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jess' life is perfect she is a cheerleader, dating handsome basketball captin (blake), she is young, beautiful and could have any boy she wants but what happens when she make a connetion to someone she meets online will she push her feeling away or see where it takes her?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say STAND WITH HONG KONG AGAINST THE CCP!

You both like Harry potter.

Stranger: Hello !

You: hi!

Stranger: How’s it rolling ?

You: :) good

You: b or g?

Stranger: B? G? LOL what ?

Stranger: Bad or Good? That’s what you mean ?

You: ha ha boy or girl? ;))

Stranger: Ohh LOL

Stranger: Boy

Stranger: 100%

I giggled this guys will be funny

Stranger: You ?

You: ok lol girl

You: age??

Stranger: LOL don’t freak out

Stranger: 17

You: im 16 why would i freak out?

Stranger: Many people on this website freak out when I tell them my age LOL

Stranger: Either they’re too old or too young ahaha

You: ok. makes sense

Stranger: So...you like HP, huh ?

Stranger: Name every book

Stranger: LOL don’t actually

Stranger: JK

You: ok lol phew!

Stranger: It’s been a good three years I left HP in the dust

Stranger: I don’t even remember half of the books and all

You: lol

Stranger: Wbu ? You still read me ?

You: well im only on the first book and i made a vow not to watch the movies till im 18

Stranger: Ahh

Stranger: You started a bit late I see

Stranger: But anyhow, better late than never hehe

You: lol let me explain

Stranger: Okay, I’m listeningYou: i have liked em since ii was like 10 and my mum made me watch them all when i was younger but i don’t remember a lot of scenes so i’m waiting so that i can watch them all over again like it’s the first time :)))

You: dont judge, lol

Stranger: Ohh my god , your mom is a Potterhead too ?

Stranger: That’s so sweet and cool at the same time !

You: thx yeah she is taking me to hp world next year for my b day!

Stranger: ...what is the Harry Potter world now ?

Stranger: Wait a bit, I’ll just come back. Don’t disconnect please...

You: k

Stranger: Hey

Stranger: I’m back

Stranger: You there ?

You: yea

Stranger: Yay

Stranger: So tell me , what is this Potter World ?

Stranger: Is it a theme park ?

You: um basically but i don’t think there are any rides,

Stranger: Ahh cool

Stranger: What’s your favourite book ?

Stranger: Like, in the series ?

You: guess

Stranger: Hmm...

Stranger: Oh

Stranger: I forgot you just started to read the books

Stranger: LMFAO sorry

You: ha it’s fine i like the 3rd movie the best though?

Stranger: The Goblet of Fire ?

Stranger: I think that’s the one

You: that’s the 4th but close the 3rd one is the prisoner of azkaban

Stranger: I like GoF the best. It has some good ol’ action in it

Stranger: Ah that’s a fine book too

Stranger: *film

You: yh i like that one too

Stranger: BTW, the books and films are almost completely different from each other. The books have a lot more detail

Stranger: I best not spoil the books for you then LOL

You: pls dont ! :)))

You: do you read a lot?

Stranger: Used to. A few months ago I started and finished reading comics.

Stranger: You know, Batman, Superman, DC comics in general

Stranger: Now I’m just studying LOL

You: same i used to read more but ever since covid i never have any time

Stranger: Have you read Animorphs ?

You: nope

You: what is it

Stranger: A series about a team of teens getting the ability to morph into animals

Stranger: It’s great

Stranger: You read it ?

You: no but i have heard of them they look cool

Stranger: You mean Animorphs ?

You: no beast quests

Stranger: Ooh

Stranger: I read it in primary school LOL

Stranger: It was there in the school library

Stranger: Haha

You: same

You: where are you from then ?

Stranger: Erm... actually I’m from India , but I’ve spent a whole year in the UK.

Stranger: Class 4 to 5

Stranger: LOL

Stranger: Where are you from ?

