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Chapter 5


— missy —

I was walking inside the big area of Galliera, the City of Paris fashion museum, where I first went in my first day in Paris. Two days before Saturday, the grand wedding of Gio’s sister.

Ask me, Where is Gio Gantiqui?

Unfortunately, He’s in the hotel having him self bored. We’re really two different people. I like adventures, I explore, and I’m here in Paris, who doesn’t want to see the beauty it has? Only Gio, the sleepy head. He’s not ready to explore the whole city, He said, he just wants to rest at home. I guess the thing that’s adding up to that is, He’s been here his whole life. If I was him, I would feel the same thing.

Anyway, I chose to be in this place, my first stop, because it’s hosting “Gallierock”, the first major exhibition devoted to the internationally renowned fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac… I love fashion. I love Jean-Charles.

I was able to see some truly sumptuous pieces from the collection of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac as well as other pieces from the Galliera’s own collection--a dress cut out of a blanket, a teddy bear coat, dresses with portraits of rock, pop and cartoon icons, postcard-print raincoats, an inflatable poncho for lovers, a camouflage-print couture dress, robes for a Pope and many else more, maybe, this page would be filled if I’ll say each of them.

I walked out of the place feeling so much joy, I was happy Gio gave me a car though I can’t drive, so, I need his driver. I was so overwhelmed! I’m in Paris, seeing designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac just a few steps from me. It was like a dream, a dream come true.

I opened the black elegant car I came in from; I can’t wear off my smile. I was so happy. And excited as well, the driver is such a good man, He always ask me where to go next, and I pointed out, Musée du Petit Palais, so that I could see more artifacts I love.

“The smile in your face…. Ayaw mawala ah.” I looked behind to see who it was. Gio? Gio Antiqui?

— gio —

I smiled when she looked surprised.

When she left, I was nowhere to be found. Yes, I’m in the hotel room, but I was thinking about her. What will happen to her? Touring around Paris, alone? Hush. That was such a boring experience.

Then, all came up to me.

I was eleven years old. My parent decided to buy a condo unit here in Paris. I stayed for almost a half year, because my father was having conference. My sister loved the place so, when we grew up and she got a job, she lived here. That time, my parents are busy, my sister is to dumb to move. I looked over the beauty of Paris alone. It was so lonely, even in front of me was happiness.

I took a bath instantly, and I rode a taxi until I tracked where she is.

“What a surprise! Why are you here?” she smiled big. I exactly know how happy it is to have company. I looked at her returning a smile.


Oh my god. I was so happy. He tagged along with me. I wish everything won’t end.

- Missy

I plan to bring her in the theater later tomorrow night, it’s the best thing I planned. I hope she’ll like it.

– Gio Gantiqui

CINDRELLA continues…

— missy —

Gio said, we’ll be going to watch theater, we went home first and He said, I better change more formal clothes. In Paris, theaters are like formal gatherings. You should dress up as if you’re going into a formal dinner party. More over, the director, actors, staffs and the whole production is such a big one, too big that it’s more likely the Miss Saigon.

I was so happy. We went to the Musée du Petit Palais. The extremely beautiful Petit Palais, built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900 by Charles Girault. I saw different artifacts. It almost made my jaw broke.

We also went in places like Park of Buttes Chaumont, it has the temple of Sibylle, overhanging the cliffs, is perched on a headland which plunges into the great central lake and its island, 30 metres below. Place du Tertre which you can just see painters on the street, the beutiful urchins and the beuty a town in Paris looked like. It was so time-traveled. All the scenery gives me glimpses on what this city looked like before.

Lastly, because Paris is too big to explore in a day, which was the only day I have, I just went into about five places, count them off to be sure !HEHE. The last place we visited is the ever famous Notre Dame. It’s the Archeological Crypt of the Vieux Paris. The achitetural structre would make you feel pang. It was amazing. I can’t imagine such place ever existed.

I went out of the “dressing room”, yup, there’s a dressing room in the hotel room, nice,huh? I got this super cute black halter dress they got me from Pinky and Diana, a boutique here in Paris. It was glamorous. I feel like I’m a rich kid, which I wasn’t really is. As I step out, I saw Gio, standing across me, staring blackly, looking at me, head to toe.

