Irresistible Affair [Villainess #5]

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Chapter 2: The Wedding

“Are you afraid?” Aleena asked me as I was taking a deep breath. I don’t know if I was afraid on my wedding day. Everyone would be having cold feet but I don’t think that was the issue right here. I was happy and too overwhelmed that I will be marrying the person that I loved the most in the world.
No, I was definitely not afraid.
“No, I don’t think it was the wedding jitters. I think…” I bit my lower lips for the dramatic effect, “I was looking forward to our lives together,” I said as I was holding the bouquet that I got for my wedding. I was breathing hard before I was turning to look at the altar. Ash was smiling as the bishop was standing on the stage and the Wedding March was heard. The crowd stood and I was walking in as Aleena was in front of me as my maid of honor.
Here it goes.
I walked down the aisle as I was smiling at the crowd. For 24 years that I have been alone, I never thought that I would find someone that loved me for who I was. For I have become. I looked at Ash as he was immaculate in his black Armani suit before me. I was wearing an ivory A-line dress as I was smiling from ear to ear.
Of course, a bride that shone on her wedding day.
I stood in front of Ashton as the music died and the bishop was attending to the crowd, ready to start the holy matrimony that I would never wish to escape ever.
“Dearly beloved, we gather here today to unite this man and this woman together as in a holy matrimony that they will be shared for the rest of their lives together.” The bishop spoke as Ash was leaning toward me.
“You look beautiful,” he said as I was blushing. I don’t think that anyone would know I was a virgin for I already gave it to Ashton when we’re sleeping together after that night in the bar. I doubted that was the reason he married me right here.
Perhaps a little bit of it.
“And you look nice as well,” I said as I was smiling while the bishop was explaining the importance of being together, not committing to infidelity and all that sort. I know Ash would never seek out an external relationship if I satisfied him every night.
And I know I do a pretty good job at it.
“Do you, Ashton Flammen, take this woman as your lawful wife, in sickness, and in health, in rich and poor, to cherish her love for as long as you both shall live?” he asked Ash before my fiancé turned to look at me and he was smiling.
“I DO,”
“And do you, Ashley Banner, take this man as your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness, and in health, in rich and poor, to cherish his love for you as long as you both shall live?”
I turned to look at Ashton. His hazel eyes glistened like the first night we met. The black hair that I had known to touch and grip whenever we made love. I sucked a breath and breathed out the word that I have longed to say.
“I DO,”
“And by the power that was rested on me, I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride,” the bishop said before Ash pulled me in by the nape and kissed me like the first time we met.
Passionate, wild, and free.
The crowd cheered before I can focus on them because Ashton Flammen has been mine forever and I was his until death did us apart.
“It’s a very grand reception,” Aleena told me as I was sipping on the champagne as we were celebrating my wedding reception. It was late afternoon and we have continued the party till evening. It was exhilarating as well as nervous for I will be spending in his bed a couple of hours later.
As his wife, no longer his girlfriend or fiancée. I can hardly wait.
“Well,” I said as I was jerking my head toward Hermon before Aleena was looking at him, “I can see that he was having the best time in his life, that bloody wanker,” I chuckled before I noticed that Aleena was gripping her glass. Hermon was dancing on the dance floor and was attracting quite a number of admirers, mostly women.
Aleena scoffed before she drank her wine. “He certainly does love the attention,” she said before I smiled. Then, I noticed that Ash was making his way toward me.
“Gotta go, my husband was coming,” I said before Aleena made a vulgar gesture at me. I laughed.
“I think you should find yourself a boyfriend, Aleena and perhaps he will notice you then,”
It was harsh advice but when your best friends will simply not confess their love for each other, I might as well jump in between them.
“Ready for our dance, love?” Ash asked me before I was nodding at him. he pulled me toward the dance floor before the music was playing.
La Cumpusita, the tango music.
The musicians were playing the chords and my husband was smirking at me. I narrowed my eyes at him as I know that he was trying to test my dancing shoes.
Well, I show him.