You: uk :)))))

Stranger: Eyy

Stranger: British innit ? LMFAO

Stranger: No offence LOL

You: that’s actually how me and my friends talk all the time

Stranger: LOLOL

Stranger: Wait a bit. Are you from Warwickshire ?

You: nah i got no clue where that is lol

Stranger: Haha I thought I studied with you for some goshdarn reason

You: haha

Stranger: You watch YouTube ?

You: yea, 1 sec mum called me

Stranger: K I’m here

You: im back!

Stranger: Yippee-ki-yay

Stranger: I bet it’s...9:30 pm there

Stranger: Riiight ?

You: 9:45 but close

Stranger: Hmm

Stranger: My time calculations have levelled up, I see

You: lol

You: So do you miss india?

Stranger: I think you got it the wrong way...I AM in India, WAS in the UK

You: lol do you miss the uk then/

Stranger: And I certainly miss UK

Stranger: Damn, whenever I hear nostalgic music, I go back to my British neighborhood in my mind

Stranger: Running back from school with my friends, without a care in the whole world...

You: aw that sounds fun! i really have many friends LOL :))

Stranger: Lucky gal XD

You: i mean i *dont !!

Stranger: Oh LMFAO

Stranger: Same here

You: haha

Stranger: I don’t have many friends, but the three that I have are for life

Stranger: I was in the UK during the London Olympics, and remember seeing the Torch being ran through my neighborhood...my lil bro even touched it XD

Stranger: Who’s your favourite YouTuber ?

You: um i like sssniperwolf but i don’t really have a fav since i’m not on there as much

Stranger: I like Markiplier :)

Stranger: Guy’s cool

You: ok i check him out later :)

Stranger: What else do you like doing ?

You: well i like to read (as you know) i also draw and paint

Stranger: You like drawing still life ?

You: yeah we are actually doing it in art right now

Stranger: Oh how fascinating !

Stranger: I too like drawing still life.

Stranger: Undisturbed attention

Stranger: To one thing only

Stranger: You guys are reading Shakespeare ?

You: no not right now i actually have to go,my mums taking us out :((

Stranger: Okay then... you got Discord or anything ?

You: nah

Stranger: That’s a shame...I guess goodbye forever, pal !

You: 2040, put it into the ‘common interest’ bit and come here in same time tomorrow - jess x

you have disconnected

or turn on video

I sigh as I close my laptop, my mum is not actually taking us out, i just have somewhere to be and i didnt want mystery boy thinking i ditched him for another stupid party. Who throws a party on a thursday anyway? I hear a knock at the door and check my make up before grabbing my phone and bag and opening the door to be greeted by my boyfriend.


“Always gets so dark, so early during november” i say as my eyes adjust to the darkness. I see Blake’s hair shining from the moonlight as it falls messily over his face. He looks so relaxed right now compared when we are at school. His dad is the headmaster and he is also captain of our schools basketball team so he always feels so much pressure to impress everyone.

I giggle and ruffle his hair stepping out of the door way and going towards his car.

“What” he asks smiling

“When did i get so lucky?”

“I could say the same” Blake responds, opening the door for me.

I get into the front seat of the car and see blakes best friend.

“What’s wrong with you?” i ask seeing lucas pouting, he just ignored me

“He’s upset because he couldn’t sit in the front seat” theo says rolling his eyes

I sniffle and lucas huffs

“I was here first!” he says in a childish voice


“you look beautiful by the way” blake says kissing my cheek


“Cookie?” theo asks me holding out a plate of fairly good looking cookies

“I don’t know what’s in them this time?”

“Weed” he grins almost proudly

“Shes good, theo” blake interrupts

“But i’ll take one!” lucas says

I roll my eyes and turn to blake

“I’m going to find May and Casey,” I tell him and he says he’ll find me later. Knowing Casey she’s probably with some boy and may is probably drowning her sorrows with alcohol. When i find casey she’s making out with someone probably just to get him to do her homework.

