boys dont cry

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Chapter 6


— gio —

Last night was funny, because that’s the only time I realized, I never knew Georgette’s name. I can’t believe her. We were like, always together and I don’t even have a clue what her name is. Though I made up a name for her, still, she didn’t tell me what the real name is. It was weird. But, I love what’s happening.

The Cendrillon is perfect.

She loved the ballet. She loved everything. She told me that it was the biggest dream she wanted—to be a ballerina… well, we’ll see about that.

My sister also loves ballet. I also did ballet when I was younger, but I don’t want to continue it. I knew Georgette would love the Cinderella made into a dance, and It can’t keep the smile away her face.

She’s so shallow. She can be amazed in simple things… and I loved it. It makes me want to surprise her and make her smile because it was genuine. no pretensions. nothing hiding beneath it.

“Gio!” There she hops from the dressing room with all the happiness and energy she has. She’s unbelievable.

— missy —

I was excited! We will be going into Saint-Chapelle Church for the wedding rehearsal. The wedding is the day after tomorrow; I can’t wait to see the church. It was one of the old churches here, as far as I know. HEHE.

“Lets’ go?” We went down and rode in the car again, where else, right? I told Gio that I was excited to go there, so he insisted we would come early so that I could take a tour of the place. That was so sweet of him, right?

When we stopped in front of a beautiful Church, I knew it was it. Well, it was so beautiful. Breath-taking, so I instantly grabbed my camera and took a snap. I love the stained glass it has. I took pictures all over.

After my pictorial outside, we went in and prayed. I’m not catholic but i still prayed that everything won’t end. Thanking God that I’m here and I’m with Gio. He’s so nice to me; I never thought he would be. We were like friend now, best friends. We were close now. No more awful moments.

“What time would they arrive?” I asked Gio. I was almost bored inside. It was like waiting in vain, but in the most beautiful church. The whole family would be here a little later, of course! This is a rehearsal right?

“I don’t know.” The moment he said that, the wedding march was played. I looked all over who played it and I saw people at one side also rehearsing for the song to be played. It was the choir. The voices are so uplifting.

Gio stood up and grabbed my hand.

“’Come on! Let’s pretend we’ll be getting married!” I also stood up. Hey! I like that! He run toward the altar and waited for me, then, I walked the aisle.

Feel na feel ko mag lakad on the aisle. I picked a flower and I acted as if it was my bouquet. Gio was laughing so hard. It was along way, really! I was like; I’m walking over the San Juanico Bridge. So, what I did is, I run though it and I saw Gio’s face turning red for laughing so hard.

“Come on, my husband to be!” I joked. He smiled and gets my hand. We both sat on the chairs in front of the altar and pretended.

“I do.” I said, while no one asked. We were like crazy over there.

“I do, sir!” then he joked shacking hands with an invisible person. I was laughing so hard. “You may now kiss the bride.” He deepens his voice, playing the voice of the priest, smiled.

But the next thing that happened was unplanned. We were like stocked looking at each other. I was so comfortable with him, that I don’t bother looking though his eyes. While he was holding my face His face was getting near mine, his lips is about to be on mine

“Nous sommes ici !”

[We’re here!]

We departed ways. They all looked stunned. It was like, they saw the scene that we were about to kiss each other. His mother went near us, and said in French,

“Est-ce que ne me dit pas que vous avez voulu se marier aussi ?”

[Don’t tell me you wanted to get married too?]

“Ma, No. Marriage is out of our plans yet.” What? No. This means that his mother is asking him if we wanted to get married too. Uo nga pla, they thought we were involved or something, but is not, right?

“Yeah. It was out of the plans yet.” I added. His mother smiled at me, and I did too. I love her mother; she’s so nice to me, though we never knew each other.

“Gio ! venez ici !”

[Gio! come over here!]

Gio hold mg hand and said, “wait lng.” Maybe that man was telling him to go to him. I don’t know, but I guess. I wish I know French so I don’t need to guess. I hate guessing, because it wasn’t right all the time.

“Georgette…” His mother called me. Yes, everyone now knew that my name is Georgette, how great right? “I was happy Gio and you are good. I never saw Gio this happy.”

“That was nothing, ma’am. I know, all his girlfriends made him smile.”

“What? Call me mom. And you see, you’re the only girl, our only son brought home. I know he loves you so much.” I looked at Gio and he was talking with his friend. I never thought I was the only girl he introduced to the family. How about the four girl friends he has? Gio is such a good man. I never thought I was the first.

“Don’t make him cry, alright?” whew! That was a big responsibility. I can’t make Gio cry. Never. He is like so perfect for me, and making him cry is stupid.

We went home at eleven and I was so tired. The rehearsal was good. All we did was to walk and walk and walk to the long aisle, again and again. Then, we had a dinner together. Their family is so intact. I was drop dead on my bed.

“Tired?” Gio sat on my bed too. He was smiling at me.

“Hell, Yeah!” He laughed, I was really tired. My feet are aching. I never wore hills for about the whole day! I was so, so, so, tired.

“Come on, stand up. I have a surprise!”

Well… I was tired, but I stood up. Hey! Surprise? He has a surprise for me. I wonder what it was. Gio Gantiqui has a bombshell.

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