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General Luxor was made in the lab to fulfill society's needs. His ability, strength, agility, and intelligence are tailored into perfection, his next generation is destined to sit at the council’s chair. Unexpectedly, fate crosses his path with a little alien, who was born naturally. Whoever made her was careless, just throw in a bunch of nonsense that makes her, her. Nothing about her is halfway to perfection. But nature grants her with the most useful arsenal an individual could ever think of; the ability to attaching the strongest one to herself. When Luxor stumbled upon Alexa’s pod he had no idea that whatever inside it, is something that will be the biggest, most scandalous plot twist in his life. He wasn’t prepared for how her mere existence will turn him into something he cannot even imagine before. When he tries to control the new surge of power Alexa brings to him, as well as trying to control his emotions whenever she is concerned, Luxor knows it’s only a matter of time before he has to choose between his planet, his duty, and his friends or the weak little alien.

Romance / Erotica
Imogen Brown
4.8 12 reviews
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The constant beeping on his head is starting to drive him crazy. The persistence of noise seems to haunt him even when he is asleep. He cannot seem to recall the time when he doesn’t hear the beeping inside his head. He thought by now he will get used to it, because of the intensity of the quantity it appears in his head, but he is wrong. It seems that everyone demands his attention. He hasn’t had his lunch break, and yet people are still fighting for his time.

He is currently flying at lightning speed. Inside the small space ship, are his old friend Thebes, the Minister of Health and Welfare of United Galaxies, a team of scientist leads by the famous Dr. Ombo, who had been picked to conduct a special investigation on a planet in galaxy B-00356 by the United Galaxies Council, and a few of crews and guards.

He himself, General Luxor, is the Minister of Defense and Inter-racial Safety. They all are departing back to the mother ship after successfully doing their research and investigation on the planet in galaxy B-00356.

Their work is highly classified, and the job was a risky one. Now they are glad to flying back to the luxury and comfort of the mother ship, as they have been cramped inside the smaller spaceship.

What is the matter? Thebes appears next to him, standing tall only slightly shorter than him.

Something is happening at the mother ship, my presence is needed at this instant. Luxor says as he makes his way to the flying bridge, by teleporting.

Yes, General Luxor is a being from planet Shabeem El, where the beings living there communicate telepathically and moves by teleporting. He was made in the lab to excel in many, many fields, as his next generation should be sitting in the council’s chair, it has been predicted. That what he’s been told since he was born.

Did they give you any more details? Just like him, Thebes appears a second later, he came from a planet called L’Alamein where people living there have similar abilities with the origins from Shabeem El.

No. Luxor gives him a short answer. He feels his powers tingles on his fingertips, every step he takes he knows buzzing with power and authority. As soon as the ministers arrived at the flying bridge, the crews give both of them a quick salute before processing to their duties.

Prepare for the engine boost. He instructed the pilot.

The captain of the ship quickly tapping on the screen and a silver, liquid looking ball appears from nowhere right in front of the General. Luxor raises his hands and waiting for the captain's cue before proceeding. Thebes takes a step back and braces himself. Although cutting the flying time will be benefiting them all, the process is somewhat unpleasant for him.

Engine boost initiating in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Luxor touches the liquid ball and lets his power flows from his body out. His body hums and his skin tingles, his hands glow in white bright light as he boosts the engine of the ship with his own power. The whole room can feel the power radiating from him, their skin tingles and for a moment a feeling of suffocation fills their throat. Doesn’t matter how many times they have experienced this with the general, there is no way they can get used to it.

For Luxor it’s not a difficult thing to do, he used to boost much bigger vessel than this scientific ship to cover far more further distance. The lights at the flying bridge dimmed and the ship shakes slightly before they spring forward faster than light. It takes them not even five minutes before Luxor moves his hands away from the ball, they are close to the mother ship now.

Vessel 03A to Fomalhaut, permission for docking. The captain says.

Vessel 03A permission granted. Says another voice soon after.

Luxor and Thebes go back to their room and prepare for leaving, soon they feel the ship is docking and the engine is turned off. Both of them are ready to departing first, as soon as Luxor and Thebes stepped out of the plane, some guards are already waiting for them.

Sirs. They salute the two ministers and lead them to the flying bridge of the Fomalhaut, the mother ship.

What is the problem? Luxor asks impatiently, he is tired, hungry, and people can’t seem to give him a break.

We are receiving a strange signal. Said one of the crew.

Luxor is close to electrifying the crew with his power when he heard him.

You asking me to come here just because of a signal?! There are protocols you can follow instead of insisting me to waste my power to assist you! He yells at the crew, Luxor is well-known for his power and short temper.

Y—Yes sir, we tried but... the signal doesn’t come from a vessel. The crew is almost killing himself from fear. The tales of the wars and battles the general won, the ships he brought down, and the cities he destroyed flashes before his eyes.

He clicks on something and presenting the Ministers with his founding. Three long beeps following three short ones, repeatedly.

The ministers are deep in thought for a second, trying to recall if they know the meaning or even ever heard of such of strange code.

Where is the code coming from? Thebes asking the shaking crew.

The said man clicks other buttons and soon they have a real-time view of the source of the signal. At first, they see nothing, some rocks and debris floating in the space, then it appears.

What is the name of the universe...? Thebes mutters.

Is that...? Luxor moves closer to the screen to take a closer look.

Appears to be a life pod, sir. The crew confirms their thoughts.

Send a team to fetch that. Immediately. Luxor orders.

Right away, sir. The crew sighs and starts clicking other buttons.


Fomalhaut is a much bigger ship than the scientific vessel they used. It has three levels and each one is bigger than the other. On the top level is dedicated to science. It’s grand and filled with machines only the scientists know about.

