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--- Gio Gantiqui? “He’s the MVP” - Cahrix, a baskell fan “He’s my lab partner who busted the whole experiment we did! Isn’t that cute?” – Kia, a chemical eng. student. “The richest man… alive?” - Jasmine, the social climber “The school jock, who else?” - Hannah, the school paper editor-in-chief “He dumped me when I courted him. It’s so great.” - Franzine, geek “He makes my heart cry when I see him coming.” - yUki, the emo goddess (har.har.) “He’s my adorable student in my first class every morning.” - Mr. Ladesma, Math professor He’s everything—the richest among the richest, the most handsome among all handsome people. He’s everything a girl would ask for, or anyone would ask for. When I first saw him dito sa university, He was all hot. Kulang na lang his presence would turn my head 360 degrees. Tall. Macho. A good athlete. But compared to the girls dito sa academy, ano man ako? I’m such an invisible nga eh. They can’t even look at me. Cguro nga, they look but THROUGH me. Masaklap pero, hanggang ngayon, I have ZERO friends. Yeah. Believe it. That such loser ever existed. Compared to a Perfect guy, there's the so imperfect me. He can’t be mine. Unless, the sun never rise up again. Yeah, it’s impossible. Mangarap pa ang katulad ko sa isang GIO GANTIQUI.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


--- chapter 1 ---





saturday, 8pm, at my residence

I opened my locker and this is what I got. I looked around to see traces of who drop this by, but I saw no one I suspect. It’s so nice for a girl asking me out, and I am slightly been used to that. But, this one’s different; I found it cute and interesting at the same time. I wish I could meet that girl who did this for me, I found it really sweet.

I put the card back the way I saw it because it was the instruction written at the back.

“Gio!” I looked who it was, and it’s my girl friend number 1. You see, I got four girls at one time, but, they may know the fact, but they still see it as a good point. I don’t get it. That’s why we guys played with them—they’re really crazy sometimes.

“Hi, baby…” She looked at me and smile. Everyone adores me. They love the way I am, and sometimes, I got to think, are they really true to me? Or all they wanted is my hot body, my handsome face or even my money or fame? What if I’m not as rich as I am? Doesn’t belong to the most influential family, who would be Gio Gantiqui?

— missy —

Sorry, as much as I wanted, I can’t.

I have a championship game that day.

Next time will do. - GIO

I went to get the paper na nilagay ko sa locker ni gio. I was there exactly when He opened this. I saw his reaction. I saw how He replied. How he went away with his gang and his pretty hot girl friend, Stacy.

I invited Gio, yes… He, the jock, the best basketball player, the most popular, the perfect man in this school to be in my party for my eighteen birthday, but guess what? He turned me down. But, why I still adore him?

I always watch Gio. It was like I’m part of his fans club that is the whole campus. Everyone loves him. I never heard a single shit about this guy. He really must be very happy with his life.

I don’t care if he can’t go. What matter is, He replied! And I would never be getting tired of making a scene only for him to know I exist.

“Ouch! Watch out!” Pag alis ko from Gio’s locker, I knock off this guy, maxado kc akong masaya. Because it was gio who wrote this letter, I’ll keep it forever.

“Oh-my! Josh? Is that you?” At last! I found a friend into this big campus. Can you imagine that I have zero friends, and look! Now I’ll have my best bud back in high school!

“Bakit ka nandito?” I asked while we sat in the corner.

“Sasamahan ko best friend ko?” I smiled. I was never turned down by the best bud I have. And you see, though, I never had time for him, He still loved me for what I am. That’s what unconditional love is. And though I’m invisible, nothing and a trash in the eyes of other people, I’m the most damn precious thing to him, and I’m happy with that.

“Siya ba si Gio?” He pointed him out. Kitang-kita kc si Gio from our point. And he is like an angel while trying to play soccer. Nde s’ya marunong nun, basketball s’ya, but every time nagkakamali s’ya ng sipa, he still looks gorgeous.

“Pano mo nalaman?”

“klasmeyt ko s’ya nun elem! He’s everything nuon pa man.” I looked at Gio with this thing I can’t desern. He’s so perfect. Kahit pagkabata, he had been everything. Cguro, masaya with what He has.

— gio —

I kicked the ball and it flew miles away. Ang hirap nman pla mag soccer. Good thing my life is beyond the four walls of the basketball court.

“Gio, five na!” Oh, my. Five na? I need to go home. Ewan ko, but my parents said I need to be back home today by five. I don’t know what’s up. It’s just so unusual. I never got a chance of being with them, well, the last time was two weeks ago sa gathering.

I drive my new sports car home with my girlfriend number 2, Chelsea. I drove her home and went straight to my house.

As I enter our house, i felt the worst ambiance. I don’t know what’s going on. What is this all about? I smiled when I saw my sister who’s been in Paris for her job as a fashion show director. We’re the two royalties of this mansion.

“What’s up?” I asked calmly, I never wanted a bad news.

“Your sister is here to tell you that… She’s getting married!” I looked surprised. I’m a loosing another family member again. I’m the only single in the family now, alright..

I hugged my sister. And I know, this is the best thing in her life.

“That’s really a good news! Let’s celebrate!”

“Yeah! let’s go now, the engagement party is on.” I smiled. This is going to be in the golf club dad used to be in, I tried golf, but it just pisses me. The news made me smile. My life has been so perfect. So perfect that I can’t say I’m happy.

“Gio, s’ya nga pla. The wedding would be in France. Bring an escort. A girl, of course.” I was stunned. Who would it be in my four girls will I drag to France? Now, this is a problem!

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