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Two worlds apart is a story of a girl vallery that is forced to marry sean for a debt her parents made and were not able to pay back. Sean is a heartless, and self centered person never showing emotions a silly mistake can cost you your life. The only person he listens to is his brother. He vows to make her life a living hell as she also vos to make his life hell. He then starts developing feelings for her as she also develops feelings for him. They decide to give it a chance but they face many ostacles that put their relationship on the line.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Valery's pov

Vee my daughter please listen to me my child its for the better. If you can't do it for yourself then please do it for us your parents and siblings. They are nice people my baby.

I just shook my head and walked out. That was my mother trying to convience me to get married to that devil in human form. I was never going to do that never. When they made the deal i wasn't there so why. Why not my sister Vivian. Uhhhhhh this is so messed up. Forgive my manners my name is Vallery and i'm turning 22 just finished my degree. It's a day after my graduation and my parents decided to drop this bomb on me. I have never felt so lost before, do they even love me. I have no say what so ever in this matter right. Getting married to Sean would mean i have to sacrifice everything, my career, dreams, happiness everything. Why has God forsaken me😭😭😭😭😭. I was now sitting under the huge mangoe tree wgen i heard my father saying

*father* don't worry vallery everything will be okay

*me* nothing will be okay father do you even know that boy father?

*father* you will change him, love will change him

*me* you are right love will change him, there is no love here. I don't love him and he also doesn't love me

*father* Vallery just get married to himwhy aren't you grateful where will you get a person who is as rich as Sean huh. You will get married to him and that's final
*Me* no father I will not I have a say in what happens in my life don't I

*Father* as long as you are living undery roof you will young lady now stand up and come in side.

I can't believe my own father said all that to me. Instead of feeling sorry for me he . One thing I know about my father is that his decisions are always final.

Sean's pov

My life runs according to my rules. I've always been. A player serious relationships aren't my typer thing. This arranged marriage my parents were talking about was bullshit I was never going to get married to a low class girl. It would take me a day to kill her. I just left the house and went to the club. I found myself a chick to spend the night with well she was more of a one night stand. I did the deed with her.

*Girl* where are you going

*Me* how is that any of your business "I said showing no care what so ever"

*Girl* we just had a great time and you want to leave just like that.

*Me* I got what I wanted and you got what you wanted.

I turned and left. I went to my brother's house cause I knew going back home would make me angry and I wasn't up for that. I got to his house and the story was the same, but he made some sense.

Jason* look bro getting married to her would be an advantage to us you see that would mean you will be moving out from mom's place we can now use your house to store our stuff you see "he said handing me a glass of scotch"

*Me* go ahead. " I said as I gulped down the scotch"

*Jason* so it won't be risky cause you will be living there that would be the perfect disguise no one will think you kept it there cause it won't be safe😉

*Me* I need a wedding suit

*Jason* that's why I love you little bro

*Me* ohhhh my you sound like a woman right now

*Jason* let's go deliver the good news to the old folks

*Me* let's go.

We told my parents about my decision and they were so happy I don't get why they loved the girl so much she wasn't even from a rich family and didn't match our status. I had agreed to the wedding but what I do with her after the wedding is my business right. She should always watch her back cause I'm about to become her worst nightmare

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