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Unwanted strings

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Shivanshi a doctor who lives normal life also the famous international lawyer Shiv whose face is hidden from the world. On other side Rakshit who is one of the best Indian businessman of the international company RK enterprises whose face is also not known. They both don't like the disrespect from others and don't know how to lose. What will happen when they both cross each others path.... ______________________________ "Leave my hand you asshole." I said "Don't fucking disrespect me like that." He said "Hun!!! You want me to give respect to you ? Then respect others. I am a doctor here not your fucking property." "Trust me You are going to regret this, princess." He said smirking "Trust me I don't regret what I have already done." I replied smirking.

Dr. SM
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Chapter 1



"Mom I don't want to marry him he is not worth it." I told to my mother.
"But baby he loves you and you also like him." She told me.
" Mom there is some misunderstanding. I never liked him. Who told you that I like him at first place?"
" Obviously Raj told me that you told him that you like him."
"I never told him that. He told me that it was you and dad who chose him for me that's why I met him not because I like him. That's not me. You guys know me well. If I would have liked him I would have directly told you not through him. I am not afraid of you guys." I said last sentence in duh tone.
"It's too late we have fixed your marriage with him. We can't do anything now. Please get ready for the marriage shopping. You have marriage in a month."
"Mom, mom, listen to me..." She left before I could say anything to her.

I called my friend and my assistant Nishant and told him every thing and ask him to get information about the Raj. Everything he get to know about him with evidence against him.

I went with my mother for shopping but I told her that I don't like anything good as a bridal wear.

Whole 2 weeks I didn't like anything for my marriage shopping. And after that my mum goes to some places and shop for me by herself as I told her that I have some work to complete.

I left to meet Nishant just a week before my marriage after he called me that he has all evidences against Raj. I came back with all the evidences.

End of flashback.

"Miss do you need anything?" Airhostess asked me.
"Yes, I'll have black coffee please." I said smiling at her.

She left the business class compartment for my coffee and I started to think about today's events.

Today was my marriage. And I left that place after calling the police and saying them that the girls who died in accident befor 12 and 6 months back were the cases of dowry death. And the guy who is responsible for this is getting married to another girl at this place. After saying this I gave them the address and time of marriage before asking them to search bridal room for evidences against him.

I also left latter for the my parents and asked for their forgiveness.

And right now I am feeling sad for leaving them like this. But I had to if I didn't then they have started to look for other guy for me. And I hated that the most.

I drank my coffee and was reading my case details when I heard the pilot informing that we have landed in the Mumbai. I left airport when I saw some reporters at the entrance.

They look past me and ran. They didn't look that they almost make me fall while a small boy fall because of their hurry. I went to that boy and ask if he is okay and he said yes while dusting the dust from his clothes. I show some scratches on his elbow which was bleeding.

I was so angry at those reporters that I can't care less. I went pass them and slapped the guy who is center of the media.

That guy look at me with the face 'how dare you?'
And media being media they started asking me that why I slapped Mr. Shivam Khanna the famous actor. That I was his girlfriend or what.

They wanted something that give their channels best TRP. So I give them the best TRP.

"No he was not my boyfriend but yes he is the reason why that little boy over there having scratches all over his body. You are the guys who gave him pain because of him. You guys always want TRP by nagging in someone else's personal life."
"We just want to type good things about these stars for the people who trust us." One of the guy told from the crowd.

"Huh, what did you just said? You want to type good things about stars? What you guys type we all read and is not definately good things. There are so maye real life heroes who do many things for this country and the people of this country. But how could you write about them. Because you don't have time from gossips about how much price of the bridal lahenga of the star and thier love affairs."

"She is right. I have always told you not to interview me but you guys just don't listen to me. I have my personal life and I want that personal not public" that Shivam guy told everyone.

"And please don't print this shit in your magazine understood?" I told intimidating them.

They all said their sorry nodding their heads and left the airport. I went to that kid and took him to the nearest sitting area. I treat his wounds with the first aid kit I had. I was about to take taxi when a car stopped infront of me revealing that guy from earlier.

"Yes ?" I asked.
"Can I drop you somewhere?" He asked.
"Thank you but I'll manage Mr. Khanna."
"Oh! Come on. I really need to thank you for helping me out from that situation and you need to apologise for slapping me." He said smiling.
"Well I would love to but I don't want to be on the front page. So let me be." I said smiling.

He was about to say something when my phone started ringing.

"Excuse me, I neet to take this." I said looking at the caller ID.

"Yes Nishant, what happen?"
"He and his family is looking for you. Are you safe ?"
" What? Is police not there ?"
" No maybe they are coming."
"Okay. Don't worry. I have left the place."
"Thank goodness. You Okay right?"
"Yes boy I am definitely Okay so don't worry about me and handle everything there. I don't want him out for next 7-8 years."
"Okay fine I'll handle here. Be safe. Bye."
" Okay. Thank you. Bye."

I cut the call hoping that Shivam would be gone.
But he was looking at me like he has seen hell.

"What?" I asked him.
"What the hell was that?"
"It's not important. Where were you taking me then ?" I asked him to change the topic. I don't want to go with him but can't find any other topic to change the subject
" For the coffee." He said.
"Good then. Let's have some coffee."

I sat in the front seat and we went to coffee culture for the coffee.
"I'll have black coffee please." I gave my order to the waiter .
"Don't you want to see menu?" Shivam asked me.
"No I only drink black coffee so I don't need to see." I said smiling.
"Okay then. I'll have Latte." He said smiling.
"What's there for smiling.?" I asked him.
"It's nothing. You just remind me of someone." He said smiling.
"Okay." I replied not interested in his personal life.

We drank our coffee while talking about everything but ourselves. He offered me help to drop me but I refused to that and ask him if he can suggest me any good hotel to stay.

I went to suggested hotel and it was amazing. I like Shivam's choice. I booked a room and went to there. I have worked in many cities also in Mumbai but it was just 2 hours distance via plane. So I never stayed. I always went to my home.

But I guess I have to stay here. And I have to find home soon enough. I thought.

I showered and ordered dinner before started reading my case details while waiting for it.
After taking dinner I went to bed for getting some good sleep.
Tomorrow is going to bring new morning for me.

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