boys dont cry

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Chapter 8


— missy —

Today is the WEDDING day.

My last day in Paris.

The reason why I was here.

I woke up very able-bodied. Because the first person I laid my eyes on is Gio. Not only because we slept on the same bed, okay, please don’t miss interpret that. Let me tell the story first and you better judge after.

Last night, I can’t sleep. And I was flipping over my bed for couple of times. Gio asked me why. And guess what? He asked me to go with him in the rooftop of the hotel because He was about to get something.

When we got there. I saw a bed and a table beside it. On it was a camera, and candles lighten up. I looked at Gio in a face that looked like, why?

“You said you never did saw the whole Paris? Then, I’ll show it to you.” I smiled when he said that. And when I sat on the bed, I saw everything up there. I saw the lights of the city and even the Eiffel tower. It was so beautiful. It was the best thing you’ll see over my view.

“The Eiffel was… I’m speechless.” Gio sat beside me. I was so speechless. I can’t describe it at all.

And before I knew it, I just took picture every where seeing the beautiful city of Paris. It’s so sad that I need to say goodbye to the place that seems to be so perfect. It’s sad that after this, though Gio said that it would still be the same; I’m not yet persuaded by that. We don’t know what all this would bring.

Now, you know the story.

State your comments.

I was packing my clothes now. Waiting for the clock ticks four and I would be ready for the wedding. Gio is busy doing some stuff inside the groom’s room. He said that Groom is his childhood enemy but look what happen; he’ll now be part of the family.

I got my dress already. Okay, scratch that. It wasn’t a dress at all. It was a night gown, designed by Jeffrey in the shade of gold. The motif was gold. And I love it. I can’t wait to see the church again.

“Georgette. Come on. We need to prepare now.” I looked at my clock and it was almost four. That girl who came in is Francine, Gio’s cousin. I smiled at her and she went out of the room. Everyone is busy.

I put the last pouch inside my baggage. Oh, no. Good bye Paris. This is the day. Good bye fantasies.

After two hours, longer than yesterday, I was out the make up room. It was already six and the wedding is off my six thirty. I love my gown. It’s made up of silk and is so fitted to me. My hills was deadly, it was almost four inches. And if it wasn’t wearing the name “prada”, I won’t wear it.

Not long after, a van came and all the girls, including me, went in. I’m being out of place. They’re all taking in French, though they know how to speak in Tagalog or in English. I feel so different. This was the boundary of a normal person and the one who gets all they wanted in life. I’m not insecure though. I love my life the way it was.

“Georgette!” When I walked down the van, I saw Gio calling my name. I instantly went there. I wanted to talk to him. My saliva is so stored--waiting to be used. HAHA!

He’s wearing a suit. He’s so handsome. He’s like an angel from heaven. I smelled his perfume again. He smiled and his white teeth appeared.

“I’m nervous.” He smiled.

“Don’t worry. I’m here!” He put his hand into my hips, and we went in the church like we were real couple. I feel butterflies in my stomach. I’m falling deeply for him everyday. I don’t want to feel this way.

The wedding starts. And it was very beautiful. We walked though the aisle and it was like the normal church wedding. I sat far from Gio. The girls are seated on the right and boys at the left. And ow! by the way, Andre was here! I didn’t even looked at him. And he can’t look at Gio in shame.

To make it fast, at eight the reception was in the garden I don’t know. I sat there and ate with Gio. It was pretty boring. The only thing that makes it alive are the foods! HAHA. I’m kidding.

“Why?” I asked Gio after the reception is over. He was talking to his mom and he called me outside the place. It’s ten in the evening and after this, we’ll be flying back in the Philippines at 2am.

“Lets’ go!”

“Where?” I asked as we were entering a black car which Gio was behind the wheels. Is this illegal again? Oh, Gio, please. I don’t want to miss the flight.

He didn’t answer me, the drive was really long. I wonder where we are going to. I wanted to go back.

“Oh my God! You got to be kidding me!” Gio smiled. I was so shocked. We are just apparently a few steps away from the Eiffel Tower! This is a dream. This is not true. My goodness! Gio really does know how to make me smile.

We went in and paid 11.50 € each so that we could go up to the top. I was really happy. I don’t know how to thank Gio at this point. My last day is a blast! This is... oh, it just makes my mouth shut.

When we reached the top, I was almost crying in joy. I was seeing the whole Paris. I’m in the Eiffel tower!

“Gio!” I looked at him while he was beside me. But he didn’t looked back. He get something inside his pocket and keel before me. I don’t know what was happening. What’s this?

“Georgette.” My smile was turned into confusion. What is all this? “Can you be my girl friend?” He said while opening his hand. And in it, was a silver ring with a diamonds shaped as a butterfly.

“Don’t joke, Gio. I’ll cry!” I told him. He stood up and laughed. I was really nervous. I want this to be real. But what if he’s just kidding and the whole thing would just hurt me?

“Who said I’m kidding? And who said I would make you cry?” I saw stunned. “I’m serious.” The place was the romantic spot in Paris. My hair was being carried by the wind while Gio was looking at me as if I would melt. “Would you be?”

How can I say NO?



He instantly hugged me, and in the matter of seconds, before I got into my senses, his lips were next to mine. The lips of Gio Gantiqui.

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