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After a tragedy occurred in the Rossi family, Lucia and her father were saved by her God father and moved in with him and his son Andre. What she didn’t know was since birth she were to be betroth to Andre. And to make matters more surreal, he’s the fucking mafia prince with a lot of secrets and lot of mood swings. What’s happens when Lucia becomes of age and it’s time to get married? Will Andre consider her his queen to be or will he still think she’s too young to handle the storm that is him?

Romance / Action
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Introduction of characters

Lucia Rossi(17 years old):Betroth to Andre and although she knows that the world can be dangerous, she is still pure, naive and “young” as Andre likes to put it.

Andre De Luca(25 years old): Betroth to Lucia and is very protective of her when she sees it as him making her life difficult. He is very closed off and shows no emotion unless it’s his father and Lucia’s father or herself. He doesn’t believe Lucia can handle the truth or take up her rightful position as his queen.

Stephano Rossi(40 years old): Father of Lucia and his deceased son Gioivanne and late husband of his deceased wife Julia. Loves his daughter very much, but can’t move past the fact half of his family has been murdered. He won’t stop till he catches everyone responsible.

Julia(27 years old): Deceased mother of Lucia and Gioivanne and late wife of Stephano.

Leonardo De Luca(44 years old): Father of Andre and loves his son and Lucia dearly and would do anything for them. Can come off as cold and aloof to others. And sometimes is a real dick and pain in the ass as Stephano words it.

Gioivanne:(10 years old): Son of Stephano and Julia and brother of Lucia. Was murdered protecting his sister.

Enzo( age doesn’t matter): The mysterious bad guy and nemesis of both Stephano and Leonardo. Will find out more about him in the following chapters.

Camilla(18) Beatrice(17): Friends of Lucia and love her dearly. Camilla is the outgoing flirtatious type while Breatrice sticks to the books.

Dominico(18 years old): classmate and study parter of Lucia and has a huge crush on her, though she is oblivious.

Alessio(25): right hand man of Andre and his partner of crime. He would die for the De Luca family.

Emilia(28): girlfriend of Andre. Doesn’t care if he’s engage and doesn’t see Lucia as a threat or competition just yet.
Estelle: Lucia’s nanny and loves her the death. She sees Lucia as her own grandchild although she never had kids.

I thought it would be best to introduce these characters as they would write about through out the story. Please do leave comments thank you.

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