boys dont cry

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Chapter 2

PARIS Hilton

— gio —

I have no more choice but to do this. This may sound crazy and this thing is plainly stupid, but I need to take chances. All I got to do is to sit here, wait patiently and today, I’m going to find the right girl to bring in Paris, France.

It’s so stupid that the wedding will be off next week, about five days from now, they said, the papers are now okay, and its easy processing, the only thing needed is the money to make the immigration work and the lady I’m supposed to be with.


This is making my head ache for the longest time. I don’t think any of my girl friends ever deserves to be with me… in Paris, A place in the other side of the world.


GIRL1: Stacy

“Gio!” I just went down my car this morning and Stacy called as the way she used to.

“Zup! Have slept well last night?” I put my hand over her shoulder. You see, she has insomnia. She can’t sleep at night so, she need to take pills. That’s also one reason why I can’t get her off me, she’s always threatening me she’ll drink thousand of that if I’ll break up with her.

“Of course! I’ve been thinking about you, Gio. I was thinking of you me and you, Gio. I did even dream of you, Gio.” Hell, that’s another problem. She kept on saying my name over and over again in public just to let other people know that I was her boy friend. That I, the jock am drooling over her.

No, she’s not going to be with me in Paris.

Not Stacy, the girl with insomnia and loves to state my name.

GIRL2: Chelsea

Chels is one hot babe. If you’ll see her coming, you’ll be drop dead. I liked her ever since and I’m lucky having her. She’s so sexy and you can’t even resist her charms.

She waved at me while practicing her routine in the cheerleading squad. She’s like the captain. I love her smile and I love everything about that girl. But, I don’t love her. I LIKE her. She’s just too sophisticated for me.

“Missed you,Chels” I kissed her as she lay her hands around my neck. She’s still sweating, but, she smells so good. I wonder if her charms can be brought to Paris.

“I have to tell you something.” Ooops. Is this trouble or what? We just uttered the same question at the same time. But, since, she’s a girl, I better let her. “You go first.”

“Are you sure?” She smiles sweetly and I kissed her again. I love kissing her. She’s so irresistible. She’s so my favorite girl friend.

“You better hear this! Our group would be competing next week in Nationals!” What? Next week? On national? Heck, how can I argue with her when she will be leaving for the competition with her first love—cheering.

She kissed me, but I never felt it. I was so disappointed.

“So, what are going to tell me?” I shook my head and kissed her right away.

NO, as much as I wanted it, I can’t bring Chelsea, the hot girl in Paris.

GIRL3: India

India isn’t an Indian; she’s a Filipina, with a name “India.” Among my girls she’s the Chinita type. I love looking through her eyes, it’s so beautiful, and it makes me want to melt.

“Baby, I’m sorry, I’m busy with this, urgg! Paper works!” She may be the party animal, but she does love studying. I first saw her in the library, and I can’t imagine a girl like her does go there. She’s the life of the party. Without her, the party is over.

“It’s okay. Maybe, I’ll just ask you something and I’ll bounce out.” I hugged her tightly.

“So, what’s that? Got go spill right away, Gio.”

“Can you come with me in Paris?” Wala ng paligoy-ligoy pa. I told her in the fastest way. She looked at me and her eyes went bigger, and cuter. She was like devastated.

“You got to be kidding me. I’m busy with my studies. And Paris? I’ve been there for about like, a zillion times! The party there is good, the night life is such a blast, but I’m over Paris.”

I’m right. Not her.

Not India, the party animal who almost took a trip around and world partying.

GIRL4: Sheena

“Hey!” As I walk, looking for Sheena, I saw her behind me. She’s perfect for me. But, I guess, I won’t pick her over to Paris… why? Watch and learn.

“What the heck is wrong? I’m so pissed. I see morons every where, where are you from fcuking bicth?” She curses a lot so much. Maybe the people in France would be pissed of her mouth.

Not Sheena.

Not the curse princess.

- end of FLASH BACK -

So, what I did is something very sweet and unusual. I’m bit confused and scared about it, but it’s the only option I need to make. I just wish it went well though.

“Gio?” I looked who it was, and when I turned I saw in front of me was a simple lady. I guess, the result was pretty good. “Gio Gantiqui?”

— missy —

This morning, I wasn’t sure what time, but I’m struggling about my locker. I lost the key, so I was asking the principal if I could just get a replacement for it. I’ve been pissed because it took me three hours before I could open it. I skipped three subjects and I’m being so furious.

When I finally got to open it up, I saw a card… and it reads:






with ME?


I was really shocked. Who wanted me to be in Paris? But I was lucky enough to reconsider it. I went into the place where it was stated, and guess what? Gio is there. Gio Gantiqui.

“Yeah, it’s me…Did you get the card?” He speaks so gentle. Parang nasa langit ako. This is a dream come true…

“Yah. You’re bringing me to Paris?”


“Excuse me?”

“Turn.” I turn around. I don’t know what’s up? Is this just all a dream. I wish this isn’t. But if it does, I don’t want to wake again. I want to stay the way it was.

“Yeah. You’re going with me.” He stood up from the rock he’s sitting in front of me, and grabbed my right hand… “’come on!”

Oh-my… This is real. I’m going to Paris… with Gio Gantiqui.

— gio —

I put a card in one of the girl’s locker, randomly. I never thought it will give me a good result… Her simplicity and smile is going to Paris, with me, Gio Gantiqui.

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