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seven : dark hall seduction


♥ ♥ ♥


It was something which I have always thought of as a way of having fun. In this world. In my world to put words into more perspective.

And I know that my brother, Phillip, can throw one hell of a party when he needs too. Errr . . . more like Emily can plan a party with more finesse and fun. Phillip’s just there to pay for everything and have the final decision.

Spoiled little brat that one.

My heels click against the floors while I make my way to the back of the room. Towards the lobby where I know a special someone is waiting for me.

The love of my life.

Simon Carnes.

That man stole my heart from first glance and one which I had no problem to give to him of all people. He was the one who was there when things went down, when it went bad or when I was not in the right frame of mind.

Simon was always there for me.

And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

It was hard getting to the lobby, People were having fun around us. Laughs escaping from their lips, drinks coming from the champagne glasses in their hands and the way that they flirt with everyone around them.

This is what a party is.

A place to have fun.

I was almost to the door to exit the ballroom when I heard my name being called from behind me.

“Brooklyn! Brooklyn Whittaker is that you?!”

Frowning, I turn to face the person of the voice to be met with strawberry blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Then there is the bright red dress on her body, showcasing the long pale legs of her’s from the slit in the dress. There is the deep v-neck (even more deeper than the one which Hera has on her own dress) which shows her small breasts on display.

Even though she has small boobs, she still manages to catch the eyes of the many people around her.

The strawberry blonde strands of her hair are in soft, beach wave curls to the skin of her shoulder—showing that she recently got a new haircut from the mid-back hair of before. She then pushes a hand through her hair and then looks at me, a dark eyebrow rose in question.

Nadine then smirks at me.

“I haven’t seen you in ages and this is the way that you welcome me,” she tsked towards me, her head shaking side to side and a click of her tongue. “I have always known you as a cute little, meek child who always did what her dear old mummy used to say.”

“Ohhh . . . ,” I question, my voice trailing off and an expression of thought coming onto my face while looking at the decorative frames of the ceiling. “I thought that I was quite the little bitch when I was younger—”

“You still are,” Nadine snaps.

“But while I was saying before you oh so generously cut me off,” a sly smile, “I was saying that I was quite the little bitch during my younger days. Phillip was too, so that explains where it came from.”

Nadine narrows her orbs at me before she brings a hand to her curls and flips them to the back. She did it rather dramatically in my opinion but she knows this. It’s Nadine Nix after all. Everything which she does has the flair for the dramatics. I think that it had something to do with her being an actress.

Well . . . trying since it seems like she can’t land any new gigs from the past few weeks.

I read about it in a magazine a few weeks ago. That’s all about it.

Speaking of a loss of a job . . .

“Tell me, Nadine,” I place a long finger on the tip of my chin, my eyes narrowing in thought while my eyebrows scrunch at the act. “How is it like trying to find a job for the past week? Maybe a month?”

Nadine leans back rapidly as I slapped her in the face—which I might have done with the words that came out of my mouth. I know that it bruised her ego, that it was harsh and something which I should not have said but I don’t like her.

Hell, I detest her with a burning passion.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about, Brooklyn, my darling sweet friend.” Nadine’s lips pull into a hard line, showcasing the pearly white teeth of her’s. The rose gold locks move with her head when she looks around the room’s occupants and then back to me. “I have landed more jobs recently, like the lead role in a new sci-fi show which is based on a novel. A famous novel.”

My blonde brows rose at her words. Sci-fi tv show? Based on a famous novel? “Really? That’s hard to know since a super heavy article was written about you and your poor luck in the filming industries?”

“That’s preposterous!” she exclaims, drawing the attention of the people around her—they turn in their spot, give her a once over, a glare and then go back to their conversation. “Tell me the name of the author. I need to have this checked out with my agent.”

“Now . . . why would I tell you that?”

“I need to protect my career to get more jobs, Brooklyn.” She shakes her head at the words then looks back over to me. “Because if I don’t, then who will?”

I shrug my shoulders at her words. My mouth opens to speak my thoughts when I could feel a vibration coming from my purse.

Frowning, I send a grin to Nadine, showing her through the movement that I need to take this.

The woman doesn’t even acknowledge my action.

