boys dont cry

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Chapter 3


— missy —


On the River Seine, in northern France, at the heart of the Île-de-France region, where Paris lies, I would be traveling around, seeing architectures of the rich culture. I would see historical areas, the basilica, Alexandre Bridge, the land where the painter of Mona Lisa came from, the high classed city with the best fashion and the Eiffel tower… and the best part, with Gio Gantiqui.

But, that’s not going to happen.


I’m so excited about that trip. Days pa ang bibilangen to see it. But, I’m so excited talaga. It’s my first time going out of the country, and it was Paris! They said, it’s the most romantic city, and I’m going with Gio. This is great. A blessing. This is unbelievable!

I run trough our staircase when I woke up this morning. I’m not from a rich family, but in an average one. I live the simple life, and I never thought my simplicity would bring me to Paris.

“Ma, Pa. You won’t believe this!” I kissed them. And smiled like a stupid young woman. My parents looked at each other, they always see me happy, but not with a smile from ear to ear. I hope they’ll allow me. Oh, please. Oh, please.

“I’m going to Paris!” I screamed at the top of my voice. I looked at my parents and guess what? They laugh in my face. That really hurt me, so I frowned. What now? They’re thinking I’m joking. I always joke, I know, but no. Not this time.

“I’m not joking.”

They looked at each other.

“Honey, how can that be true? You know we have no resources.” My mother looked at me, and makes me sit down on her lap. I was always the princess in our house. Because I was the only girl in the family; I hate to be treated this way, but, I can’t help. Kailangan kong maglambing.

“There was this guy. And he’ll treat me to Paris because his sister is going to be married and that’s why I will be going.”

“NO. You’ll stay here.” I shut up. I can’t argue with my dad. That’s a big NO-No in our family. Father is the superior, I’m a subject. I should obey.


“I’m glad you’re here already.” I stood up, when I saw Gio coming towards me. I told him to meet me in this exact place. Now, I know his number, his house, where we went yesterday and he introduced me as the lady he will be coming with in Paris, I know his mom, and every relatives. And I think that’s enough. No more fantasies.

“Yeah. My mother already let our people work for your visa. The immigration said you’ll be getting it the day before. My sister shopped a lot of clothes for you to wear in Paris. Everything is… what’s wrong?” He stopped when he noticed; I was not delighted or something.

“That was really great. Actually, that is so much, Gio, knowing that you don’t even know who I am. I mean, we just get acquainted yesterday…”

“That’s okay. I gain trust so easy, so better not break it.” He smiled, and gawd, He looks so cute. But I shook it off my head; I have a problem faced with.

“I’m sorry Gio. We both know you’re making the best deal ever. With the clothes, Paris, expenses, but I can’t go.” His eyes widen, but I never saw anger in his face, it’s more of disappointment. I don’t want to break this. I was blessed, and it’s so full that sobra sobra na, nde na kasya.


“My parents didn’t allow me… as much as I wanted, I can’t. I’m sorry and, thanks for the offer.”

The bell rang. We took different ways. I can’t believe I’m turning my back on this—my whole fantasy world. It just collapsed now. I hate what happened. I was given an opportunity and I didn’t grab it. It was Gio asking me and I just turn. I know, this isn’t going to happen again, and I know, I’ll be sorry for all this.

Until my last subject, I was carrying heavy load. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t even talk to Josh. I want to blame my parents but I can’t. It was depressing, especially when I saw Gio in the corridor, we looked at each other, He smiled but I turned. I feel like, if I responded, I’ll be like expecting something from him, and I don’t want to.

I went home, really, really, tired of thinking about the Paris thing, over and over and over again. I feel awful. I really do.

I opened our door, and I saw my parents smiling at me—their tactic to help me smile. They failed. I walked until I reached the staircase, before, I love going up and down this thing, but it seems like a long road for me today. So long that doesn’t end. I don’t want to go up.

“Missy.” I looked back. My mom stood up, and smile. I think she’s going to encourage me. Duh. Not in the mood, mom. “You’re going to Paris.”

What? Is this some kind of a joke? Though I’m happy, I can’t show it, I wonder why? “What made you change your mind?”

She pointed out a corner of our house… when I looked at the side; Gio was sitting on a chair, holding a bouquet of flowers. Gio Gantiqui

“Pinag paalam ka niya samen.” I looked at Gio, he smiled at me. I was over joyed and smiled back.


I’m going to Paris! This is for real!

Goodbye marikina shoes, Ukay-ukay, magoes and chocnut.

Hello Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Nafnaf jeans and loriel!

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