Irresistible Affair [Villainess #5]

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Chapter 9: The Escape

And later that night, Ashton was ravishing me again and again as I was allowing him to. This was our goodbye, the last time that we will see each other before we have to kill. Only one will survive and I know that I will not be the person to call the shots.
I was a captive after all.
We were at it as if the world was going to end tomorrow. No more pretense, no more inhibitions. Ashton showed me what he wanted to do to do with his tongue, fingers, and cock. And I cannot deny it for I loved and longed for it. I just have to live without it when this was all over.
But the thing was, I don’t want this to be over—whatever it was between us. Plus the fact that Ashton was spending his night in my room and he was hugging me like he could not let me go.
We were snuggling against the cold floor as our clothes were discarded. I don’t think I want to sleep for I know that Ashton will leave me on my own. And I don’t want him to.
We were in a comfortable silence like we can hear the needle dropped on the floor. It was too much for me to bear when I cleared my throat first.
“Well, this is unexpected,” I said as I was looking at his handsome face. Ashton clenched his jaws before I can see the tension in his shoulders. I reached out but he was already moving out of my touch.
Out of our love nest.
“This is a mistake,” he mumbled but I heard him loud and clear. I was gulping for I know that he would not betray his comrades for me. I know this but my heart was still hoping that he will reconsider.
“My name is not Ashton. My name is Frederic and you better start using it, Ashley,”
His words stung and I dropped my hand from reaching him. Hugging myself as I know that he will be cold again to me, I have to prepare myself for this. Ashton was rubbing his face now as I was blinking away my tears.
“I’m sorry,” I said before he stilled. So, I continued.
“I’m sorry if my love burdened you then and now. I know you will never feel the same. And I know that you will have to leave,” I was sobbing now as the tears were coming down my face, “I just wished that you will be happy with whoever you love, Fred—“
“Do not use that name,” Ash said as he was gripping my face. I was looking at him through the blurry eyes before his hazel eyes were focusing on my emerald ones. I blinked before he sighed.
“I’ll always be Ashton to you, Ashley,” he said before I sobbed now. He was saying goodbye and I know it but then, he said something else that made my heart jumped.
“And I will get you out of here,”
I snapped my eyes to him. I blinked my eyes before he smirked. He kissed me and I was still stunned to look at him.
“You would think I let my wife die here? I think you don’t know me at all,” he said before he was dressing up and he urged me to do so. I was still confused by this sudden change in his behavior.
“What are you playing at?” I asked him before Ashton was looking at me. I was still naked and he was helping me to get the clothes on me.
“We have to escape first. I don’t think Megan will forgive me if anything happens to her assassin.” He said before I was blinking my eyes. What the hell was going on?
Seeing the confusion on my face, Ash kissed me before he spoke, “Later, I will explain it later. For now,” he said as I heard a bomb going off. He smirked, “let’s get out of here,”
Ash led me out of the room where everyone was screaming and shouting in the distance. I don’t know what to expect, that Megan was sending him to infiltrate this territory and he was on my side all along, or I was being duped by him and trusting him like my heart wanted me to.
But do you even want to stay behind without him in your life? I don’t have an answer for that either.
We were running through the long hallway before I saw who was blocking us. It was the blonde woman and she was looking from me to Ashton before smirking.
“Well, I have always known it would come to this. I or she and you chose her,” she said before she was removing the blades that she carried. I don’t even know how she walked with it all the time.
“Let us through and nobody will get hurt,” Ash said before I was gripping his hand. I turned to look at him briefly, noticing that his jaws were clenching before I was turning to look at the woman again. She laughed.
“I think it was too late for that,” she said before she was moving forward as quickly as a cheetah. Ash shoved me to the side before he met that woman with blades of his own. How does he get that?
“Move aside. Stand down,” Ash said as he was swinging the blades, bringing terror into the hallway. But the blonde woman only laughed and she was sneering at him.
“Not a chance. Not after you broke your oath,” she hissed before she was slicing Ash. My husband grunted before I was standing in horror. His swords flew away as the woman was holding the tip of her sword at his throat. Then, she turned to look at me and smirked.
“Say goodbye forever, wench,” she said, and then, something snapped at me. I took the blade that Ash threw to the side. I rolled as I was coming upon the woman. She was punching through my husband’s throat before I swiped the sword aside and I was locking my eyes with her. she was shocked to see me there.
“You thought you will kill my husband? I think you need to brush up on your swordsmanship,” I said before I was knocking her down. She was screaming with rage as I was parried her and thrust forward. The blonde woman staggered back before she hit the wall and I was plunging the sword into her chest. She gasped before blood was oozing from her mouth.
“That’s for kissing my husband and torture me, wench,” I said before I was releasing the hilt of the sword and staggered. So much for showing the art of killing. I think I opened some of the wounds now.
“Come on,” Ashton said before he was gripping my waist and we were walking down the hallway. He turned before we were greeted by the garden and there was someone out there that was waiting for us.
The old woman that treated me days ago.
“Took you long enough,” she said, sounding not old at all. Then, she peeled her skin and I was greeted by someone that I was familiar with. I blinked.
“Aleena?” I cannot believe it! my best friend was here. She smiled at me before she was helping Ashton to carry me out of the building.
“How—what—I don’t understand,” I said as we were running from the burning building. Is this mean that I was not alone all this time and Megan found it hilarious that I was captured and decided to abandon me?
I think I will have a talk with her.
We were running as the ash and the debris were flying in the sky. The smoke thickened before I was coughing. Then, we’re at the cliff that I was looking down on the freshwater of the river, the same one that I came through on the first day.
“Jump!” Ashton said before he was pulling me with him. I jumped into the river, trusting him with my life as Aleena was following him as well. We were plunged into darkness before I was swimming to the surface.
My face broke the surface and I took a deep breath. I coughed some of the water as I was looking at the burning facilities. Then, we were moving toward the alcove before I saw something on the surface that was crashing with the water.
“A boat? So you have an escape plan after all?” I asked them but Aleena and Ashton were busy trying to start the engine and went out of the alcove. I was looking at the burning building that was sending smokes into the air. I was sure that Megan will know about this sooner or later.
My guess would be sooner.
I turned to look at my husband and best friend. They planned something and they have to disguise themselves that I cannot think of anything else.
I was being played by Megan and it’s time for payback.
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