The Affair

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“Where’s your car keys honey?” I called my wife who was in the kitchen. “Oh I forgot to put them out, they are in my bag.” She replied. I picked up her bag and pulled it open. I reached in and searched around for her car keys. My hand felt something unfamiliar. Curious, I grabbed it and pulled it out. I stared at it. It was a condom! ‘What the hell is she doing with a condom on her bag?’ I wondered. My heart raced as stared at the square plastic packet and familiar round shape of the condom in relief. I walked over to the kitchen door with the condom held up in my hand, “Honey. What’s this?” I asked.

Romance / Erotica
Mr. Writer
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My name is Chris. I am fifty-years-old, and married to my wife Gail, and have been for twenty-six years. Gail is forty-eight, and we have three beautiful children. Our son David is twenty-five and is a junior doctor. His sister, Joanne, is twenty - three and after gaining a first in Psychology at university, she is on well her way to becoming a Chartered Psychologist, she is working in a local prison helping to rehabilitate prisoners serving long sentences.

Finally, there is our happy little accident, Louise. who is fourteen. I call her our ‘happy accident,’ because, whereas our first two children were carefully planned, our third, Louise, came out of the blue, but, she has turned out to be the most special gift that we could have been given, and has kept us both on our toes, and feeling young once again.

We still lived in the house that we had bought when we got married. We had both worked hard and had paid off the mortgage, and as I entered my fifties, I did so with a huge amount of optimism for the future, ours, and our children.

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