“Ahem” i coughed

“Oh hey girl” she said, clearly drunk

“Hey um kyle, is it”

“Its har-”

“Yea yea whatever, you can leave now” she shoos him away with her hand

He looks a bit shocked but slowly walks away

“Bye kyle!” i laugh

My phone goes off and it may tell us to come and meet her and our other friends upstairs.

I had a drink in my hand as soon as I stepped a foot into a random room when we got upstairs. Casey right behind me experiencing the same fate.

“I didn’t know maia would come,” she said in a whisper after closing the door behind her.

“theo said it would be fine,” I shrugged, taking a seat on the floor, my back resting against the foot of one of the bed

“Poor lilha lopez” she snickered, amused as her eyes searched for the red haired girl in the room, quickly spotting her on the other side of it talking to lucas “I’m sure she’ll survive,” I scoffed, shaking my head with an amused smile on my lips before diverting my eyes off of her again. Everyone knows lilha fancys lucas but unfortunately for her he was sLeeping with maia. I played with the cup in my hands, taking a sip from it every.now and then while following the conversation happening around me.

The burning sensation of the fire whiskey making its way down now and then while following the conversation happening around me.

The burning sensation of the alcohol making its way down my throat almost felt like life itself pouring into me, and had me giddier than usual after just the first cup.Gradually, more and more people sat down on the floor, unintentionally forming a wonky circle in the middle of the room

.“Never have I ever—” may announced loudly out of nowhere, all the little conversations between everyone dying out as their attention diverted onto her. may’s eyes flickered through the room, a lazy smirk playing on her lips.“—kissed someone.” Her question was still rather harmless, and I sighed in relief when she didn’t resort to any of the things I had in mind that would’ve been much, much worse.I took a sip from the liquor in my cup. Perhaps one too big. My mind was drowsy; I had enough to drink to be tipsy already, and my body was longing to get properly drunk for the first time in a long time. With everything going on recently, I didn’t blame myself. A night free from any responsibility and worry that was instead filled with alcohol and laughter seemed to be the one thing that might have me forget everything right now. Blake seemed to be thinking the same thing, taking a sip even bigger than mine. casey was next, her opening question:

“Never have I ever been rejected” Her eyes were on lila’s who, at first, didn’t move

Casey raised her eyebrows, head tilted. “Go on, lilha. We all know you want to be friends with him ,” she prompted. The girl next to me rolled her eyes, grumbling something under her breath I couldn’t quite understand.

“That was before I realised he is an obnoxious idiot,” she huffed after taking a sip. By the time it was my turn, I was a considerable drunk. My whole body was leaned against blakes, a content smile on my lips that probably made me look completely out of it as I scanned the rest of the group. They all seemed to be at least tipsy. Though, most of them probably felt the same way I did. Maia was sitting in between lucas’ legs, head resting against his chest with her eyes closed. Though, whenever she deemed it necessary, she took a sip out of her cup.

“Never have I ever—” I began, an eyebrow quirked while I looked around the room and wondered who I’d know enough about to embarrass them. Sure, that might not have been the way you’re supposed to play, but it was the way I played. In my opinion, you had the most fun that way. I giggled slightly when I locked eyes with Pansy. “Never have I ever given someone a blowjob,” I finished my sentence, a victorious smirk on my lips.

Theo coughed gulping down the drink in his hands

Maia took a drink eyeing lucas and i could see lilha rolling her eyes and finishing her cup

I felt Draco laugh slowly, his head shaking in amusement as he watched her take a sip.Simultaneously, his free hand moved to rest on my thigh. A motion I wasn’t quite sure was intended, as he didn’t seem to notice it in the slightest. I know Theo did notice. And while he seemed hardly pleased, he didn’t say anything, either. Lucas seemed to notice Theo’s scowl, followed his gaze and ended up locking eyes with me just for a second. A smirk formed on his lips as his eyes flickered back and forth between Blake and me before snapping back onto Theo , his smirk deepening. Blake was too busy teasing Maia about the incident to notice.

And I was a little too drunk to make the connection of what was going through his head right now.

