The Spark

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Ciara, Michele & Teagan became best friends in middle school. They met in 6th grade, hung out together in gym class and at lunch, after Michele had some issues with a bully, and by the beginning of 7th grade, they were inseparable. They even joined dance together in the 7th grade. Ciara and Teagan had an instant love for it, while Michele did it for her friends.

Tonight, they are spending the night together for Ciara’s 13th birthday. The girls are in the middle of painting their nails when Ciara says, “When we’re all famous, we’ll have to take trips to the Bahamas at least once a month to keep our tans dark and our feet soft.” Teagan, who dreamed of becoming a movie star, laughed. “How are we gonna do that with all of our busy schedules? I’ll be in LA, you’ll be in New York on Broadway, and Michele will be in Tennessee.” Michele, wanting to be a songwriter and producer, says, “We’ll all go in together and buy a private jet so we can go anywhere we like and we’ll make time to spend with each other. We are best friends after all.” “Sounds like a plan to me! We can even bring our boyfriends!” says Ciara, laying back dreaming about a trip already. She could just imagine laying on the beach with a Mai Tai in her hand like she saw on tv, with waiters and cute boys come over to them. The girls laugh and move on to curling each other’s hair and playing in Ciara’s mom’s makeup. They could hardly wait to get their lives started. The world held so many possibilities in that moment and they wanted to do it all together.

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