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three : friend or foe


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MY SILVER EYES rack over the number of papers scattered around the area of my table and I lean back in my chair, my fingers resting on the bridge of my nose where it just rubs the skin, back and forth.

Today has been a rather shity day and I won’t lie when I say that I would rather go back home and drink the day away. But I know the type of words which would come out of my father’s mouth if he sees me drunk on a day when I should be in the office.

You should not be drinking, Phillip.

You need to control your drinking, Phillip.

What would happen if your mother would see you right now, Phillip?

I groan.

Today is certainly not my day.

I keep on leaning back in my chair for just a few moments before I come back into the right position and my eyes set on the piles of paper. Moving my hands over the desk and grabbing said pile, I place them in front of my before looking at the first contact on the top.

A renewal contract for one of my partners.

Then I go to the next.

A contract about a building which someone wants to develop with us.

I keep going through the stack, seeing the same thing over and over again but then around the middle of the stack, a different paper comes to the to my vision.

A paper which should not be here.


I wait for a second. One. Two. Three until I sigh and once again shout, “Emily!”

A crash was heard from the other side of the door before the door flys open, showing the red hair of Emily Stark, my assistant.

“Emily,” I sigh, bringing the wrong paper towards her attention. Emily starts making her way in my direction, a frown coming onto her face when she sees the paper. “This was on my desk. Now I have a question . . . Why is this paper on my desk?” I was harsh, cold and mean to her so that she understood the seriousness of this situation.

She takes the paper out of my hand with a caution of movement. Then she reads over it. With each word which is being mouthed by Emily’s lips, her eyes widen before the paper drops from her hand, floating in the air until landing on the floor. Her body starts to shake and I could see the fear building in her body while gazing at me, thoughts of what I will do to her after this wrong move.

Her bottom lip starts to quiver. “Si—Sir, I had no—”

I raise a hand, silencing her. I don’t need your apologies.

I look her dead in the eyes. “Use your words, Emily. Don’t stutter in my presence.”

She’s scared.

She’s terrified.

And yet, when I see the fear in her eyes and in her body, it makes me feel powerful. That I can control an entire army just by one single glare given by my eyes. It’s sadistic—this feeling but I love it.

And I don’t want to let go of it.

Emily takes a gulp of air. “I didn’t know that this—this paper would come here,” she bends down, picking up the paper before pushing the glasses up her nose. “I will make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

I nod. “Make sure that this does not happen again,” I narrow my eyes, “because I will not be so lenient next time.”

Emily gulps once more before rushing out of my office but then she stops right at the door, she turns, ever so slowly and starts biting on her lower lip.

I wait, knowing that she wants to say something.

But after a few minutes, she stands there, teeth still nibbling on her lip.

“Spill it out, Emily.”

She looks towards the direction of her office and then back towards me. Closing her eyes she whispers, “You have a visitor, Sir.”

Then she was gone.

I frown at her action. Why would she do that? I stand up from my chair, running a hand over my suit jacket to make sure that there are no creases in it before making my way towards the door.

Then opens suddenly.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

My eyes narrow onto the dark black hair, then the green eyes and lastly, towards the smug smile on his lips.

“My love!”

And then he was running towards me.

I tried my best to dodge him. But it was a hopeless cause because nothing will stop Simon Carnes from doing something which he wants to. Even a pair of hands. When I feel his arms wrap around my body, I use my own hands to push his body away but that only causes him to tighten his grip.

His arms were around me, his face stuffed into the area of my chest before he mumbles, “Don’t push me away, my love.”

“Leave me alone, Simon,” this time, when I push him away, he actually lets go of my body when his green eyes soften and his lips turning into a pout. “And an even further note . . . what’re you doing here anyway?”

“I was bored.”



I cross my arms over my chest. “Like I would believe that.”

“Well, believe what you want,” Simon shakes his head before glancing around my office space, “I was bored and wanted to pay you a visit. Deal with it.” Then he pushes past me and into the office space.