.He cleared his throat loudly, smirk still in place before he began speaking, even though it wasn’t even his turn. “Never have I ever had a crush on jess newton” He said slowly, an innocent smile on his lips.

“Oh, you’ll get a lot of them with this one,” lilha snarled, eyeingme just for a moment before a small giggle escaped her lips and she looked back at lucas. Blake took a sip without much fuss, lifting his cup casually and shuddering just slightly when the liquor burned down his throat. So casual, indeed, that the only person really noticing was maia, who just looked at me with a smile on her lips. Theo, on the other hand, was glaring at Lucas, practically shooting daggers at him in his mind before sighing loudly. Blake watched him closely; an eyebrow raised even though he knew the answer, anyway.

“Go on, theo. We all know you—”

blake next to me laughed, imitating what Blaise had said to him about us just being friends blake interrupted my train of thought.

“I seem to be a lucky man, huh?” He joked in a low whisper, his lips close enough to my ear to graze them.If I were sober, I’d probably tell him he should count himself lucky, though, intoxicated, thinking straight was much harder. So hard, indeed, instead of saying anything, at all, I just leaned further into his touch, my eyes closing at the sensation of his warm breath hitting my ear..

Even now sitting in Blake’s arms I can’t help thinking about the mystery boy from earlier. Why didn’t I ask for his name we were talking for ages. I scowled myself for thinking about him and turn my attention back to my boyfriend.

“Mhm,” I mumbled, nodding slightly and making him chuckle lowly at the realisation of how drunk I really was. “Okay, let’s move on, please,” maia then said, drawing me back into reality before letting us know it was her turn. The blonde girl thought for a second, her brows slightly furrowed. She visibly relaxed when she thought of a question just a few moments later.

The following questions were much lighter ones that were answered quickly and forgotten about minutes later as we got drunker and drunker.

“Never have I ever had sex” blake shrugged, and everyone drank. My cup was already by my lips for a casual sip when theo asked the next question.

“Never have I ever had an— how do I put this nicely?” He grinned to himself. “—an inappropriate dream about someone in this room.“I coughed loudly, the question catching me quite off guard. Casey drank without much shame, and Blake followed her lead just seconds later. Both of them were probably drunk enough to not really care anymore.I raised my eyebrows at blake, a sly smirk on his face as he watched me raise the cup to my lips, too.“That’s not really a revelation, is it?” He whispered, and I was able to hear the smirk in his voice as he spoke.

“Shut it,” I mumbled, nudging his side with my elbow.Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, the alcohol really kicked in. And if I felt out of it before, I didn’t know how to describe my current state, really.It was to be expected. We’ve been drinking and playing for what felt like hours now, and the whisky bottle that was as good as new when we arrived, was almost empty now.

“I’m bored,” Lucas intervened my thoughts, a scowl on his face.

“Let’s make this a little more interesting.” He scanned the room once, and I had trouble following what exactly was going on.

“theo, I dare you to make out with whoever you find most— well, in that case, with jess” He nodded in my

direction with a laugh

While I heard what he said, I didn’t really comprehend it. So, when theo got up and started walking over to me, I was rather confused. And I felt like I lost the plot completely when blake went to get up, too.I watched the two boys just look at each other for a second, in awe by how tall they both looked from down here.I went to take another sip out of my cup, just as theo went to walk around blake. But, before I had the chance to drink the liquor, the cup wasn’t out of my hand, landing right in Casey’s.

“I think you’ve had enough,jess,” She smiled, not seeming drunk at all, even though she had a considerable amount as well. I pouted, though my attention was quickly on the two boys

again.“I don’t think so,,” Blake muttered, stepping in front of him, and therefore stopping him in his tracks. Theo snickered. “It’s just a game, jones. Don’t be such a bore.” His voice was laced with amusement as he tried to walk around the blonde once more.

“I’m being fucking serious,” blake repeated dangerously calm as his hand grabbed the boy by the arm to get him to stop.I watched them, a little clueless as to what was going on before I moved closer to may and casey in hopes maybe they could fill in the blanks.

