Irresistible Affair [Villainess #5]

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Chapter 4: The Mission

“He’s a spy that was lead into our country to learn more about our military defenses before he can contact his informant. We caught him leaving last night after thorough research in the cameras and the matching profiles that we can get our hands-on,” Megan explained before she snatched something from the table and read it out loud.
“His destination is unknown for all that matters because someone on his side has deleted everything before we can get it. it was a miracle that we still able to track him after that,” she said as she put the paper down. I turned to look at it as I was grazing every detail that I can get on it.
“When do I leave?” I asked her as Megan was smirking at me.
I was heaving and vomiting into the bowl of the toilet as I was gripping the edge of it. I breathed hard as I was looking at the content of my empty stomach. I just got out of Megan’s office when something caught my nose and I was rushing to the toilet.
Ginger, it has to be Ginger.
I sighed before I pulled the flusher and the water was cleaning my mess. I was breathing hard before I pulled myself up as I was rearranging my dress and my stiletto. Well, it will be a long time before I can wear one again.
I gripped my stomach as Aleena’s warning was coming into my head. I don’t tell Ash yet what I was keeping from him. It has been 2 weeks and the signs were already showing.
How I wanted him so bad every now and then.
The taste of the food was different and I was eating more than I supposed
Ginger was sickening and I would vomit on sight for the smell of it.
I grimaced before I went to wash my face and cleaned up a bit. I cannot let everyone think that I was pregnant. No, I will not let them invade into my private life. For all they know, I was not married, except for Aleena because she was my best friend.
I walked out of the restroom before I ventured out to take my case file and the cover that I would have to present to Ashton when he got back. I think he would be furious with me if I was not careful.
Or he would discover something that will make him speechless even more.
I smiled before I was thanking the other agent. I sighed as I was looking at the name of the spy that I have to kill in order to keep my country safe. Well, I did choose to be their assassin and all of that so it will be a matter of time to kill whilst one was pregnant.
I took my coat and briefcase before I was out of the building.
“Where are you going?” Aleena asked me before I was smiling at her. I hugged her and told her that I have a mission to go to. She wrinkled her nose and I know what she was going to say.
“I know, I know. I will talk to him when he got back,” I said as Aleena scowled at me.
“You better or I will,” she said for the last time as I went down to the lobby and called for my car. I put on my sunglasses before I was getting into my car and drove back to my house to prepare for the mission to kill one Frederic Rhein.
I pulled my stuff from my hiding place around the house. It was neatly arranged and everything was shiny. I smiled as I took a pistol and a knife before I shoved some money into the duffel bag that I will be carrying to the country that I will be killing the spy. I sighed before I was packing up some of the stuff other than my weapons.
Everything was set and prepped for me. I put on my bodysuit that clung to my body as I was looking at the time. It was 8 PM and it was time for me to fly out of the country. I put my stuff in the boot of my car and went out of the driveway. I sighed as I passed the neighborhood that we decided to settle in, Ashton and I. I smiled before I was looking ahead, toward the mission that will be the last time for me before I quit for good.
“I want you to be precise. It is simple, get in and get out. But don’t get caught,” Megan said as I was looking at her across the plane that I will drop from the sky. The land below was full of freshwater and I know that I will have to swim to get into the enemy’s territory.
“You know you can count on me right? I have been doing this forever, Meg,” I said as I was strapping myself to the parachute that I will be using. I put my weapons onto the hide of my suit as I was thinking about how to approach the subject of my resignation.
“Megan, I—“
“Here’s the dropping point,” Megan said before I sighed. I put on the googles and I was looking at her for the last time as I went to the door.
“Remember, get in, get out. Do not get caught,”
“Yes, mother,” I smirked before I jumped. I was looking at the land that was far below me before I was spreading my hands and legs. I was feeling the breeze that was touching my body. It used to fill my comfort but not now. I never thought that I will be worried about dropping into the wrong spot.
I was pushing through the wind before I was looking at the spot that I will be landing. Then, I pulled the parachute and I was flying in the sky as I was maneuvering myself to be unseen until I was inside the territory.
After landing, I abandoned the parachute and went on for a swim inside the river. Their base was on the other side of the cliff and I was looking for a way in. and what could be a better way for me to get inside if I was not looking at the river and got inside from there.
I smirked before I sunk under the river and I was swimming toward the cliff. The water was calming and it was not every day that I got to swim inside the river. This will be my one time experience now for I will never come near this again.
I got up to the side to take some air before I was pushing down into the water again. my hair was floating around the water before I was pushing forward. There was a sewer on the other side of the cliff and I was taking one of my tools to get inside. I unlocked the rig and I was swimming inside.
I got up from the water and I was looking at the dark alley that spread thin in front of me. I took a deep breath before I went to the edge and hauled myself up. The water was dripping down on the floor, making wet noises.
I grunted for I don’t want the enemy to know that I was inside their base. I took out my guns and knives in the places that I can reach before I was walking silently and quickly on the floor as I was looking out where the enemies might be coming onto me.
And for once, I was not ready to see what was coming at me.
I felt the hair at the back of my nape was rising and before I could do anything. I was hit from behind as I was moving forward. I was looking at the stiletto that was walking in front of me before everything went black.
I blinked. Then, I blinked again.
I was not in the dirty sewage anymore for I was hanging at the wall with the chains on my wrists. I tried to tug at them and to no prevail for it was tight and my wrists were hurting me. I cursed in 5 languages before I was taking in the place that I was located in right now.
It has a single lamp that was burning my eyes with yellow light and the room was small. I would say a dungeon but it did not smell bad at all. Then, I was focused on the door that was in front of me, 14 feet away before I was taking in a deep breath.
Get in, get out. Do not get caught, Megan has warned me about this and I was too proud to say that she’s right. I was careless and looked where it got me.
The door creaked opened as I was hearing the distinctive sound of clicking heels. I know it was a woman from the silhouette that was coming closer and closer at me. I just don’t think it would be a beautiful woman.
Blonde hair.
Grey eyes.
Such wonder.
But I steeled myself for I know she might be here to torture me. And I have to be prepared so that I will not be spilling anything at all to her.
Not on my life.
“Well, well, well, looks like you’re awake and here I was thinking of waking you up with a pail of water,” she said as she smiled at me. I did not return it.
“Who are you?” I asked her as I was gripping the chains around my wrists. She smirked before she was circling me. Okay, now I was feeling uncomfortable.
“You’re not that good looking. I don’t even know why he chose you. He could have chosen your friend but no, he had to have you,” she said before she was gripping my chin with her red blood claws.
“But of course, I was the real deal anyway. Not you,” she sneered before she released me. I blinked my eyes at her as if I think she was insane for talking about something that was not in my context. She laughed.
“Oh, silly me. I know you would not understand this. perhaps this will help,” she said as she waved her hand and something, a person, was coming from the shadows. I turned to look at it and my blood turned to ice when I saw who it was.
The blonde woman smiled, “Now, isn’t just a wonderful reunion?” she said as she laid on the chest that I had claimed for a year now.
My husband was looking at me with his hazel eyes, only it was not from love but from the hatred that I don’t know he possessed.
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