I sigh. I was not expecting for Simon to come over to the office but here he has and I know that I can do nothing about it but let him do whatever he wants.

“Come in,” I grumble under my breath, shutting the door behind me and then making my way over towards the other side of the office. My eyes drift over towards the New York skyline and then towards the light, grey clouds. It was surprising to see that New York is not having rain pattering down my windows in the early morning.

“It’s six am,” I narrow my eyes onto his body when he decides to take a chair in front of me, “shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, eating your entire fridge or,” I shudder at the thought, “sleeping with my sister. Ugh!”

Simon grins, an evil little thing. ” You didn’t want to say that, did you?”

He knows me so well.

As well as being one of my business partners, Simon Carnes is also the boyfriend of my darling sister. That fact alone makes me want to throw up on my expensive shoes and then gouge my eyes out with one of the silver forks at my penthouse.

When I found out that Simon and Brooklyn were dating a couple of months ago, I wanted to go downstairs, into the basement of Whittaker Manor and take one of the guns before marching my way in the direction of Simon’s home. Where I was going to use that head of his as target practice. I was being . . . protective of my little sister. My baby sister. I want to make sure that no one can break her heart and I sure as hell won’t let this manchild to be the one to make a mistake which will haunt him for the rest of his life,

So . . . in response, I threatened him.

I threatened him and his family and said that if he ever hurts my sister, that there will be hell to pay.

Listen well and listen good, Simon Carnes. You are going to love my sister, cherish her like the sweetheart which she is. And if I hear otherwise, I am going to take a gun, kidnap you and your family. Then you will stand at the side while I shoot a bullet right in turn at their heads, and then at the end, I’ll do the same for you.

I know, not my best moment but it needed to be said.

But when he laughed at that threat, I had to go deeper. I had to make a threat which will affect him more than the one thrust upon his family.

Since that threat is not working Simon, I will take said gun and use it to shoot at that limp noodle in between your legs and then using a knife, cut off your balls and give it to Lynn as a trophy.

And that threat did its job perfectly.

However, that does not mean that I like this . . . relationship between the two.

And trust me, I have voiced that opinion to Lyn every chance that I get. And in response, was a shrug of her shoulders.

“Can we just move past that?” I snap. I wanted—no needed to stop this conversation. I don’t want to talk about the things which Lyn does behind closed doors.

“Fine, fine.” Simon waves off the words before he glances around the room, his eyes spacing around every single corner of the room. He whistles while glancing at the door to the side. The one with the gold doorknob and the bright red of the frame giving a good contrast with the black colour of the rest of the door.

Then he looks at me. “Can I see it?”


“Why not?”

“Because I said so.”

There is no reason for him to go into that room. Even if he starts negotiating with me, even if he starts selling me his company and even if he let’s go of my sister, I will never let him see the contents of the space behind the closed door.

The room is special

And that’s all that needs to be said.

I lock my eyes back onto Simon’s body. He is acting . . . off today Usually, he is all smiles, giggles and talks whatever he wants all the time. He just talks shits and giggles. But today, he is fidgeting with his fingers, his one leg bouncing up and down and all while, he gazes anywhere else but then my eyes.

Then he looks me in the eyes, having all the seriousness which Simon can conjure up.

And let me tell you that it’s not a lot.

Just by the way in which he is glancing at me reminds me so much about the way that Emily was acting just before Simon barged in. Something is troubling Simon Carnes and it’s sad to say, I need to find out why

“What is it with everyone keeping secrets today?” I press my fingers against the bridge of my nose before blowing out a breath. “Just say what’s on your mind and I promise that I won’t judge you.”

His green eyes are hopeful. “Really?”

I sigh. Why is everything so difficult today all of a sudden? “Yes . . . just hurry up.”

Simon bites his lower lip, glancing down at the contents of his lap. “I got a call just less than ten minutes ago,” he then looks at me. Green meeting silver. “It was a call from Gemma.”


