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Book two of "Behind The Pages", but it can be read as a stand-alone. *** "I like you," I pointed at Jake. "And you," then at Vincenzo. "And you," then at Lorenzo. *** "You're confused? I like three sexy Italians at the same time, and I have no fucking idea, who's I'm gonna choose!!" I shouted. *** Meet eighteen-year-old Skye Blue Adams. A total badass, with good grades in her classes. Skye has always been super smart with a great memory. However, what happens when she has to chose between three hot Italians. There's Jake Williams, her old friend. When he comes back after seven years, will she forgive him for what he did in the past? There's also Lorenzo Garcia, Jake's aunt's boss. When Skye offered her help to Jake's aunt, she had no idea that she will meet a possessive, yet gentleman, who will make her heartbeat again. And we can't forget Vincenzo Garcia, Lorenzo's cousin, and the mysterious new guy at Skye's high school. Since the day she bumped into him in the hallway, she couldn't forget his angry dark brown eyes. Skye spent her entire life single, but it seems like these three sexy Italians will make her change her relationship status. ***

Romance / Action
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You know that feeling when you can’t trust anyone, even yourself?

You know that feeling when you hate to see a small light in your room full of darkness?

You know that feeling when you are alive outside, but you feel like you are dead inside?

You know that feeling when all that you want is to scream aloud, hoping that someone will hear you?

That feeling when you feel alone even if there are plenty of humans around you?

That feeling when you want to end your life because you are tired of fighting?

That feeling when you miss someone so fucking much but you can’t see her/him, why? Because they’re gone.

That feeling when you want just a small hope to keep fighting.

I’m Skye Blue Adams, and that’s exactly how I feel.

My family tells me all the time that I’ve always been smarter than the other kids around my age. I’ve always been cheerful and happy in my childhood, but I’ve changed a lot. And that because of what happened seven years ago.

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