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To be Together

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Alice grew up in a small town where everyone knows each other. Being raised by her single father, her and her twin brother Jake are set to begin high school this year. Alice is excited by the fact that her best friend Ben will be attending the same school as her since they have known each other forever. But, when one of the girls in her class looks to get revenge against Alice everything takes a turn for the worse.

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Chapter 1: Preparing for Tomorrow


I was walking down the main street of my hometown, Mayville, thinking about what I was going to need to start my first day of high school tomorrow, and boy was I nervous! I decided, last minute of course, that I would buy a new outfit at Mrs. Claw's boutique to 'celebrate' what is to come tomorrow with my best friend Brianna.

"What colour do you think I should choose for my top?" Brianna asked me when we entered the boutique.

"You know I am not the right person to ask about that Bri! Even my dad teases that my outfits are so unflattering" I replied jokingly.

She rolled her eyes at me and replied, "you know I could always choose something to make you look fabulous! You need to make a good impression tomorrow so that you can finally get a boyfriend" she stressed the word 'finally' before pulling out a beatiful red top from the rack.

"Good afternoon girls! All set for your first day of school tomorrow?" Mrs. Claws asked with a bright smile. She was an older lady with white hair and bright green eyes. She was much shorter than me, even though I am only five foot five.

"Not quite Mrs. Claws" I replied, mirroring the smile that she sent me. "Bri is just taking her time trying to find clothes that will catch her a boyfriend" I paused before continuing, "you know how she is about love". I looked over at Bri and laughed as she was torn between two different back to school outfits. I never really understood why Bri was so eager to be in a relationship, there weren't very many boys in this town to choose from, and the ones that are here aren't exactly the dating type.

"Earth to Alice!" Bri yelled as she waved a hand in front of my face.

"Sorry! Lets go try some stuff on" I smiled at her before going over to the discount rack to choose something. Bri knew that our family is not the wealthiest and that my dad does his best to provide for us. During the summer holidays Jake and I pick up odd jobs around the neighbourhood to save up some cash for the school year. Luckily I had been able to save quite a bit since I focused on work more than all of the parties that people were throwing. I was dissapointed that I didn't get to see my best friend Ben at all this summer, but we did keep in touch over text. Usually Ben and I would spend the entire summer together, but this year Ben got a joh as well to start saving for college, he is very good at budgeting, so we were both busy.

I grabbed a bright red, floral patterened top and a pair of blue jeans from the rack to try on. After I changed I called out to Bri, who had already picked out a bunch of outfits. Money has never been an issue for her because both of her parents are doctors so they are very well off.

"There you are Alice!" She eyed me from head to toe, no doubt inspecting the outfit I picked out.

"What do you think?" I asked hesitantly. I have always been very self conscious about my figure and it had changed quite a bit over the summer. I had finally started to fill out and get more of an hour glass figure, which is a relief since I have always been a twig.

"You HAVE to get that" Bri yelled excitedly. "All of the boys at school are going to be drooling over you" she said seriously.

"You think so?" I blushed, looking at my reflection in the mirror. The top went really well with my red hair and the jeans were a similar shade of blue as my eyes.

"I know so girl! You look hot!" She laughed.

"What did you end up getting Bri?" I asked as I paid for my outfit and said goodbye to Mrs. Claws.

"I got a cute greeh striped top and a black pair of jeans. I hope it will make at least one guy notice me this year" she sighed sadly.

Unfortunately for Bri, none of the guys at school would talk to her because of how she looked before school ended. Of course, she has changed a lot over the summer. She lost a lot of weight that she was trying to lose for the last few years and she got a bit taller, now being five foot one. All of the guys at school used to bully her for her weight and her height, saying that she was a chubby midget.

But now Bri could be a model. With her nicely tanned skin, ebony black hair and green eyes she should definitely get a boyfriend this year. There is one guy that she has a had a crush on forever, Tyler Crans, one of the most nerdy boys in school. The problem is Tyler never noticed Bri because he always had his head in a book and seemed to avoid everyone like the plague.

"Bri, forget bout Tyler you could do so much better!" She sighed while I continued, "besides there are going to be so many new guys you are bound to find a boyfriend sooner rather than later. Any guy would be lucky to have you and if they don't treat you like the queen you are I will kick their butts!" I said making my hands into fists.

"Thanks Alice, I don't know what I would do without you" she slung an arm around my shoulder as we finally reached my house.

"Well I guess I should get my school supplies ready. I will see you on the bus bright and early tomorrow morning" I said as I walked into my front door.

"Dad, Jake, I'm home!" I shouted so that they could hear me. Our house was a three bedroom, two bathroom with a large finished basement and a garage. It wasn't anything fancy and most of the house could use a fresh coat of paint, but it was comfortable and I got my own room.

"Hey sweetie how did shopping go? Did you find yourself an outfit for tomorrow?" My dad asked while sipping his coffee. Since it was a Sunday he is off work, but he usually works the night shift during the week. Being an employee at the only factory in town, dad tried to pick up all the hours he could to keep us comfortable, so he wasn't home much.

"Yes I did dad, and don't worry it is nothing revealing" I smiled. Dad has always been very protective of me ever since mom left us. I still don't know why she left but dad hasn't been the same since. His grey eyes seem pale and his black brown hair has started to get some grey in it.

I walked upstairs to my room and flopped onto the bed when I heard my phone go off. I typed in my password and looked at the new text. It was from Ben, no surprise there since he always texts everyday around the same time.

'Hey you all ready for school tomorrow?' -Ben

I smiled, Ben and I have been best friends since he and his family moved here 5 years ago. He and his older brother, Chris, moved with their parents from England when he was 8 and he joined my class about half way through the year. When the teacher introduced Ben as the new student, Bri and I were so excited to meet him and make a nee friend. It seemed like he could use it too, I can't imagine how scarey it must have been to start school in the middle of the year.

I still remember how his eyes grew two sizes when he saw Bri and I approaching him. He was very shy and looked down a lot. He had black rimmed glasses, blonde curly hair and the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. And ever since we approached him we have been inseperable ever since. Of course I probably annoyed him by always following him around and asking him to play games, but he stuck around so I guess he didn't mind.

I was so lost in my memories that I didn't respond to Ben right away, and it wasn't until my phone went off again that I was snapped back into reality.

'Lost in your thoughts again? Or are you too busy to talk to your best friend?' -Ben

I smiled. Ben knows me so well, he always seems to be able to read my thoughts. He must have seen that I read the message and didn't reply.

'Sorry! You know me, always have something to think about' -Alice

I started unpacking the new outfit I bought while I waited for a reply. I didn't have to wait long before my phone went off again.

'Well I hope you're not stressing about tomorrow! You know it is gonna be great'- Ben

'I know. I was actually just thinking about your first day of school back when you moved here. How did you survive the first day?'-Alice

He replied almost instantly so I read, 'I made some awesome friends'-Ben

I smiled before replying 'I know Bri is awesome' -Alice

I joked around with him and kept packing my school supplies. I was surprised when Ben didn't respond right away, he is usually pretty quick. I felt relieved when my phone finally went off again after dinner.

'You know I was talking about you. And I will see you on the bus tomorrow morning'-Ben

'Alright. Make sure you get our usual seat!' -Alice

I looked at the clock and it was already 11:30pm! Where did the time go? I decided to get ready for bed and try and get some sleep. Although I doubt I would since I was running through every possible way tomorrow could go. It was after midnight before I finally fell asleep thinking: tomorrow will be a new start.
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