The woman whom I left in my bedroom after I slept with her.

I left her room to go to one of the guest bedrooms to sleep in for the night. And when I woke up this morning, I sneaked into my bedroom, stared at her sleeping form for a while before heading into the walk-in closet, grabbed my clothes and then left. I moved to take a shower in the guest bedroom, change into the new clothes which I got and I just left her there.


Looks like she didn’t take it well.

“What did she say?”

“She said . . .” he sighs, “she said that you are acting differently. Stranger than usual. She feels that you have changed since the last time that you two fucked. Which if I think about it, was before she left to go back home.”

So she isn’t the only one. I have too, noticed the change in me. I have been distant to the people closer around me. I ignore them. I treat them like I normally would to a stranger.

Gemma, the woman whom I love and the only woman whom I have shown the darker side of my life. She understands me, she loves me, she cares for me. And that is all I can hope from her.

But recently, I have been acting differently. Towards her and the people around me.

“Has she?” I lean over my desk, grab one of my more expensive pens and start fiddling it around my finger.

“She has,” he finishes off before he sighs. He is feeling light and before I could kick him out of the office, he grins. “Finally! I have gotten that off my chest.”

I frown. What the fuck is wrong with this man?

He looks across me and then at my table before he spots the bottle of amber. Simon grins, leans over the table, grabs the bourbon bottle, two glasses and brings it towards his direction. He looks at me. “Want some?”

I think about it. It would be a horrible way to start the morning. It’s not even ten in the morning and Simon and I are gonna get fucked by a bottle of amber liquid which is known as a life killer. But hey, life is to do things which will come back and bite us in the ass.

So, why not? “Yeah, I’ll take one.”

That shit-eating grin does not come off his face while he pours me a glass of bourbon. I take the drink when he passes it to me and straight away, it goes down my throat. The liquid burns while going down my throat and I like the pain which it comes with. The burning sends a strike of electricity through my body, it jump-starts my veins and a feeling of life comes into contact with me and my body. So I pass him the glass, on the hopes that if I keep on drinking, that the feeling will never go away.

He frowns, but does not question my intentions and instead, pours me another glass.

This same glass happened to the former before this one.

“Tell me, Phillip,” he says, twirling the liquid in the glass. “How is the event going for your new hotel which is opening soon.”

I snorted at his question, dropping the pen back to where it was found and leaning back in the chair. “Why are you asking me? Ask Emily and my publicist. The two of them are planning everything from the type of music which is going to be played to the drinks which will come be at the bar for everyone at the party.”

“I can’t wait. I’m gonna take my darling firefly there, we are going to dance the night away, have some drinks here and there, maybe make out in one of the empty corridors in the hotel and then it would go to something more. Then I would take one of the bedrooms and then—”

He couldn’t even finish his sentence when I threw the bourbon glass at his body. He dodges it as it crashes against the dark wall of my office. My eyes are narrowed, anger showing in them and I make sure that all of it is directed towards Simon.

“Bro!” he screams, eyes wide with fear and his hand attached tightly to the arm. “Why the fuck would you do that?”

“Because,” I snapped at him, anger in my words with each one which came out of my voice. “You’re talking about my sister and I don’t want to hear you talking about her. I already allow you to date her, the last thing you could do is not talk about the things which you might do to her, in my presence.”

“At least I have a girlfriend,” he said back to me. He’s angry, I know it,” you! You pushed yours away and look what happened now. Tell me, Phillip, who are you gonna take to the event? Because I can tell you right here and now that it won’t be Gemma. You pushed her away and now . . . you’re dealing with the consequences.”

I bite my lips, my teeth chewing on the skin inside.

He hit a nerve.

A nerve which I know is the truth because everything coming out of his mouth is the truth.

He is right.

Who am I going to take to the event?

♥ ♥ ♥

a shorter chap because it’s a bridging to the next one which is happening.
and it’s in hera’s pov!
who’s excited?

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