I roll my eyes at her. Fucking bitch. Ignoring her and everything which she is, I pull my phone from the bag at my side and turn it on. The screen just displayed a single text message.

hurry up, treasure.

I smile. I know exactly who this came from and the feeling of hate and disgust towards Nadine is quickly forgotten and replaced with happiness and joy and excitement.

A shiver runs through my being and goes straight to the apex of my legs. I almost fell down onto my knees from just one, single message from him.

Because I know what this message means. What it promises me.

Turning to face Nadine, I held tightly onto the phone and could feel the edges pricking the soft ridges of my hands. “I would love to continue this conversation, Nadine, I would love to at the bottom of my heart but I do have a prior place to be going to.”

“Wait!” Her ocean eyes widen at my words. “I still need—”

But her words get cut when I rapidly turn from my spot and strut my way out of the room, towards the direction where I will find him.

Simon fucking Carnes

♥ ♥ ♥

OPENING ANOTHER DOOR, a sigh comes out of my lips when I find yet another empty room with no one in it.

Well, not the one man whom I have been looking for the past twenty minutes. I have opened dozens of doors only to come up with ones that were empty of a soul and the only thing in the rooms are furniture scattered around the space,

You are in a hotel building, Brooklyn. I shake my head at the thought which is coming through my head and shut the door that I opened. I sigh once again, one question going through my mind and the most important one.

Where is Simon Carnes?

He told me to meet him in the lobby a while ago—before, in the car. A while before Daddy texted me to meet with him at the party so that we can discuss things. And so that we can talk about Phillip. I mean, that guy went missing on the fact that he has things to do in his office.

I beg to differ.

I know that Phillip is doing something . . . something more erotic and flexible with his time. Just thinking those words makes me want to puke on the white marble floor beneath me. I also bet that it has something to do with Gemma. Aka, his girlfriend.

Shaking my head, I continue to walk down the hallway.

From the lobby, after I couldn’t find Simon, I decided that searching through the many floors of the hotel would help me to find the brown-haired, green-eyed male.

Well, more like the first three floors above the ground floor.

My heels click against the marble while I strut down the hallway. I can feel my hips sway from left to right, my left foot stepping in front of the right and the way that my shoulders are straight and my breasts pop out.

After a few seconds, I made it to the end of this floor and I have found only a number of hotel rooms.

But no Simon Carnes.

I sigh once again.

Where the hell are you, Simon? Shaking my head from left to right, I turn around ready to walk back—

“Guess who, Treasure?”

I sigh—this time one with the emotion of content in it—and a grin comes onto my face. I then heard the voice, a voice raspy and husky and oh so sexy. Then followed by a pair of hands covering my lime green orbs and the radiation of scorching heat coming from a body behind mine.

I lean back into the body. “Hmmm . . . I don’t know who this is. Could it be Phillip? Phillip, is that you?”

A chuckle exits from his mouth and I can feel a tingle in my lower body. Then the body comes closer to mine. I could feel something hard poking itself into my ass and I bit my lower lip, hoping that it stifles the moan which wants to come through.

“I can tell you right now, Treasure, that I am not your brother.”

One of the hands which covered my eyes comes down from my face. He knew that I was going to open my eyes and the hand that was left quickly covered the naked eye.

I groan.

He chuckles.

That hand which was brought down trails down my arm. From the edge of my shoulder to the tips of my fingers. A cold chill rose to my back when I could feel a feather of a touch going down the side of my stomach.

I nod at his words. “Then tell me? Who are you?”

Then I wait. Waiting for a few seconds, I frown. I was close to turn around and see him when the man behind me snakes a hand around my waist and twists me around to face him.

And then my green eyes look into his own.

Simon sends a grin. A grin full of promises and seduction and love and most importantly, mindblowing sex. He then pulls my body into his where I can feel everything. And everything entillites to the hard thing which stands in the middle of his large thighs.

My gaze turns from the green colour of his staring right back at me to the rest of his body. He cleaned up nicely for the night. A navy blue suit with the blazer on top, a white shirt under and the same navy colour of his pants. But those things do not draw my attention.

What does in this case, is the splash of bright colour in the middle of all of the dark and light colours. Something which is not supposed to be there.