He moved like a panther across the dance floor before I was returning the gesture. I sway my hips as I was smirking seductively at him. Ash was surprised but he did not seem to mind that I have something else up on my sleeves.
We were joining together at the center as I was dropping my hands in his. Ash turned me around as his chest was hitting my bareback against my wedding dress.
“I don’t know you tango, love,” he whispered inside my ear. I slid to the floor as he still held my hands as I was sliding across the floor, showing him my flexibility. Then, I was standing in front of him again with my calf upon his leg.
“Well, then you don’t know about my flexibility as well. I thought you already know that” I teased him as I was arching my eyebrow at him. he chuckled before he was bending me backward as he was kissing my throat. I shivered.
“Then, I would love to know more about it,” he whispered before I was turning in his arms again. We swayed to the music as Ashton lead me. I smiled at him, batting my eyelashes before he was spinning me out of his arm and called me back in. I hit his hard chest again as his hand on my waist. I gasped as I can sense the erection on my backbone before I glanced at him over my shoulder.
“You’re incorrigible,”
“And you like me anyway,” he whispered before we were at the final stage of dancing. I swayed my hips against him, noting that he growled in my ears before he dipped me back and I was arching my legs around his calves. The music stopped and everybody cheered as Ash was sliding me up against his hard body.
I did not miss a muscle underneath his suit.
I was breathless and when I was looking at his darkened hazel eyes, I know he wanted to escape.
“Shall we get going?” I asked him as I was smirking. He growled even more.
Ashton pushed me across the suite as he was kissing me, claiming my mouth while his hands were busy trying to find the zipper of my wedding gown. He dragged it down before he was shoving it off my shoulders, leaving me with only my undergarment.
I shoved his coat off his shoulders before I was ripping his buttons off. Ash chuckled lowly before I was fumbling with his belt. He pushed me backward as my legs hit the bed and I landed on the mattress, my breasts were bouncing up and down.
“So energetic but I think I want to be in control tonight,” he said as he was looking down on me. I growled before I was on my knee and I was looking at the visible tent in front of his pants. I smirked as I was tracing my fingers on it.
“Do you want to? Or should I be down on my knees and pleasure you with my mouth?” I said as I was licking my lips. His eyes darkened even more before he grunted.
“Do it,”
I was crawling on my knees as I was locking my eyes with my husband. I pulled his belt before I unbuttoned the pants. I dragged it down his hips with his brief before I was looking at the eager length of his. I smirked.
“Not so in control are you now?”
“Suck it. suck it with your mouth,” he said before I was putting my hands on his thighs. His very muscular thighs. I was looking at the red part of its head of his cock, oozing with pre-cum before I was licking the underside. Ash groaned as I was gripping the base of his cock.
“Yes,” he said as he was gripping my hair. I was putting his tip inside me, tasting him with my tongue as Ashton gasped.
“Ashley,” he said before I was sucking him whole. He hissed at the sensation and I was happy to oblige him. I moaned before I was bobbing my head up and down.
“Oh, yes. Yes!” he said as I was playing with his balls and gripped him at the base. Ash threw his head back before I can sense that he was going to come. My own core was wet from this foreplay before Ashton was pulling me by the hair and I was pushed against the mattress.
“No more, I want to be inside you. Now!” he said before he was spreading my thighs in front of him and with one swift move, he was inside me.
I gasped before Ash groaned on top of me. he moved in and out of me as he was building the pleasure inside me. I was arching my back as he was sucking on my tips and played with my clit. Then, I was on my peak and came down from it with his name on my lips.
My walls clenched his cock before Ash was shaking on top of me, spewing his hot seed into my womb as I was kissing his mouth. We were playing with our tongues before he nuzzled my neck.
“Mine, you’re mine, Ashley. Mine,” he said as he kissed and sucked on my skin, leaving me a hickey that I would be proud to wear and showed it to the world.
And you’re mind, Ashton Flammen, nobody can take you away from me now. A promise that seemed harmless at the time but then, what do we know of our future, right?
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