“It reeks of testosterone in here,” may murmured, scrunching up her nose in disgust at the two boys. maia giggled at the comment. I watched them both closely, lucas’ words suddenly sinking in.

“Theo wants to kiss me?” I asked the girl’s to my right with a sheepish grin, too drunk to have my facial features under control, or take the situation seriously, at all.

“You caught on quick,” My best friend noted, all of our eyes on Theo and Blake during the course of our conversation.

“Well, that’s nice of him. I should probably thank hi—”

I interrupted myself before raising my voice. “Thanks, theo, I’m flattered, really!” I giggled, and both of their eyes snapped in my direction..

blake with a furious glare on his face that had previously been directed at theo, while the latter’s lips curled up into a smirk at my words. blake furrowed his brows at me, watching me silently smile to myself about nothing in particular

.“god,” He muttered, irritated, just as he turned around completely and walked the few steps over to where I was sitting. He grabbed my arm gently, yet forceful enough to yank me to my feet before dragging me into the bathroom with a scowl on his face.“You need some serious sobering up.” His voice was loud enough for the rest of the room to hear, letting them know he wasn’t taking me to the bathroom to take me.Not that I’d mind.A smirk formed on my lips at my thoughts, and I couldn’t help myself but look behind me to be met with all of their eyes on me. All of them but Theo looked rather amused by the sight, and I gave the group a suggestive wink before Blake closed the door to the bathroom with a loud thump.

I still heard their muffled laughter and giggles with the door in between us. Blake left me standing by the door just for a moment, and I was about to grab the doorknob to get back to my friends because respectfully, it seemed more fun out there judging by their laughter.

“Drink this,” Blake sighed, handing me a glass filled with a clear liquid that perked my interest and therefore had me let go of the knob.

“Vodka?” I inquired, sniffing it to realise there was no specific smell

“I heard you’re not supposed to mix—”

“—Water, jess.“My face fell at his words, though, I took a big sip of it, anyway. The way it refreshed my throat instead of burning it was, well, refreshing.

“Why are you so grumpy, babe?” I asked with a pout, reaching for his cheeks to squeeze them playfully. Though, his hand caught my wrist before I got to his face. I scoffed at the motion, but lowered my arm.He still held onto it.

“I’m not— grumpy,” He spat the last word, almost confused by my choice of words.


“—You’re jealous?” I giggled, tutting ironically at my own exclaim.

“Personally, I think the fact theo would consider kissing me is quite nice. I mean, that’s, like, a very heartfelt compliment, not that I’d—”

I rambled on, interrupting myself with a giggle every now and then before he interrupted me with a harsh shove against the counter.

“You’re mine ok your my girlfriend. You understand that, don’t you?” He growled, his face dangerously close to my own.I tilted my head at his exclaim. And if I were sober, I would’ve probably reacted completely differently. Though now, his words made me fall into a monologue that would’ve been entirely too long if he hadn’t interrupted me once more.

“Well, I’d say I’m nobody’s property, you know. I mean—”

He didn’t seem to want to hear my thoughts on self-liberation and respect, instead wrapping his hand around my waist while he pushed me further into the counter, my back arching further back than my hips would go— him hovering over me.

“I asked, do you understand that?” He repeated, his voice no more than a low whisper in my ear that had the knots in my stomach tighten. The sudden tension between us seemed to sober me up much quicker than the water would’ve, and I found my head slowly clearing

.“What if I didn’t?” I whispered, the sweetest, most innocent smile on my lips I could fake

his hands moved to my waist to promptly pick me up and set me on top of the counter.

“I swear to god, jess, You don’t want to find out,” He seethed, moving closer as my legs immediately opened for him to stand in between them.

“Not here— not now.” His eyes flickered towards the door, and the insinuation of what he might do to me send shivers down my spine..

I swallowed thickly before the words left my mouth.

“What if I do.”

His eyes snapped back to mine, not daring to look away as recognition struck through them.

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