Bringing my eyes up to his, I grin at him. “Let me guess? A little lioness with a brown coat and hazel eyes spilled the beans of what colour of my dress I’m wearing?”

“How did you know?” Simon says right back, a smile playing on his lips. “Did she tell you?”

“Not really. But this—” One tug of the material brings him and the tie closer to me. I bring it in where I can feel his breath on my lips and I shiver at the contact. “—explains a lot on why you have a barbie pink tie to match my dress.”

“You got me.”

“Yes . . . Yes, I did.”

After those words, I let go of the tie and take a step back. A smirk comes on my face at the pout which designs his face. “What’s wrong, baby?”

Simon’s pout deepens. He brings a lip in with his teeth and looks at my face. “Nothing. It’s just . . . that . . .”

“Let me guess?” a finger comes to my chin and starts tapping on the bone. “You wanted to do something—something a little more fun. And dangerous, of course.” I move forward from my space in front of Simon and make a complete three-sixty around him. With each movement I make, I could physically see each and every one of his muscles contort. The muscles flexing and moving in his body makes a pool of heat start in between my legs and spread to other parts of my body.

Making one final move, I end up right in front of him. “But I don’t think that what’s going through your mind is the right thing to do. Especially if my father or mother come through this hallway and see you fucking me.”

The brunette male stands straight, an anger coming onto his face. He looks deep into my orbs before pulling my body back into his. And by this action, I could feel everything. The hardness of his stomach, the firmness of his pecs, the way that his large body is almost towering over my heel filled shoes.

Everything about this man—about Simon Carnes draws me in like a fucking moth to the scorching heat of a fire. Like a bear to a beehive. Like two lovers in the dead of night.

This is the man I love.

And that is something which will last a lifetime. And many more after that.

“Nobody. And I mean nobody will see me fucking the most important woman in my whole world.” Simon stresses on one particular word.


I could see the anger building up in his body. And the way that his grip is tightening around my hips.

“Only I get to do that.”

That’s when I know it’ll start.

Simon’s head leans forward, towards my neck where his breath breaths harshly onto the skin. “Only I get to touch you like this.” His hand moves from my waist to my stomach sides and then down the length of my dress.

Before stopping at my thighs. Simon’s hands brush softly over the fabric and then suddenly, he grabs harshly onto the material and bunches it together, causing the dress to lift over my ankles.

A gasp leaves my mouth, sweat starts to build upon my skin and this suffocating dress on my body is not helping the problem. My insides start to churn, a tingle of anticipation in the pit of my stomach.

I wanted this.

No, I needed this.

Simon’s lips still breath on my skin, not touching the soft skin of my neck and a sound of frustration comes out of my mouth. What a fucking tease! I make a move to pull away from him and walk away but then—

His lips touch my skin. His mouth—his kisses start at the end of my shoulder, near the end of my skin and right on the edge of my arm.

But then it starts to move up the surface.

Simon’s lips dance on my skin like a ballerina on a stage. It’s soft, hard, harsh and all-consuming and a gasp comes out of my mouth at the touches he’s making on my body and neck.

I never want to leave.

Then his kisses turn harsh, sucking on the skin of my neck when they made it to my collarbone. His lips attack my neck, it’s movements causing groans and moans to come out of my lips.

I had to grab onto the edges of his suit jacket to stop myself from falling onto my knees because of my jelly legs. Jelly legs that are made by him.

Moan after moan, bite after bite, kiss after kiss and I find myself in a mess which I know only Simon Carnes can solve and is the cause.

“Only I get to make you moan like this,” he whispers in my ear when he finishes his journey to my ear and a shiver falls on my back.

My hooded orbs meet his green ones and they darken considerably, showing the colours of a forest at midnight. And I know just by looking into his, mine are the exact same.

They show my desire and love for this man and this man alone.

“So?” I question. “Is that all you can do? Just make me moan?” My eyebrows raise at my words and I see his face alight with challenge. “Aren’t there other things that you can do?”

“Is that a challenge, Treasure?” His brows rose too.

I shrug my shoulders. “You can take it any way you want.”

