boys dont cry

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Chapter 7


— gio —

“… il est correct. et je vous avertis ! améliorer pour ne pas le faire encore, Gio !”

[’s okay. and I’m warning you! better not do it again, Gio!]

I smiled and went out of the damn room. My Parents is strict with rules, when I was young, though I’m the only guy in the family, the only heir of the company, they taught me to abide by the rules they made for the entire house.

This was predictable.

When I set up a plan of a surprise for Georgette, I know this will happen, though I may do it the smoothest possible way. That’s how great the securities are. Last night was a blast.


I told Georgette I have a surprise for her, but the only problem we have is that, the rule here is, we can’t be out at twelve midnight, and that exactly is the time. I know, we would break the law, but I took my risk.

“Gio, are you sure about this?” She asked me nervously. She’s almost shacking in fear of being caught, I told her to calm down many times. She’s really such a good girl. She’s not used to do BAD things.

This ain’t actually a dreadful stuff, we’re just using the fire exit stairs to get out of the hotel and go out of Paris at midnight. I knew my plan was perfect, but I also knew that when the day comes, surely, one of my relatives would know.

“Trust me!” She just remained silent until we reached the end of the road. And when we got freed, I called for a cab and we rode in. I was holding her hand, and she was squeezing me. I know she’s scared, but brave enough to stay with me.

“O-my-god! How did you know I’m craving for these?” She was surprised when we arrived at a Filipino restaurant. I knew she would love this because I noticed that she was eating so few on the dinner table. I thought she missed the food she loves.

I ordered almost everything. Her tiredness was erased and I was happy eating with her, and I know she is so full. So happy and she was contented. I love making her smile, she is such a sweetheart. No pretensions. Just being her self.


“What did they told you?” She asked me when I went in the room. She was really concerned. But that was just okay, my mother said, if she really wanted that, why did I kept it a secret? She said, she’ll be allowing us when we will. I love my mom.

“its okay, don’t’ worry about it.” I smiled. She also did, and when I looked at the clock, it’s almost seven in the evening. I never thought time flies so fast, all we did was nothing, sit on our beds and laugh together. “You better go down now and fix your self, see you later.”

— missy —

After hours, I went out of the room looking not my self. They brought my hair up and curled, my face with paints and with a white Valentino dress I got from the trusted stylish of the Gantiquis.

Today is the wedding shower. Not bridal, not even groom’s. They putted it together so that nothing bad would be happening. It’s a Party. A cocktail party.

“Hey, Gorgeous.” I looked who it was, and I was right about what rushed into my mind, it was Gio. He was so sweet. He brought me into a Filipino restaurant last night, though he knew it wasn’t permitted.

We went in the place together and I saw a blast of a crowd again. French people around again. I bet, I’m going to be out of place…again.

“Georgette, I’ll come back. Dito ka lng, ah?” Gio told me, so I was left there hanging. I don’t know where He was going. I wonder why he left me there.

I looked around and found a familiar face, so, I just went into the porch near by. The wind is striking there. It was the best thing I could have this evening. I need a cool air. I wanted to breathe.

“pourquoi êtes-vous seul ici, beutiful ?”

[why are you alone here, beutiful?]

Oops. A guy who was speaking in French that I don’t understand, went into my way. He’s handsome, I wonder who he was?

“Me dire votre nom”

[Tell me your name]

“Sorry. I don’t speak French.” I told him and gave him a smile. I am not sure who he is. I’m thinking where the heck Gio is. He can’t just leave me alone like this.

“Oh. Sorry. I thought you do. By the way, I’m Andre.” But… on the second thought. I think he’s nice.

“Georgette.” I shook hand with him. His hands were very soft. He’s a rich kid, I’m very sure of that.

“Are you part of the Gantiqui family?”


“Chinese like them?” He asked. Now I know, Gantiquis are Chinese people. Maybe that’s why Gio looks Chinese and the surname is not that familiar. I thought it was French, but I guess, I’m wrong

“NO. I’m from the Philippines.” He looked at me at the weirdest way. I don’t think he has heard of the Philippines before. It was like a new term in his dictionary, waiting to be used correctly in a sentence.

“Philippines?” He draw near me, “Is that in Mars?” What? He’s such an ass hole! What do you think? Philippines do not exist in the map of the world? This is a big insult! This is not funny… as the way he is laughing.

“It’s not funny.” I showed him some snob part of me.

“Oh, really?” He said, grabbed me and kissed me that instant. I was defensive. I was pushing him away but he was really strong.

Then, I noticed he went a distance, I saw Gio.

“André, elle est ma amie ! ce qui sont toi faisant, abruti”

[Andre, she is my girlfriend! what are you doing, asshole!]

“She’s damn hot, dude” He grabbed me and Gio went in between. He punched him. Good thing no one was watching us, because the groom and bride were being presented that time, and if they would witness, this is shame.

“Don’t dare touch her! sortir de cette partie ou j’appellerai quelqu’un pour vous apporter dehors !”

[get out of this party or I’ll call someone to bring you out!]

He went out and I never saw him in the crowd. I was shocked, standing there at the corner of the porch. Gio went in my place and wiped my lips using his hankie. He handed me a glass.

“I’m sorry if I left you. I just wanted to give you a soda, I know you don’t drink.” I never think twice. I hugged Gio. And I smelled the perfume he has. He was a good man. He was my hero in his suit.

“Do you want to dance?” He asked after I was over with the scene. Everyone’s dancing on the dance floor, so I agreed. He was holding me like the most precious stone he’s wearing.

“Gio, after all this… after the wedding. After Paris, what would it be back in Manila?” I can’t blame him if he would tell me to be the way it was before—he exists. I don’t. I know it’s hard bringing me here, but it was all the risk, right? I would understand if he would tell me to forget about all this. Besides, his life is running without me. And that was the way it always been.

“What we have now.... It would still be the same when we go back to the place we used to be strangers.” –gioGantiqui.

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