boys dont cry

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Chapter 9


— missy —

The fist day I stepped my foot on the school ground, I caught everyone’s attention. With my new hair, clothes, and of course, Gio by my side. If people would see Gio together with a new girl, they knew what that means—a new girl friend.

I’m invisible-Missy no more.

Time comes fast. Gio and I would be celebrating our one month anniversary today. I know time was so fast forwarded that you never knew what happen all along. To tell you, it was pretty the same everyday. Gio, and I, spend the most of our time together.

I celebrated my eighteen birthday with all the popular guys. Almost all the person in the school was there. It was very different of what I visualized months ago. It was perfect, and it’s only because Gio was there.

Gio’s car stopped in front of me, and I rode in. This is like, very exciting. I don’t know what Gio is up to, that we all know that he was a, man full of bombshells. I was always surprised every time I am see what he prepared. I’m sure this one is good.

“Where are we going?” I asked him, though I know he’ll never tell me. His lips drop into mine. I was happy that after all, I would be given a chance to be with him. To just hold him.

“You know I won’t tell you!” He smiled. And I did. Yeah, I know he won’t. I just wanted to test if he would say it now.

All I did was to wait until we reached the place he wanted to show me. I’m excited. And I remember the night we were in Paris, a month ago. The beautiful Eiffel Tower, the ring I always been careful of, the beautiful scenery… I know it’s all a fairytale. But, it did happen to me. Nothing is impossible in this world, when you believe.

We stopped in a place so ordinary. I wonder what is so special about this. Entering the big gates, I was really, really, energized. I wanted to know what lies ahead. And I saw different flowers. We’re in a garden place. It was beautiful. At the end, a table and a chair is waiting for the both of us.

With the best combination of red wine and steak, we ate our dinner there, and in matter of seconds, we’re just enjoying our time together.

“Oh-my gawd!” I stepped back. “Not a mascot!” A mascot came in and yes it was like the jolibee mascot—big, colorful, and scary!

I hate mascots! I hate them. Why Gio did invited them? I wanted to scream that time, oh no. While it was going near us, I was beginning to be close with Gio. Close… and closer.

“Lets’ go home. I hate mascots.”

“Baby, no. They’re just people. You know that.” Of course I do! But, I hate them. I hate seeing their big eyes winking and that big head and the big stupid smile. I hate them, and when I was young I wasn’t fascinated or even happy when I see them. I scrunch in a corner and cry. I hate it. I want to go home!

“Pls. Let’s go now.” I looked at Gio to let him pity me. I wanted to get rid of these super unlikely creature I known my whole life. I hate them.

We instantly went in the car and I was still frighten, I really wanted to get a distance from mascots. When I see one, my heart beats fast. So fast that I can’t control it.

“Are you okay?” Gio hold my hand while we were in front of my house. I was a jerk. I never did enjoy this night because of my phobia! Oh, come on. I can’t be the lame Girl friend Gio ever had.

“I’m sorry. I never liked them” he laughs.

“It’s okay. Even the bravest person into world has weakness too!” I smiled. I’m so happy; I have a very understanding Boy friend. I never get hurt when I’m with him. I’m so happy and contented what our relationship works.

“So, what’s yours?” He draws near me and hold my check like he used to do. And every single time, it makes my heart melt.

“not Being with you.” I smiled. And he kissed me. I love Gio more than anyone in this world, and I’m also afraid of loosing him. No matter what happen, I don’t want to loose grip of this relationship. I know this is the perfect tandem the world had.

I went down the car not long after that. I was really happy and was thinking about how I made my self in shame of what happened in that garden.

“Josh?” I smiled. I saw my best friend sitting on our porch. I’m dying to talk to him. Every since I went back from Paris, I never saw him. I wanted o tell him everything. “I missed you!” I hugged him. “Where have you been, sleepy head?”

“I’m just in the campus. We just crossed our way a while a go in the corridor, how come you missed me?”

“We did?” oops. I never saw him. I swear and If ever I would see him, I know I would greet him, talk to him, or else I would hug him and… yes. I know he’s kidding. I never did saw him. “You got to be kidding me.”

“I’m serious.” He sat down on the chair in front of me. “Who are you again?”

“I’m me. Your best friend. Did you have amnesia?” What happened to him? He seems so different.

“No. You did have. Who are you? I don’t even know who’s in front of me.” I was stunned. What is he saying? I’m still me. Well, yeah. Except that I now was visible to everyone. “Once, I had a best friend. She wanted to do all the stuffs in front of her. She’s outrageous. She wanted to be a photographer. A writer. A novelist. A model. She has so many dreams.”

“What are you talking about?” I don’t understand. I know that was me.

“But now. She drops everything. She left her dreams behind. She looses her family time, which was very important to her. She left her best friend hanging. She just locked her self to be a girl friend of the perfect guy she adored.” Okay. That hurts. What more would he tell me? “She was simple. She was the girl I used to play with. Make sand castle together. She was…”

“She was still me.” I interrupted though I was crying so hard. I’m not changing. I know I’m not. I’m still me.

“No. She’s not you. Your name isn’t even Missy. You’re georgette. The girl from Paris. The hot one.” He stood up and grabbed his bag from the table. “Please call me when Missy gets back. And please tell her, her best friend misses her so much.” He went though me and was about to get out of our back yard when he looked back. “And ow! Add her family to that!”

I was left crying on the porch alone. I’m still Missy, right? No. This life is what I wanted. But why am I feeling this way? Am I just pretending? Am I just a creation of a Gio Gantiqui?

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