His face morphs into one of thought for a bit. But his fingers were doing something entirely different. One of his hands is still wrapped around my waist, rubbing circles on the fabric but the other hand is starting to bunch up the fabric.

I could feel the pink colour start crawling up the expanse of my long legs. It went from my ankles to my kneecaps and now, resting mid-thigh. And just from that action, I know that he picked the right choice.

“I think . . .” he frowns for a moment, his eyes momentary going to the space around us. I follow his gaze to, looking around the hallway that we are still in to see nothing out of the ordinary.

But then I felt a hand let go of my waist and place itself onto my chin, forcing me to look back at him. Simon’s grip tightens on my chin. “I think that I can find more funnier ways to make you moan. And groan. And,” Simon smirks at me, “hear you screaming my name over and over again while the people of this event overhear how much you love me and I, you.”

His grip softens for a moment, showing his love on his face. But that only lasts for a while until the dominance comes back and he pushes my mouth against his.

Damn. This took way too long. I wanted this for so long.

Simon and I haven’t had the chance to have time for ourselves. I was busy with my modelling career and Simon was busy with his own. He comes from a long line of successful lawyers and lawyer families. That is the reason why he is so good at being persuasive—when he is doing his job, that’s it.

Other times, well . . .

Like now, he would more like to be persuaded than the other way around.

Simon has been so invested in taking over his legacy, Carnes Atlas, the most wanted and famed lawyer firm in New York.

He has his job and I have mine.

And that means that we haven’t had any chance just for us. For us to spend time together. For us to watch tv and sleep in late. For us to have a quiet and little breakfast. For us to just be us.

Brooklyn and Simon.

Not having the last names which will draw attention to us.

Just us.

And right now . . . we are making up for all the time that hasn’t happened between and for us.

Having his lips pressed against mine is bliss. A sigh comes from my mouth—and that was the only entry needed for Simon to enter and his tongue to dance with mine. His tongue strokes mine and I shiver, that ball of anticipation is still building and building, waiting for it’s moment to escape.

The hand on my chin was long gone, back to its place on my waist.

The other is still bunching up my dress material and then my body is moving back. I wasn’t scared. I know that Simon is the one who’s doing this; it would have been no one else.

And my suspicions were confirmed when I could feel something hard pressing against my back . . . and front.

I pull my mouth away from his own, murmuring under my breath, “Why don’t we continue this in the room?”

“I thought that you would never ask.” And then his lips were back on mine, kissing me with passion and lust.

The hand on my waist leaves and presses agonist the surface—and now I just notice that it is not a wall, but a door. Simon slipped into his coat, pulls out a piece of plastic that is the key for the door and presses it against the scanner. A sound resonates from the door and then the door opens wide.

It was a surprise for me. I was so surprised that I almost fell on the ground but likely Simon caught me and straightened my body.

“Sorry!” Simon grins at me and looks around the room. The room was expensive (just like all of the other rooms inside of the building) and was carrying the same colours from the lobby here. The same gold’s still here, some white and a few splashes of colour popping around the suite.

“Phillip gave you a room?” I question, eyebrows raised.

His head bobs up and down. Yes. His eyes follow mine around the room before stopping at the more prominent thing in the room.

The bed.

My red lips open wide, ready to say something when I felt a pair of hands grab me from under my thighs and lift me up.

“Simon!” A squeal escapes from my lips and the blonde hair of mine follows the action. My arms automatically wrap around his neck while the brunette male makes quick steps forwards towards the bed.

“Not now,” he responds back.

“But wait—!”

Then my words get cut off when they get knocked out of me. I look up, now seeing the ceiling of the room and then down slightly, seeing Simon standing in front of the bed, his eyes racking over my body and the way that my dress is bunched around my hips.

A coat of redness comes onto my check when realizing that all this time, that I have been half-naked where anyone could have seen me.

“Was that really necessary?” I raise an eyebrow at him, the question rolling off my tongue. I gesture towards the dress—well, lack thereof but who would question that?

His eyes follow my hand before he smirks. “It wasn’t. I’ll tell you that . . . But it was more than required for what I’m going to be doing to you.”

“To me?” my eyebrows scrunch together, my nose follows the action. “What about you?”

