighs, his mouth nipped and bit hungrily at her flesh. Cara arched her back in pleasure, gripping the sheets and silently begging for more. The sparks zoomed through her body, her core heating up further with every nibble and suck. Archer pulled her underwear down, revealing her pink flower and let out a guttural groan. He lowered himself to her centre and drew sensual kisses along her inner thigh before meeting her core. He licked and sucked around her entrance, placing a finger at her moist slit. Cara moaned his name once more as she curled her back up. Archer was in awe at the sight and couldn’t hold back anymore, he plunged his finger inside her watching as she bit her lip, fighting back the pleasure that erupted through her body. Her taste was sensational and he marvelled at her as she unravelled around his fingers. Within minutes, Cara was coming undone, her flower now blossoming and threatening to be liberated. Archer pulled away, and Cara breathed heavily, disappointment etched across her face at the sudden stop of pleasure.

Archer positioned himself above her, slowly entering her and filling her core with his member. Cara revelled in the pleasure, her core building up once more. Archer kept his slow pace, not wanting the moment to be over just yet.

“So beautiful,” he whispered as he thrust in slowly and deeply, unable to keep his hands off of the goddess beneath him. He placed kisses along her neck on each thrust, his breathing increasing each time he met her soft spot.

Cara pulled him closer, her legs wrapping around him encouraging him to increase his depth. Archer responded, increasing his pace every time she ground her hips. Their bodies matched in speed, melding into each other. Cara arched her back once more, letting out a soft moan as she bit her lip, her core building up and ready to burst. Cara felt Archer counter her reaction, increasing his speed and depth until he felt himself threaten to combust. With one more plunge, Cara came undone in his arms as Archer retaliated with a final thrust.

He rolled to the side of her, pulling her to his chest in one motion. Cara steadied her breathing as Archer placed a kiss on her nose.

He awed at Cara’s beauty, an angel in form lay before him, in his arms, allowing him to adore her. He slowed his breathing down before kissing her deeply. He sprinkled kisses to her along her jawline, ending at her forehead as he inhaled her sweet scent. He wanted to bottle her scent up and take it with him. His fingers trailed patterns along her arm and shoulder as she folded her body into him, resting her head on his strong torso.

For the first time in forever, his mind and body were relaxed, he closed his eyes, squeezing his angel in his arms. Cara welcomed the warmth, despite the thin sheath of sweat that graced their bodies, they were in bliss. She allowed her eyes to drift closed, her body tingled under Archer’s touch. The sparks she felt before still danced across her skin and settled in her core.

“I could stay here forever,” she mumbled, a smile lifting to her lips as she spoke.

“Hmm...” Archer agreed, planting his lips silently against her cheek. “Me too.”

Cara snuggled into his embrace, their fingers laced together, afraid to let each other go. The world faded away from them, in their own dimension filled with lust and sparks. Before long, they fell asleep wrapped within each other. The days events left behind as they drifted into slumber.

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