Irresistible Affair [Villainess #5]

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Have I told you that this story was been written down for years and I just got around to finish it? Here are some of the chapters that I wrote before developing my full idea.

PS: It was not as good as the edited one.



Bullets are everywhere, scattered around the floor as she moves to the next position. Damn it!!! She mused. She turned around and aimed at the center of the heart and shouted the bullet passed it. It missed the target. Great, it's just great. She looked around, digested the situation that she was in right now.

She took out her short gun and refilled the bullets in it. She prayed for the last time and when to the core of the mission. She shot everything in her way, with no regret at all. She slid under the table and took her time to breathe. She exhaled it, hard. Then, she refilled the gun once more and ran toward the center. However, there was a bomb behind her, and boom...

She regains her consciousness and tried to stand up, her legs were trembling. There was a shadow behind the dust and ashes; the effect of the bombing. Someone was walking toward her, proudly and arrogant.

She blinked and tried to stand up but failed. She moved backward away from the shadow, which was close enough to her. She backed up her back to a wall. She watched the shadow approach. She prayed and prayed. Then, someone was saying something,

"So ist das nun mal!" he said and she passed out...


"Honey... Hurry up!!! Or you going late for work" Ashley shouted from downstairs, making her husband rushed in everything he was doing at the moment.

"Coming," Ashton said, while taking his briefcase and tried to make his tie, in the meantime, running down the stairs.

"Here. Let me help you" his wife offered to make his tie. Her fingers expertly did the tie while he was checking out his wife. In a black dress that falls to her knees and black stiletto, her brunette straight hair flowed smoothly from her back to her waist.

Her emerald green eyes were focused on his tie. Her lustrous lips, red lipstick, made him want to kiss them like there was no tomorrow. His dirty thought was interrupted when his wife spoke,

"There. You are all set" she said while stroking up and down his chest with her hands. She looked up, bored her eyes with him. Ashley smiled, so did Ashton. Then, he grabbed her into his arms and kissed passionately her red lips.

After a few minutes later, Ashton broke the kiss. "Well, now I am all set," he said, winking at his wife. Ashley frowned. Damn it. He was a good kisser. "Yeah, I can see that now" she mused and went to the mirror that was hanged up on the wall beside them to reapply the lipstick. He smiled. Putting his hand around her waist, he whispered something that made Ashley giggled.

"Okay, I'm done. Let's get going. We already late" Ashley took his hands and led them outside the house.


"Mr. Flames, I've been expecting you to come," said the guest greeter at the entrance.

"Thank you. I hope I do not late to this important event" Ashton said with a million dollars smile, flashing his purely white teeth.

"Ashton, you finally here," said someone from the entrance. She came into view as she stroke through the door. Ashley flinched at her figure. She was wearing a tight red dress that hugged her curves perfectly. Ashley blushed, looked at the floor. She played with her fingernails.

"Hey, how are you doin', Benita? Benita, this is my wife, Ashley. Honey, this is my business partner, Benita. She just came back from France to settle our deals there." Ashton explained with big smile plaster on his face.

"Ashton, I don't know you are married" Benita pouted while holding her hand to her heart.

"There are a lot of things that you don't know about me and don't have to know every single of it" he joked, the others laughed at it, not Ashley. She just smiled sheepishly.

"Okay, enough of the drama. Let's get going" Benita held her hands in front of her, surrendered.

Ashton led his wife to their table and settled down until the event started.

"So, do you enjoy yourself tonight," Ashton asked as they walked toward the front door of their house. their hands intertwined. Ashley sighed.

"Honestly? I don't enjoy myself" Ashton raised a brow. His wife just giggled. "Because now you all belong to me" Ashley kissed her husband and her hands held around Ashton's neck. His hand circled around her waist. He opened the door and backed up her back to the wall. His hand expertly searched the zip of her dress and unzipped it. The dress fell to the floor. Ashley's hand started to unbuttoned Ashton's suit clumsily.

"Honey, you should do better than that," he said before sending all buttons flying on the floor.

Ashley giggled before her lips were captured by Ashton's lips, kissing passionately and hotly.

Ashton lifts her up and walked to their room, to capture their hot moments together.


The sun's rays hit their room, making Ashley flinched at the sudden light. She opened her eyes, closing them for a while, adjusting them to the light. She moved to her side; found out that her husband was looking at her intensely, with care.

"Guten tag, schon," he said, kissing the crook of her neck.

She giggled." Stop it, I'm ticklish," she said while pushing his weight off her.

"Last time I've checked you are not that ticklish," he said with a wicked smile plastered to his face. Ashley blushed.


So, yeah.

This idea came to me in 2015 and I've just finished writing it with some improvement that you can see for yourself. Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the ideas that I picked up and made them into something better.

I hope you will get some inspiration to write your own stories. I came a long way as well to write some good novella and novels. You just don't give up easily as I did not. If I was feeling useless and wanted to quit, I would always refer to this quote:

'Professional writers are the amateurs that don't know when to quit' by Richard Bach.

I hope you have an inspiration and go get your stories done!


Nikki :)
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