“Treasure, tonight,” his body starts climbing up onto the bed while he takes off the suit jacket. “Tonight it’s about you.” All the while saying that he makes his way over to me and kisses me with full passion.

I moan in his kiss, his touch, his everything. He dips his tongue into my own and I moan once again. The passion is him; his kiss is amazing and magical at the same time.

Nothing could be better than this at the moment.

I was going to move forward to kiss him right back but a groan of frustration leaves my mouth when he pulls back from my lips.

I glare at him.

He responds with his own smirk, a chuckle coming from his lips.

“Don’t worry,” Simon shakes his head at me. His face hovers over mine before he moves forward, his face now in the crook of my neck. “There will be more kisses soon. In other places, to be more exact,” he mumbles those words in my neck and my eyes flutter shut when his feather words and heavy breathing transforms into soft kisses and harsh suckng on my skin.

I moan at the sensation. The ball in my stomach just keeps on building, not releasing.

Not yet.

His kisses move down my neck, towards my chest. Kisses make a trail to the neckline of the dress where he stops for a moment, saying, “Do you need this dress?”

My eyes open wide at the words. Please. Do not tell me that I’m right! “Wait!”

I quickly lift my head (which was a bitch to do) and then I narrow my eyes at the shit-eating grin on his face. “I hate you!”

“You love me, just admit it.” He grins once again, his face coming to mine, kissing my lips and he pulls back as quickly as he does the kiss. Simon moves back to the neckline before he grasps on the top of the material and starts moving it down.

And at the end is a beauty that only he gets to see.

The white lace bra which I wore for the event shows everything which is mine and mine alone. It hugs my breasts, pushing them up to show more while the material winds around my back.

For the event, I couldn’t wear a normal bra with the straps. This is a strapless version, the only thing holding it up is the clasps behind, on my back.

And looking at the grin on his face, Simon knows it.

But he makes no move to try to take the material of. He instead looks at me, a smile on his and then he focuses it back on my breasts.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” He whispers those words while one of his hands goes under the white fabric and pulls one of them out. His hand then goes to the nipple and rubs the skin around it.

I bite my bottom lip in the hopes that it would stop the moans and throws of passion that want to come out. It worked. It almost worked.

But it didn’t work when he quickly pinched the sensitive bud, my mouth opening and a squeal coming from my lips. “I love to hear your little moans, your little squeal that I cause. It makes my day.”

“Like I didn’t know that!” I gasp out, arching my back when the touches of his fingers on my bud continues. And with the way that he’s going, I know that he is never going to stop.

But like always he stops.

I was going to move; fed up with all of the torturings that he is doing to me when I felt something wet on the nipple.

It’s a tongue.

Simon’s tongue.

I suck in a breath at the feeling of ecstasy travelling through my body and I moan. “Oh, Simon!” I breathe out the word, my back arching while his tongue does wonders to my body and my nipples.

With each stroke and swipe of his tongue, my nipple hardens into a taut little bud and I’m a ball of nerves that are ready to explode.

My body starts shaking, shivering with each tongue stroke and when it’s as hard as it can be and I am a mess of a woman, he brings his head up to examine the aftermath. “Perfect,” he whispers in a soft voice before he looks at the other breast, the one which is aching for his touch.

And when the other nipple has been touched, all I feel is relief.

The first thing which Simon does with the untouched nipple is to run his finger over the darkened skin. Back and forth, back and forth until he could pinch the bud—earning a squeak from me in response again.

Then his tongue does the rest of the work while his other hands kneads and fondles with the other breast, the one that got all of the attention at the start.

In a matter of seconds, I was a mess. A mess of sweat, of moans, of squeals, of chaos. “Please . . . Simon”

But he doesn’t listen to me. He just continues with his torture. “I am the only one who can kiss your skin and make my own mark on them.”

“Yes, yes!” I shake my head. “You’re the only one who can place hickeys on my skin. And now can you just do that.”

“Patience, Brooks.”

My eyes glance down at his face, the one whose lips are making kisses along the valley of my breasts. “Don’t tell me to be patient. I have been told that way too many times today.”

The faint memory of the time at my apartment appears but it was gone as quickly as it came when I could feel Simon’s mouth sucking on my skin, leaving hickeys after.

