Irresistible Affair [Villainess #5]

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Epilogue: Happily Ever After

Ashton pushed me as I was hitting the mattress. After everything that we’ve been through, I don’t think I would let Ashton out of my life. I wanted him forever and I know that I will be his forever.
Because I love him so much that I cannot let him go.
“Ashton,” I moaned as I was gripping his hair. I was arching my back when he was kissing my chest before his tongue—his wicked, sensual tongue—was making some wicked things on my nipples. I moaned his name.
“You’re mine, Ashley. You have always been mine when I was not even sure of myself and when I know that you are carrying my child, you are mine, forever,” he said before I was moaning and aching for him.
I wrapped my legs around his torso as I was pulling his hair before I was kissing him again. I was grinding myself to his erection before his tip was teasing me. my core was wet and ready for him as Ashton impaled himself into me.
I gasped before I was writhing underneath him. “Oh,” I moaned before I was moving in sync with him. I don’t know where he began and I ended. We were joined as one and as one, we will be together forever.
“Ashley,” my husband moaned my name before I was moving in sync with him. He was groaning under his breaths before I was feeling the familiar sensation as my walls clenched involuntarily around his cock as I was gasping for air, his name was on my lips as I climaxed.
He nuzzled my neck before he was spewing his hot load into me. It was delicious and I don’t think that I would be happier without Ashton’s arms around me.
“I love you, Ashley Banner, forever,”
“And I am to you, Ashton Flammen,” I said before he smirked.
“I think I want my surname to be yours. So that we can be together without the government came after me,” he said before I was rolling my eyes.
“But you love me anyway,” he said as he was nudging me again. he was hard inside me before I was narrowing my eyes at him.
“Bastard,” I said before Ashton laughed and kissed me again. And it was paradise.
Despite everything that we’ve been through, Megan was kind enough to make my existence a ghost. And right now, I cannot think of anything else for Ashton was standing beside me as he was putting his hand on my lower back as Megan was arching her eyebrow at me.
“So, I see the rumor was true now,” she said as I was rolling my eyes as I was crossing my hands in front of my chest.
“And whose fault was that?” I asked her before Ashton warned me. I know that I should not let the anger get to me but the hormones were overwhelming today. I sighed.
“Look, I know that you don’t want to let me go but I am tired of everything, Megan. I wanted to have my own family and spend my time with my children. And I have a husband now,” I said as I was turning to look at Ash. He smiled as I was biting my lower lips. Megan cleared her throat.
“So, I assume that you are trying to leave us for good then?” she asked before I shrugged. She sighed before she was pinching her nose bridge.
“Well, that makes two of my best agents,” she mumbled before I perked up and curious about the other agent.
“Who was it?” I asked her without having thoughts of anything else. Megan turned to look at me before she smiled.
“You know who,” she said before she waved her hand at me. “Go now, make your own family and I hope that I will be named as your child’s godmother?” she asked me before I was arching my brows.
“You meant to—“
“I may have been strict with you, Ashley, but remember that I am still a woman with a maternal instinct,” she said before she was turning to look at her paper, her subtle way to dismiss the conversation. I was arching my eyebrow before I was turning with Ashton to get out of the office and out of this dangerous life forever.
“Well, that went well,” he said as we were inside the car. I sighed before I was gripping his hand. I was looking at the building one last time before I smiled for I know, I would never be here if not for Megan, no matter what she did to me in the past.
“Yeah, I think it is,” I said before Ashton drove away from the parking lot to our next destination, to ensure that nothing was bad happening to our unborn child.
It’s time for my appointment with an OBGYN.
The lights were blinding as I was laying down on the bed as the young doctor was scanning my stomach, looking for the sign that my unborn child would be in any danger of some sort when I was being tortured during my capture.
There was none.
“Well, it would seem that everything was okay and your baby is healthy. But I do suggest you take care of your health, ma’am. You’re too thin,” the doctor said before she was looking at me sternly. I smiled.
“I will,” I said before Ashton helped me to get out of the bed as the doctor was typing something inside the computer. She was describing some medicine for me so that I will not be having issues before I will have my next appointment with her next month.
“Thank you,” Ashton said as we exited the room. I was taking a deep breath before I was turning to look at my husband.
The traitor husband that once I knew but now, he was my world.
We walked in the hallway as the sanitary smell of the hospital was sticking to our clothes like glue. I was holding Ash’s hand as he led me outside. The sun was shining and I took a deep breath as I was closing my eyes.
“So, what do we now?” he asked me as I turned to look at my husband. My only husband, Ashton Banner, well not officially yet.
“Shall we go to the city hall to change your name officially?” I asked him before Ashton was smirking at me. Then, he pulled me in for a kiss.
“I thought you never ask,” he whispered before his kiss was taking me to another level.
I was breathless as Ashton was laying on his back next to me. after our visit to the city hall, we rushed home because I cannot keep my hands to myself, and right now, I was happy as Ashton had shown me one thought and one way to be wicked with my body.
And I loved every second of it.
“What are you thinking about, my love?” he asked me as he was kissing my bare shoulder. I was admiring the engagement and wedding rings that I put even after what happened between us. I know that some people might condemn it for I was sleeping with the enemy.
But Ashton was my enemy and now, he’s my husband more than anything.
“Just thinking about our future,” I whispered as I turned to snuggle against his warmth. If anything, I gave Ashton a point for being the coziest arms in the world. And I loved every second of it for it was exclusive only for me.
“Hmm, and what is our future foretell you?” Ash asked me as he was tracing his hands on my bare spine. I sighed before I was kissing his bare chest. His scent was overwhelming my nostrils but I loved everything about Ashton Banner.
My Ashton Banner.
“That we will have everything that we could ever dream for. A house, children, pets if we want,” I said as I was sitting on my elbow as Ashton smiled at me with his hazel eyes shining with mischief.
“And you’re at my beck and call whenever, wherever I want,” he said before he was pulling my nape and kissed me. I melted against his hard body before Ashton broke the kiss.
“I have news for you,” he said before I was arching my eyebrow at him.
“Okay, what is it about?” I asked him before Ashton smirked at me.
“Hermon is getting married,” he said before I was blinking my eyes. Aleena will be devastated when she heard about this.
“Oh? And who’s the lucky woman?” I asked before Ashton smirked.
“Who said it was a woman? You know his sexual orientation right?” Ashton asked before I nodded.
“I know but don’t you think his parents will—“
“I don’t know if Hermon was telling the whole truth. He said that he will be gone for some time and I don’t ask who was the lucky person to be his partner. He said that it was arranged between his family and them,” Ashton said as I was nodding.
“I wish Aleena will not be so heartbroken when she finds out,” I said before I was leaning against Ash. He kissed my hair.
“Aleena also went out of the service. She said that she has something else to be taken care of. And Megan did not think much about it. she was rather…preoccupied at the moment,” Ashton said as I was arching my eyebrow. He laughed.
“All will be revealed later, love. I know it will,” Ashton said before he was pulling me down beneath him as he was kissing me. I know he was trying to distract me but still, the question remained:
Will Aleena find her happy ending? Was it with Hermon?
And what was keeping Megan preoccupied so much that she did not bother when Aleena asked to resign?
Question upon the question and I don’t have the answers to them.

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