The second floor is where the flying bridge, common areas, and most of the bedrooms are. The lowest level is used for the engine room, gym, sparing room, and garage.

Five different labs with different functions and abilities fill the top level, and the ministers are inside one of them. Laboratory number 3, to be exact, has an observation room, which is separated by nothing but three layers of a special glass wall. It can stand a small explosion, laser beams, extreme changes of temperature, and air-isolated in case any virus leaks.

In that room observes the ministers. Both men standing looking at the metal table where the life pod is now resting. It’s grey in color and covered in strange writing.

Now the thing is surrounded by scientists and machines.

It seems the pod is made by simple technology. If I have to guess then the origins that made it seems to be at the edge of upskill era. Dr. Odom speaks to his own log.

So whatever inside it is an intellectual being? Thebes asks.

I cannot confirm that they might also put an animal inside in the name of science. Dr. Odom says. But if you let me do a further investigation on the being inside, I can tell you more. It’s truly fascinating, whatever inside the pod, I’d love to study the alien more. Dr. Odom adds.

Luxor nods. You have my permission, proceed as you see fit.

Thank you, General. Dr. Odom replies.

With their sophisticated technology and advanced machines, it is not hard to find out what kind of being is inside the pod. Soon, they have a report of the alien’s x-ray, nervous system, muscles map, bones placement and structure, and even the activity of the alien’s brain.

The scientists confirm that the alien inside the pod is an intellectual being, but is not smarter than them. The fact that the alien can only access less than 10% of their brain capacity confirms that. And base on the alien’s muscles and bones reports, they concluded that the alien isn’t stronger than them. If anything, the alien is on level threat 4, a butterfly from Shabeem El is on level threat 6, so that’s that.

The scientists are also fascinated with the simplicity of the technology of the life pod, as well as the material of it, they are sure that the planet's origin is somewhere rather primitive and highly livable.

But Dr. Odom is determined to study more about the Alien, he refers to it as Alien A. So the next day, he comes to Luxor asking for further scientific investigation.

How can I help you, Dr. Odom? Luxor asks while his eyes are busy scanning screens in front of him. New screens keep popping out when he hasn’t finished reading one.

Dr. Odom looks at the young General in pity, he carries the best genes and the heaviest responsibility.

I’d like to ask your permission to open the life pod, sir. He says.

At first, the general doesn’t even flinch, before the doctor’s words finally sink in.

Is that necessary? We will be at the Capital in less than 2 weeks. Luxor asks.

It’s better to be done as soon as possible, sir, before we are losing more of the cells and atoms and elements. Dr. Odom argues.

We don’t know if the alien is carrying any disease, or even if it can live with our oxygen and gravity levels. Luxor argues back. He doesn’t want to have another thing to think about, he is busy, he barely eats, barely sleeps, and the last thing he wants is another file on his screen.

Those things are easy to manipulate, sir. I do insist for my team to study Alien A as soon as possible. Dr. Odom prays for all the energies around the universe to let him do his research and investigation.

Luxor is quiet for a while before he gives in. Very well, I grant you the permission.

Thank you, sir. With a victorious smile, Dr. Odom spins around with his heels and fast walking back to the lab.


At one point, Luxor is glad that he granted Dr. Odom his permission, he needs a moment out from his office and away from all the constant beeping and persistent calls.

The endless paperwork, mountain high of files, all the calls, it’s draining him. He remembers the old days when he was much younger when he was a captain of an army. The battles, the training, the missions, those are his glorious days. He loves those days, he would love to go back there, but he is needed in a much higher position, his next generation is destined to sit on the council’s chair, after all.

But for now, he will enjoy ten minutes away from his desk in the lab looking at the scientists' work.

There are seven scientists including Dr. Odom, and they all are covered from head to toe in their safe suits. The suits keep their temperature in check, air-insulated, and heavy-duty.

They all are surrounding the life pod. The thing is small, to be honest, Luxor can imagine an animal inside but not an intellectual being. The smallest race he has ever seen is from Desouk, and still, they would be too big to be put inside the pod.

The scientists keep talking to each other.

Temperature check.

Brain activity check.

Oxygen check.

And soon the room is filled with white clouds.

What is happening? Thebes is asking from beside Luxor in the observation room.

That is the steam from the pod, a clever way to get rid of the water inside. Dr. Odom answers them.

The metal pod hisses one last time and cracks open. The scientists quickly open the crack and move back to take a look at the alien inside.

Alien A.

Taking skin samples.

Taking blood samples.

Taking saliva samples.

Brain activity check.

Oxygen check.

Heartbeat check

Luxor brows almost meet in the middle. Heart check? Does the alien only have one heart? That’s very weak, very easy to kill.

Some of the scientists are moving away giving the ministers a good opening to take a look at Alien A.

Both of them are moving forward as they look at the being. How strange. How small. Alien A has one head, two arms, and two legs. It doesn’t appear to have a tail or any horns. Its skin is paler and they can see the outline of its ribs easily.

Its small eyes are closed, and the contrast between its skin and its hair is striking. With nose is small and turns up at the tip, while mouth is small but... plump?

What a strange sight.

They all witness as Alien A eyelids start to flutter open. It takes a whole minute for them to focus and taking in the surrounding, but when it does, the scientists inform for a spike in its brain and its heartbeat.

Slowly, weakly, it tries to sit up. With bones covered with skin as arms, they look so fragile and useless. Alien A’s eyes looking around, looking at the scientists in their suit. Its hand is slowly feeling the inside of the pod, and suddenly, its hands are on its shoulder level, holding out something black.
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