His kisses continue along the area of my upper chest, one after the other. And after the last kiss, he leaves the space and crawls down my body, to my thighs and near my centre.

Now there, his kisses start at the thighs, inner thighs, to be more specific.

Since my dress material is around my hips, there is no need to push the material more. There is nothing more to push.

Which means that my whole lower body has been on display. But I don’t care. Being a Victoria’s Secret’s model, I showcase my body in lingerie sets and babydolls every day. My photos have been on billboards around the country.

I have nothing to fear when it comes to my body image.

Simon’s kiss starts on the inner thighs, one hand wrapped around the skin there to stop my legs from closing when they want to because he knew that I would have done that. Would have closed my legs soon.

The other hand of his—now I don’t know where that is. And more importantly, I don’t give a flying fuck about it.

All I care about is him and his kisses. Nothing more.

Once again, his touch turns harsh and I know that his kisses will leave a mark the next morning. Lucky for me, I don’t have anything to do tomorrow. His mouth travels up the skin until it gets to my pussy.

I arch my back when I could feel the wetness of his tongue press against the white fabric.

Then the hand which was gone now comes forward only to push away the material and drag it down my legs, right to my feet. And it just hangs there. Simon has much more better things to do than waste time to bring a flimsy piece of white off my legs.

Simon comes up to my core. Wanda gave me a Brazilian wax and the only hair which is left is a small triangle at the front, away from my clit.

“I am going to enjoy this,” he whispers before he dives in, eating me out.

My hands which were on the now scrunched up sheets are now of the strands of brown on his head. I pull on the locks, a gasp escaping from my lips at the swipe of his tongue on my clit. His tongue moves up and down, up the slit and right to the bottom.

All the while his mouth does strokes, I could feel something hard being pressed against my knees. A smirk comes from my lips but it quickly gets replaced by a moan.

But one thought crosses my mind.

Looks like someone has too much self-control. His cock still presses against my knee, hard and rigid while he takes care of me.

Me. Not him.

And that makes me love him just a little bit more than before.

After a few seconds and pulls off his hair, his tongue gets faster while I shiver and shake more. I could feel my release coming with each stroke of his tongue. And he knows that which explains the reason why he is going faster and faster.

I smile, whispering, “I’m going to come.”

He does one more swipe and replays back, “Then come, Treasure.”

That was all that I needed before I let the ball of nerves release and a feeling of euphoria crosses my body.

And Simon licks it all up like he is a starved man and he has had no fresh taste of food of what the world could offer. What I could offer.

Now I lie on the bed, my breathing harsh, the last of my tremors surpassing when Simon crawls up my body and brings me in my arms. His touch soothes me and he whispers in my blonde locks, “You are my most favourite dessert that I would have all day, every day.”

“You can if you want to,” I respond in a soft voice while my arms wrap around him as well.


I chuckle at his words and snuggle into his body. All was well at the moment.

But that was until something hard pokes at my thighs. I bring my head from his chest, a frown crossing my features. “Do you want me to take care of it?” I question, my hand ready to go to the belt of his pants. “I’m more than happy to do it after you so generously took care of me.”

“As much as I want for you to do that. And my cock is more than happy for you to do wicked little things with that tongue of yours,” Simon brings a hand up to tuck a lock of blonde behind my ear. “But as I said before, tonights about you. Not about me,” he shakes his head.

“If you’re sure . . . ,” I mutter.

Simon grins down at me. “Positive, Treasure.”

And then he brings my body right back into his. The two of us just sit there, the faint sound of music playing from the party below.

But other than that, it was quiet. Perfect.

However, that silence was broken when Simon’s voice cut through the silence.

“You know, when I saw your brother at his office the other day, I told him that I would fuck you in one of the new rooms of the hotel. He threw something at me in response to my words after,” a chuckle exits from his lips and hits me deep in my chest. “But I didn’t know how true it would’ve been.”

I smile at the words, a chuckle coming from my own lips at the love that I feel for this man.

A love that would never go away.

♥ ♥ ♥

after a long time, i have posted a chapter.
a chapter which i loved to write because i have plans for these two lovebirds.
one more chapter before my break!

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