Irresistible Affair [Villainess #5]

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Chapter 3: The Normalcy

It has been a year since our wedding. We went to Italy for our honeymoon and surprisingly, Ashton can speak fluently whereas I was trying to capture what he was saying at the moment. I have no gift with the languages for I was more into mechanical stuff like machines.
Perhaps, that was why we completed each other so well.
The routine was simple. We woke together, showered, and then have breakfast before we went to the workplace. On the weekend, it was slightly different for Ash would be making love to me on Friday night, not letting me have a wink of sleep. Then, we made love again in the morning as I was happy to oblige with his morning wood. Then, we have dessert in the shower before we went to have some breakfast, naked as Ash would feed me food while I was on his lap.
Such life was for a normal couple. And we were normal until that one day when he has to leave for an outstation work.
“Honey, hurry up! Or you will be late for work” I shouted from downstairs, making my husband rushed in everything he was doing at the moment.
“Coming,” Ashton shouted from our bedroom while taking his briefcase and tried to make sure his tie was neat as I was looking from the kitchen as he was running down the stairs. I shook my head at his rush before I was offering to help him.
“Here. Let me help you,” I offered to make his tie.
My fingers expertly did the tie while he was checking me out, his wife. I stood there in the black dress that Ash brought for my birthday which fell to my knees and black stiletto. I noticed that he was staring before I arched my eyebrow.
“Do you have something in mind that you want to share, Mr. Flammen?” I asked as I was fixing his tie. My husband smirked before his hands were on my waist, pulling me closer as my breasts were touching his hard chest.
Desire flew inside me but I kept my face stoic as much as I could.
“And what will you do if I have such thoughts?” Ash asked me as I was looking into his hazel eyes. He was smirking at me before I was rolling my eyes, a smile was on my lips.
“Well, perhaps I will be obliged to give to you since it will be the last time for me to see you before your two weeks outstation,” I said as Ash was leaning in.
“I was thinking that perhaps I wanted to taste your tasty lips. What will you do?” he asked me huskily with that baritone voice of his, making me jumpy altogether. My core was wet and I think I have to change my panty before I turned in for work as well.
“You’re insatiable,” I said before I pulled his tie and we’re kissing now. His hands were roaming on my hips before he was gripping my buttocks firmly. I gasped before he slid his tongue inside me, tasting like fresh mint and I was molding my lithe body to his. Ash broke the kiss before he breathed out, smiling wickedly with that full, kissable lips of his.
“You will be the death of me,” he said before I was turning away from him, making sure that my brunette, straight hair flowed smoothly on my back that ended on my waist as I was walking to the kitchen.
I smirked before I put the omelet and sausages on the table as Ash was sitting at the counter, looking at my swollen lips. My lustrous lips, red lipstick that he had ruined now.
“Eat now. I don’t want you to be on an empty stomach when you’re on your flight. What would people think if my husband’s stomach was growling inside the airplane?” I said before I was taking one of the sausages and sucked on them. Ash’s eyes were on mine as I was smirking while I bit on it.
“I will be busy when I got there. I don’t think I will have some time to chat with you while abroad,” Ash said, digging into the breakfast. I nodded at him before I was sipping on the orange juice.
“Me too. The boss wanted something that I don’t think everyone was willing to take on the project so he dumped on me,” I said as I was rolling my eyes. I sighed before Ash was asking me to come to his side. I went and he pulled me on his laps.
“You think you can be late for once?” he asked me as I was straddling his lap. His erection was noticeable before I was smirking.
“What do you have in mind?” I purred at him as I was gripping his tie. The tie that I just made for him as he was rushing to get them right.
“Hmm, I don’t know but a quickie would do my mood much better for our two weeks separation,” he said as I was pulling my dress up to my waist before Ash was fumbling with his belt. His cock sprang free and I was positioned it to be at my entrance. I was wet ever since I was making his tie before he slammed into me.
I moaned as I was gripping his tie and his nape. He pushed me up and down his length as I was breathing hard.
“Now this is the way to say goodbye,” I said as I was biting his lower lips. Ashton growled before he was slamming me onto the counter, pushing the plates aside.
“And you are the most delicious meal ever,” my husband said before I was arching my back. The sensation was near and with two more strokes, I came and so was my husband with our names on each other lips.
After that, he kissed me again in a passionate, demanding way before he went out and drove away from our driveway. I was sighing as I was washing the dishes and I was picking up my briefcase after I fixed my dress and hair. I can’t just go to the workplace like I’ve been ravished by my husband. My engagement ring shone as I was getting out of the house, smiling the whole way to my workplace.
I was looking at the skyscraper where I was working right now. After I left our house, I went to the workplace, looking like a woman so much in love with her husband. And I was the luckiest woman in the world for being able to get married to such a wonderful man like Ashton. I giggled before I swiped my card and I was walking inside the building now.
“What’s got you into a good mood this morning?” Aleena asked me before I turned to look at her. she was glowing as well or perhaps her makeup was flawless today. I blinked.
“And why are you wearing makeup? Got any hot dates tonight?” I asked before Aleena smirked.
“What would you like to know?” she replied before I rolled my eyes. We were in front of the elevator and Aleena punched the buttons.
“Well, if you must now, even though we will be missing each other for two weeks, Ash just gave me the best farewell gift ever and I was so happy because it will remind me of him until he came back,” I said, stepping into the elevator. No one dared to follow us for this elevator was exclusive for our workplace only.
Aleena arched her eyebrow at me. “Really, and what is that gift?” she asked before I was smirking at her.
“Can’t you guess?”
“Gross but I am happy for you. Have you been talking to Ashton about your dream lately?” she asked me before I was biting my lower lips. I shrugged, not wanting to discuss any further for Aleena knows that she cannot push me.
Not until I asked Ashton if he wanted to start our family yet.
I sighed as the elevator dinged and we were greeted by our assistants. I took off my coat and briefcase before I handed them to my assistant. She informed me that my boss, Megan, wanted to speak with me about a certain project.
“I catch you later,” I said as I sipped on the coffee before Aleena was making it to her cubicle. Saying that I was an IT engineer was a lie for I never thought that I will have to lie to my husband.
No, that was only a front for me to cover who I really was.
An assassin. A hired hitman. A markswoman.
I sighed before my stiletto clicked on the marble floor as I made my way to Megan’s office. She was the director of the secret service that we served the government. We were supposed to be a mystery and lately, Megan was itchy about something.
Something that she will be telling me now.
I knocked on the door before I heard someone was calling from the inside. “Come in,” she said before I opened the door and Megan was typing away on her keyboard, not so much to be looking at me.
“So, what is it that you want to talk to me this morning?” I asked as I was sitting in front of her desk. Megan was typing away before she sipped on her coffee before turning her gaze upon me.
Her blue-grey eyes were locking on my dress. Assessing me. calculating, deadly. Then, she smiled.
“I see that you glow today. How’s married life treating you?” she asked before I shrugged.
“Same old, same old. Well, the sex was getting better, however,” I said before Megan made a face at me. then, she cleared her throat.
“Anyway, I have a new mission,” she said before I was turning my head to look at her.
“And his name is Frederic Rhein,”
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