“I knew it doesn’t look good on me.” I turn around. I guess he didn’t like it. He looked like, he saw some kind of a monster coming out of the dress hall, but, to tell you, He looks awesome! He’s wearing a formal long sleeved in black and slacks. Gio is such a heart-taker.

“No! It looks, beautiful on you.” I looked at him. Is he praising me? Oh, shoot. Don’t do that, I may look red. “What I mean is you’re dazzling.”

I can’t think of anything to say to him about that. He said I’m dazzling. I can’t believe it. “You too.” I smiled. He also did.

“est-ce que je peux avoir votre main ?”

[may i have your hand?]

I stared at him, I don’t understand what he is talking about, for that is in French, I once took a “speaking French” subject but I dropped it. I thought I won’t need it, how lame I could be, right? Anyway, I, not knowing how to speak French am not the point at all. When he said that he reached out his hand to me, so I put in on top of his.


You don’t need to know how to speak to understand.

We went down the hotel my hand tucked in his arms. We were like a couple, everyone’s talking about something, okay, I don’t understand it, but I know it sounds good because Gio kept on smiling and saying the word ‘merci’ which means thank you.

“bonsoir, Madame, monsieur”

[Good evening, Ma’am, sir”]

The man who opened the door greeted us. We went in; I wonder where in Paris is that Theater. I wanted to explore Paris more, but Gio’s assistant told me that the Gantiquis only gave me a day to explore. It’s like my every move, I mean; our every move is being controlled.

“Where are we going again?” I asked him in the most comfortable way. I’ve been at ease with him since he accompanied me to explore the beauty of Paris. Now, I feel like, I knew him all my life. Like, we were destined to be together. HAHA.yuck. I’m getting korni.

“Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris” Uhm. Okay. I didn’t’ understand that. The only thing that’s familiar is the ballet.

“I thought we’ll be going to a theater?”

“Yeah. That’s a ballet theater.” I smiled. Oh, my. I always wanted to be a ballerina. You see, I bugged my mum to let me have ballet lessons but we have no resources. We’re just middle-class-family. We can’t afford wasting money for the things I want.

We arrived there at exactly nine in the evening. When I sent down the car, I hold Gio’s arm because the people there are striking, all French, some American, and in different nationalities, I wonder, My pinoy kaya? I was scared.

“Gio ! Les aucuns à long terme voient !”

[Gio! Long time no see!]

a man with a girl in a green eye and a blonde hair went our way. I don’t understand him, but he seems to know Gio that well. Gio smiled.

“Oui, il a été stoppé un moment. Comment allez-vous, homme ?”

[Yes, it’s been quit a while. How are you,man?]

“Je suis très bien. C’est Maira, mon fiancé. .and qu’elle est ?”

[ I’m fine. This is Maira, my fiance..and she is?]

“She is Georgette.” I looked at him in surprise. Me? I’m Missy. M-I-S-S-Y. I’m not that georgette! I don’t’ even know how to spell that!

“gentil de vous revoir mon bon ami. nous irons maintenant.”

[ nice to see you again my good friend. we’ll be going now.]

We left and I was furious. He never mentioned my real name. Is this a joke? Or what? Gio. What are you doing? You’re crazy!

“Ce-Cendrillon?” I read the title outside. It was the show, right? Yeah, maybe. So, what does that mean again? Arrg! Can I just get back in the Philippines and get a translator?

“Yup. That means, Cinderella. We’ll be watching Charles Perrault fairytale to be turned into a dance—ballet.” A guy lead us a sit somewhere in front. I loved red curtain in front of me. I want to take a picture of it, but Gio said I won’t be needing a camera, so I left it back in the hotel room.

“Gio, why did you change my name?” I looked at him. HE smiled.

“You never told me your name.” He smiled. “Remember?” oh,yeah! I’m such a fool. Yup. I never told him who I was! I was such a loser. I’m so stupid. Plainly stupid. “Right, Georgette?” I smiled. I guess, I would like that name.

The curtain opened not long after. I can’t believe it. My life is like being a fairy tale. Me, missy… The modern Cinderella with the handsome prince, Gio Gantiqui.

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