A wistful glance

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Chapter 2 - The teenage years

Gazing into Seb’s eyes, Alex could not avoid reminiscing about the first time they met. She had just turned 14, and it was her first summer holiday away from her parents. Her aunt Cass offered to take Alex over for the summer, and she was thrilled. Her cousins Ben and Chloe were close in age, and they lived in Cold Spring, a place where days seemed longer and nights had brighter skies. She was by the lake with Ben and Chloe, and some of her friends when Sebastian showed up. She was too young to care about his looks, but he was fun and made her feel welcome. He would continuously tease and pull pranks on Ben, which was good enough for both Chloe and Alex to like Sebastian. Plus, even though he was three years older than them, he did not treat Alex the same way Ben did, as if she was a baby. From that year on, Alex would spend all her summer holidays in Cold Spring.

It was the summer right after turning 17 that changed the course of her summers. She just got to Cold Spring, and Chloe was getting all worked up attending the Farmer’s Fair that weekend. She couldn’t care less about farming, but the fair would end with a dance, and she had high hopes about getting close to Josh.

- Come on, Alex, you need to move a little quicker. Just get anything on, and let’s go, sighted Chloe, visibly exasperated by my slow pace.

- Oh, Chloe, I wish we would go to the lake with Ben; I missed you guys so much. I can’t wait to hear about how you’ve been.

- You’ll hear all about us at the fair. Ben is there with Seb and their fan clubs. They’ve both gotten worse this year, and I think they already dated half Junior High. She rolled her eyes intentionally and then fixated me: Come on!

We basically ran to the fair and only stopped once Chloe eyed Josh standing with a group next to the Ferris wheel. I was happy to see Ben and jumped on his back.

- Hello handsome! I'm back! and landed him a kiss on his head.

- Alex! Finally! What happened to you OH MY GOD! I can’t look at you. Where’s my cousin? Alex, you have boobs, go away! He started to laugh out loud.

- You’re awful, Ben, but that’s no news.

My mouth went dry in an instant, and I have lost my complete train of thoughts. I was looking straight into the eyes of a God fallen from a teen magazine and walking towards us with his full lips curved into a smile and his deep blue eyes looking at me with a mix of anticipation and surprise. What has happened to Sebastian? How could he get so hot in less than a year? Why was my heart racing, and why did a feel an electrical shock in my legs? I was more aware than ever about how heated my body can become in the span of a second.

- Alex, welcome back, Seb grinned while letting go of someone's hand to grab me in a hug.

I froze. My body felt a surcharge I never knew existed, and my mind was confused by the thoughts that rambled in my head. Then I realized. He let go of a hand... there’s a girl next to him. Oh, my stomach ached. What was this? What was happening to me?

- Seb, so good to see you. How’s everything? I added a smile and thought to myself come on Alex, pull yourself together. You don't need a crush right now.

- Everything’s well now that you are here. Summer can officially start. Alex, you - and he stopped for a second. I saw his eyes going up and down my body and realized he was just as shocked at how much my body matured since the last time we met.

- Yes? I asked while fluttering my eyelashes.

- You, you... it would be best if you met my girlfriend, Stella.

Of course! I am sure this was what he had in mind. That Stella and I needed to make acquaintance.

- Hi Stella, great meeting you! How’s everything?

- Oh girl, how old are you? Stella answered while leaving out a sigh

- I’m 17, just turned 17 this May. Why?

- I didn’t know we’re going out with kids, Stella mustered at Seb.

He looked uncomfortable with her remark and noticed I had heard her too. Seb leaned in to give me another hug, and this time I just felt his arm pulling me closer and whispering in my year.

- You’re no kid, Alex. I can tell you that, Seb said with a low voice.

His breath fell down my neck sent me straight into a whirlwind of sensations. I never had a boyfriend, so I had no experience, but I was instantly discovering teenage hormones. Oh boy, this is going to be a hard summer.

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